The Internet of Things with Jason Hope Transforms Lives

The Internet of Things is not a new word for most people. For years, it has been trending on social media. This is a promise of a new, better future that uses devices to interconnect people. From business to technology, IoT promises to explore different connecting platforms that will bring together useful agendas through technology. If there is a man who holds dear this belief, then it must be Jason Hope. Hope is an entrepreneur and technologist. He is convinced that the future of the world is appended to technology and its advancement.


Jason Hope links hospitality industry to the hugest beneficiary of the Internet of Things. With the rising exploration of internet enabled consumer products like smart phones, the public is shifting focus to new applications. This is becoming a norm that most people adore in different ways. From securing transport means through Uber, Little cab or even Zipcar to finding a date on Tinder or Bumble, the Internet of Things is vastly taking a new turn that most people prefer. Aside from being time saving, this is a new chance that offers most people the opportunity to enjoy advancement.

Hope’s Opinion

In a statement issued about Internet of Things, Hope said that the platform is vastly growing into a pervasive instrument. Most users are therefore becoming used to the idea of having the amenities at home. To satisfy their needs, the users will have make the same demands when on the road or having fun away from home. Gadgets have therefore become part and parcel of most people’s lives. Reports from the desk of information technology indicate that over 26 billion units gadgets are projected to be installed by 2020. This is according to the demands of the Internet of Things. It is a representation of what the future holds for the next generations. Perhaps, technology will fill the void that most humans experience when it comes to finding easy to execute gadgets.

Hope’s Profile

Hope has been in the industry of technology for over five years. This is an excellent track record. It warrants him vast experience and knowledge on his strong opinions. As an inventor, he is focused on the possibility of a transformative future. He is also a philanthropist whose works extend beyond technology. He is mostly known for working on educative projects that sensitive people in the society. Hope can be described as a man whose passion is directly linked to the future of the world.

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