Top Tips about OSI Group

OSI Industries is known as one of the most reliable and premier names when it comes to matters to do with the food industry supply chain firm, though this has not been the case for long. Way back before the company had more than 20,000 employees under its name who are working in more than 17 countries and 65 facilities, OSI Group was one of the largest growing firms with humble roots. The company is widely known for starting out as a small firm with the simplest desire of assisting people to provide for their families with Otto Kolchowsky being at the head of the firm. Kolchowsky hailed from a long line of butcher men with the family known to have been butchering for generations, and with this idea in mind, Otto Kolchowsky first decided to settle in Chicago and subsequently trade there since Chicago was by the time the international meatpacking capital.

Otto Kolchosky and his OSI Group were later recognized for their attention to even the smallest of details and the quality of services they offered to their customers to the extent of being recognized by more companies and customers in hotel and restaurant business. With that, his meat business transformed to become more than a simple retail operation but one of the largest whole meat distributors. After important series that included consolidations, partnerships, and diversification, the OSI Group further expanded to become one of the largest organizations that employed thousands of citizens.

Even though the process was tedious and tasking, such a move made OSI Group to increase its customer base further with the company expanding its operations to a good number of profitable markets in overseas countries such as India. To recap it all, the company began as a tiny butcher shop, but as of today, it has realized tremendous growth to the extent of becoming a multi-billion-dollar food supply chain serving the needs of thousands of customers well spread across the globe. One thing that the OSI Group’s founder has always recognized and actively pursued is attention to detail and quality in everything that they do. Learn More.