The Implementation of E-governe by CIC to Speed up Delivery of Essential Government Services in Brazil

The advancement of technological devices, tools, and platforms worldwide has made many governments to see the imperative necessity of implementing ICT systems to help speed up delivery of critical services to the public. That is why the municipalities in Sao Paulo, particularly in Teresina have taken the extraordinary step of computerizing all their operations in service delivery. The Instituto Curitiba de Informática or CIC is presently implementing the e-governe system to health in the management of educational institutions, sanitary facilities, and the management of human resources. Other aspects of public services will also be brought on board once the effectiveness of the system has been determined.

The mayor of Teresina Mr. Silvio Mendes has firm faith that once the system is fully functional, it will bring many benefits such as monitoring all the services the municipality provides and identifying problems that might impede the efficient dissemination of services and information to the general public. The e- governe will integrate several critical areas and cities in Brazil into the client portfolio of ICI. The institute that implements the e-governe is also targeting management systems for schools in Teresina. Part of the implementation strategy will be supply of computers, and other related digital devices to the Education Department

In Osasco, the e-governe will be installed in all the 138 units of education in the city. The Continuing Education Center and Municipal Education Department will also benefit from the program on Some of the envisioned advantages of e-government involvement in education include; to guarantee the security, integrity, and uniqueness of all information, real-time distribution of management reports, and enabling the provision and sharing of all reports. One obvious benefit will be quick access to the internet which will eliminate duplication of responsibilities. The system administrators will also be able to control the privileges of access depending on how the system will define various security levels according to They will also ensure speed in meeting and opening the unit demands.

One area where the program will be particularly useful will be the e- governe health. The management of health has been one of the most difficult duties facing the government. So it is hoped that the responsibilities of the public administration will be made economical, simpler, and functional at The ICT system will allow the municipals to be cost-effective in their operations such that more resources will now be available for the core need of treating patients. The system will allow simple appointment scheduling, efficient organization of duties of health professionals, and improve the quality of the services given to the public by reducing queues for services. However, the benefits will only be realized once the e- governe integrates all the health sectors such as clinical and dental units with every care unit.Corruption in health services will also be eliminated because the e-governe will control and monitor the stock levels, and distribution of medicine to various facilities from the pharmacies. Finally, the system will also perform bed control and other functions in the hospitals besides carrying out ambulatory services. All financial resources will be managed by the system, and it will be leveraged when it is integrated with all government departments.