Vibrant Literal Culture of Brazil

We all know Brazil as the blessed fifth largest country in the world from South America with an equally larger population of 200 million beautiful people with a more vibrant diverse culture ranging from Samba Dance, awesome beaches, serene rain forests to soft sporty spot specifically for football. However, Brazil still boasts for best of the best literal culture from fine authors over diverse periods of Brazilian writing history. This writers include; Sergio Rodrigues, Ana Maria Machado, Michel Laub and Jaime Garcia Dias.

1. Sergio Rodrigues
He is a Brazilian writer who started off as a journalist way back before the year 2000. He used to do reporting job for several newspapers including the country’s most read and leading news outlet with versatility ranging from sports, lifestyle and entertainment. In the year 2000, he switched tabs completely and became a full time passionate fiction writer with works such as ‘The Feint’, which is about a soccer star from the country and his prowess during the 1970 FIFA world cup. He is an award winning artist who writes mostly in Portuguese language with awards such as The Premio Cultura in 2011 by Rio de Janeiro State Government in his name among others.

2. Jaime Garcia Dias
He has a unique and quite interesting character and a new literal thirst. At the age of 15, Mr. Garcia had already discovered his strength and special interest in writing and was already following through his journalistic father’s, Mr. Arnaldo Dias, footsteps. He heightened his career father after reading a special book ‘The Devil to Pay in the Backlands’ He then joined Rio De Janeiro, a letter reading faculty before becoming a literature teacher at Carioca Literature Academy.

He has authored up to 10 books till today including the very famous worldwide ‘Fell from Heaven’. He climbed up the ranks at Carioca literature academy to become the vice president then a full flown president from 2007.

3. Ana Mario Machado
She is a woman; a real dedicated woman at that. She has been in the business for 45 years and still counting. With over 19million copies of her 100 titles sold worldwide, Mrs. Ana is the exact meaning of hard work. It is no wonder she has several awards under her belt including Brazil’s National Award.

4. Michel Laub
He is young, talented and taking the younger literature generation of brazil to the sky. With ‘Dairy of a Fall’ that revolves around his childhood, surely the sky can only be a limit for him.

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