Securus Technologies Conquers Unfair Press

Securus Technologies is a top communications firm that specializes in serving corrections facilities, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. They currently have over 3,400 clients and offer services to over 1.2 million inmates and their families in all parts of North America.


The company has specialized programs where incarcerated individuals can connect with their families on a daily basis, if necessary, without hassle or difficulty. The system works with iPhones, Androids, tablets and regular landline telephone systems.


There are several plans that are available including direct billing, prepaid calling, collect calling and inmate debit which has the inmate paying for his phone charges. The video calling plan is a very popular mode as it allows both parties who are on the call the ability to see one another, as long as there is a webcam operating on each end of the phone call. Also available is the Jail Voicemail plan, email and a unique money transfer program.


Recently there has been a raucous depreciating noise in the marketplace by a competitor, GTL, who has polluted the airways with their ads stating that their servicing and pricing are way more superior than the capabilities of Securus. The so-called “facts” and examples sound like they came from Crazy Willie’s Fun House at the carnival, as they have no basis in reality at all.


After hearing so much of this silly diatribe, Securus decided to put an end to the silliness and suggested a challenge. Both companies would put forth their metrics on the matter and lay them side by side to be evaluated by a disinterested third party who would come up with a conclusion as to the truthfulness of the claims. The winner would then be announced publically, and the matter would be settled once and for all.


As soon as the challenge was announced, there came a dead silence from GTL. For a couple of weeks there was nothing, then came a memo from GTL stating that they declined to participate in the challenge. The truth always wins, no matter what the odds.