The Best Food for the Best Dogs

Nutrition is essential to making sure a dog can live a long and healthy life. The food given to a dog can either help or hinder any existing problems or conditions. Beneful is a company owned by Nestle PurinaStore Petcare dedicated to giving every dog exactly what they need to stay happy and active. With all the flavors pets love, combined with the nutrients they need, it is no wonder why so many have been choosing Beneful for their furry friends.

Like people, all dogs are different. They have their own personality with their own tastes and desires. That is exactly why Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals comes in so many flavors. Pet owners can choose from chicken, beef, or salmon to make sure their dogs has the exact taste they crave. If a pet has more specific needs like low energy levels, or high weight gain, Beneful still has them covered. Beneful Playful Life gives dogs a boost of protein so they can get the extra energy they need. There is also Beneful Healthy Weight which packs all the flavor into a low calorie formula that will make sure dogs keep their trim figures. With healthy dogs constantly on their minds, the experts at Beneful know how to keep pets happy.
Many older dogs, or dogs with bad teeth, have trouble chewing dry food. That is why Beneful also offers some delicious wet food options. Beneful Chopped Blends has the appearance of a meal anyone could enjoy. With chunks of real meat and vegetables, this appetizing meal will make sure every pet knows how much their owners care. Chopped Blends comes in a variety of flavors including the Tuscan, Romana and Mediterranean Style Medleys for the dog with a more sophisticated palette. These wet options are perfect for any dog that cannot handle the typical dry foods.
Beneful is a company that prides itself of the happiness of dogs everywhere. From the adorable Pomeranian down the street to the loyal German Shepard in the house next door. Beneful sells their products on Wal-Mart and ensures they have something to offer for all of them. For a company that does nothing but keep pets healthy, it should come as no surprise why so many people choose Beneful.

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