The Way to Aim is Richly Deserved

I read an article about what was happening the day you were born. I was born in 1959. I share that birth year with Amway, foundered in 1959. That makes both of us edging around sixty-years old. That is longevity. This also symbolizes prosperity, but what is more fascinating is one of the co-founders Richard DeVos. He has created wealth beyond prosperity and established a family business that is worth an estimate ten billion dollars today. His family legacy lives on with his son Dick DeVos who has been president of the company around the millennium. Dick DeVos now spends a lot of his time in philanthropic endeavors. He takes pride in community and humanitarian efforts. He shows a kind heart toward education and has supported over four-thousand scholarships to deserving elementary students in Michigan.


Dick DeVos invested in high-school programs in aviation. This matches my vocation because I also love aviation. I worked as an engineer manufacturing general aviation aircraft. So it is another thing I have in common with the DeVos heritage. Moreover, I agree this is a magnificent platform to give charitable funds towards; an aerospace education is an investment in the future. I would imagine all the student recipients are richly deserving of this great gift.


Another thing I have in common with the dynasty of the DeVos family is I was also born and raised in Michigan. However I moved, but the DeVos continue to live in the wintery wonderland and have invested heavily in revitalization to the Grand Rapids area’s economic development. He has contributed over four-hundred-million dollars to the town’s principal business districts and hospitals and medical schools. So Dick DeVos is involved in his community and the prosperity of its residents. He is the author of a book that profiles American values remembered.


One other remarkable thing I and Dick DeVos have in common is an interest in Florida. I live only thirty miles east of Orlando, home of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Now, it occurs to me why the Amway Center is in Orlando. I didn’t know this before, what a shock to learn that the billionaire DeVos family was the central drive behind its construction. Dick DeVos has truly mapped the way aiming in the direction of generosity to community and humanitarian efforts and it all is richly deserved. Read more about Dick DeVos: Remarkable Man