The Makings of a Great Man and his Success

People wonder what makes a great man; is it the size of his wallet, the attitude that people regard him in, or is it the legacy he leaves behind once his time on Earth is done? Well, a great man can be all of those things, but a truly outstanding man is someone who takes what he is given, and is able to grow that into success and opportunities that other people can join in on – this is something that Jon Urbana has gone above and beyond in achieving. Jon Urbana has done this through a variety of venues and hobbies, and if you take all of that away, at the end of the day he is still an individual who loves Twitter.

Hitting the ground running, Jon has groomed his interest in business and economics into a passionate career. He went to school at Villanova University, and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Arts in Economics – where he soaked up as much information as he could to become successful with his dreams. He then went on to becoming the Director of Ellipse USA, which is a thriving manufacturing company of IPL and laser dermatological solutions within the medical field, as well as the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp – a venture that is meant to give back to the community by involving the kids in a dedicated sport, one that Jon holds very close to his heart.

When he isn’t busy with his business or lacrosse camp, Jon Urbana can be found soaring through the skies. He has a successful aviation career, something that was born out of a curiosity and interest in aviation. Jon has soared, being recognized by the FAA with the prestigious honor of being added into the FAA Airmen Certification Database, earning an FAA Airmen Certification.

Lastly, Jon Urbana makes it well known through social media about his many passions – whether it’s photography on his blog, creating original and remixed electronic music at MTV, or making videos, Jon Urbana is nothing short of multi-talented, and this is why he is easily considered as a great man by many people at Yahoo Answers and beyond.

Learn more about Jon in this video below, which promotes one of his fundraisers.