William Saito; Businesses Need Security Systems in order to Function Properly

Entrepreneurship and innovation are two major vital aspects of a business as well as the government. Entrepreneurial start-ups build healthy economies by identifying emerging opportunities then redirecting the required resources to them. As such, established firms invent ideas with the idea of outdoing their competitors in various markets. In the public sector, entrepreneurs implement effective policies to assist companies in dealing with emerging challenges. As illustrated by William Saito, a famous business professional, entrepreneurship and innovation have a symbiosis relationship.

Introducing William Saito

William Saito was born in 1971. He is an American –based Japanese entrepreneur, business professional and a former advisor to the Japanese government. He first specialized in cybersecurity and advisory roles that helped his government to maim offenders. Later in his years of service, Saito resigned and joined the entrepreneurial network.

Early Life

William Saito grew up in California. Working closely with his father, they imported textbooks from Japan. He insisted on making good use of the books by studying them to acquire knowledge. That way, he gained more mathematical skills and excelled in school when he joined the junior high school. When Saito joined the school, he was too good at arithmetic. His teachers called his parents to share the good news; their son gained an edge over his peers. He scored high grades. In fact, he was way beyond the actual curriculum standards. Further, into the matter, his teacher asked the father to invest in a personal computer that went by the title newfangled. Since Saito came from a humble background, his parents could barely afford the computer. They collateralized their home for a loan and changed their son’s life. In 1987, he graduated from the prestigious Damien High School located in California and he later joined the California University of Riverside for biomedical science.

Career and Growth

In 1991, William Saito was ready to start his career. Therefore, he re-established a computer security business that he founded in junior high school. Having incorporated it into software, among other technologies, it was time to delve into business. At that moment, he developed encrypted software to help display Japanese characters in English. Moreover, the software had a fingerprint recognition system that was used by Sony. In 2000, he partnered with Microsoft to establish the software in the industry. The technology featured Microsoft Windows. Because of its efficiency, Microsoft acquired it from Saito in 2004.

The Overview

William Saito has vast experience in private and public sectors. He has worked for Japan Airlines, JAL and served as a top executive at for The Japan Times and Hakuhodo. Other roles he has played include leading Fast Retailing through its security detail management and working with top government officials to establish reliable and stable security channels for its citizens. Soito is a business professional and team leader who believes that the success of any business or government relies on the country’s security system.