The ingenuity of Roberto Santiago.

Human beings have curved out a niche for themselves in various areas where they dominate. They are emerging the best when they understand a technique and showcase their prowess. Born in late sixties, Roberto Santiago has used his ingenuity and engineered the facility in Joao Pessoa which is an attraction to both tourists and the locals in Brazil. This was made possible by his hard work and commitment. Having been born in Joao Pessoa and attending a local university to study business administration he unlocked his potential.

Roberto Santiago is a modern day entrepreneur. He is a man of diverse talent. In his early years, he developed his skills by starting a company to manufacture packing materials made of cartons. Indeed, his skills sharpened and he became more visionary. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping would be his next economic venture which is successful. Among his investment list is in the real estate, an addition to his prolific business success.

About Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has changed the whole shopping experience. It is convenient to carry out shopping in one commercial stop point. This magnificent has evolved since its construction in the nineteen eighties. Starting off with small renting area, the mall has grown. The changes cater for the modern times and makes it relevant in the process. The renting space has significantly increased in square meter with an addition of the parking space.

Exploring the interior.

The leisure spots.

With all shopping malls, there is significant similarities although the interior still stands out. Leisure points of this structure owned by Roberto Santiago include eleven cinema halls with the most modern equipment with 3D and VIP output. The Domus hall is famous for its holding capacity. Located at the very top, it is a suitable place to hold fairs, weddings and concerts.

The gaming zone gives a thrilling experience also. Fitted with the best electronic gaming machines, you can get to play your favorites including bowling where an electronic alley has been fixed.

The courts.

A shopping experience can never be complete without having a bite. The food court was restored and expanded to accommodate the rising number of shoppers. This allows to experience the culture, by exploring different cuisines. This resting place allows to take in the surrounding and enjoy a serene environment in the Roberto Santiago enterprise.

The lounges offer serene environment for families to rest. the capacity of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is ten thousand persons on foot and can accommodate four thousand on seats. This magnificent building has transformed expectations of Brazilian shoppers thanks to the ingenuity of entrepreneur Roberto Santiago who has created opportunities to other businessmen.