MR. RAJ FERNANDO is a man of true excellence with a taste of quality towards all that he seems to put his hands to. It is amazing to note. Please see how he is just simply in regards to his hiring process alone: “The nature of the business can be stressful enough. CEO Raj Fernando wants to keep the surrounding atmosphere as pleasant as possible to counter that, so it’s crucial that his employees get along.So when it comes to hiring, he doesn’t approach it like some of his competitors, who may bring in 30 potentials….” (http://www.sbnonline.com/article/raj-fernando-gets-the-best-at-chopper-trading/, pg. 1, para. 2 and 3)

Business and excellence are in the true quality of his nature as a leader, businessman, and CEO. He has worked at the very top for CHOPPER TRADING, SCOUT AHEAD, NASDAQ, and more! He has studies at the wonderful and prestigious Beloit College, coming out of there with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and history.University College of London was also a school in which MR. FERNANDO studied.

MR. RAJ FERNANDO also uses FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKED IN, FLICKR, GOOGLE PLUS, and CRUNCHBASE! He is quite up to date and active online. Please give him your following if you have not done so already; you have many forms of social media presence to choose from here.

CHOPPER TRADING was begun by MR. FERNANDO back at the start of this new millennium…..the good year of 2002. Since then, he has maintained his nose to the grind stone and has sure not looked back! No, for forward is the direction of growth and progress…..not behind, but forward.

The CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE has also been given the unique privilege of being a part of this man’s life. Shortly after his college years, MR. FERNANDO volunteered for them, in fact, and has given and received a part of his work and life experiences from this time. He has also been known to more recently scout and recruit ‘A LIST’ employees for his company, looking for and sticking with only the most talented and hardest working new comers out there in the field.