Securus Technologies Improves Public Safety with Technology Solutions

For a long time, I think public safety, correctional as well as law enforcement agencies have been looking for technology solutions that can improve incarceration experience. Securus Technologies came to assist them with unmatched technology solutions that are helpful in solving and preventing crimes in these facilities. The company have been providing communication services that help inmates communicate with their friends and relatives.



Securus Technologies has developed a high-tech communication system that records all calls within the correctional facilities as well as those from outside. These records ensure that nothing negative can be planned by inmates and staff. They also provide high tech surveillance system. This system makes sure that all activities in the facilities are monitored, and something suspicious is attended to immediately.



Securus Technologies also connect inmates to technology enabling them to use the internet and connect with the world. They have invented new tablets that inmates use to connect to the internet and access useful information. They also provide information management, investigation, public information, inmate self-service as well as well as monitoring products and services that make the world secure.



Due to their excellent services and products, Securus Technologies have received many appreciation emails and letters from their clients. Most of their clients are prisons and jails. The officials of these facilities expressed how Securus has made their facilities safer and better. One of the facilities said that they were able to arrest one of their staff who was corrupt. They used the information from phone call to get a search warrant. From another letter, another correctional facility was able to identify inmates who use alcohol and sell drugs in the facility. This information was also got from monitored calls thanks to Securus Technologies.



In many of the letter and emails, clients are impressed by the company’s tech solutions. Securus Technologies currently is serving over 3450 correctional and public safety agencies across North America. Rick Smith, the CEO of the company, is also happy that they are improving their services by investing heavily in technology.