Talk Fusion Explodes On The Market After Only A Few Weeks

Talk Fusion’s video chat service launched a few weeks ago and is already receiving rave reviews from around the world. According to a discovery application called AppBrain their Video Chat holds the number one rank in communication in Indonesia, is 5th in Japan, and 20th in Switzerland. The buzz about this Video Chat has been permeating for months and Talk Fusion gave its eager consumers a cherry on top by adding a thirty day free trial period. As the company slowly launched the beta version around the globe many people are still waiting anxiously for Video Chat to become available to them.

What makes this technology different from Skype and Facetime is that users can video chat face-to-face from any device including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. There’s no need to sign up or register an account and the platform is simple to start and use. Talk Fusion, unlike competitors, don’t segregate operating systems which means no matter what operating system is being used people can still communicate using Talk Fusion. This helps all kinds of individuals as well as companies who need to hold meetings with clients or partners who aren’t in the area or are in a completely separate country.

The multi-device platform is perfectly executed on any device and has a simplistic design that anyone can use. All users have to do is create a chat window then copy and paste the link in a text or email and send it to anyone in any part of the world. Interested parties can head on over to the Google play or iTunes store and download the free thirty day trial of the app. Users will be able to chat with anyone at anytime in spectacular HD quality whether they’re on the go or just enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.

Interviews can be conducted with ease without the hassle of trying to find a company’s user name or dealing with iOS vs Andriod operating systems. Families that live overseas can easily chat with each other no matter where they’re at or what device they’re on.

Martin Lustgarten – Ventures

Martin Lustgarten in an investment banking and financial professional. He has experience, and has conducted deals in Latin America. He has experience in various types of deals and in investment banking, which is banking deal with financial transactions and projects. He is now based in Florida, and is experienced at facilitating transactions especially with clients in Latin America.


He is of Venezuelan and Swiss nationality, and of course can bring international experience to a transaction. He is CEO and President of a banking firm. Clients turn to him for advice on transactions.


Lustgarten also has other interests outside of banking including fine collectables and also in rescuing dogs. He has also been involved in Little Dog Rescue, a charity in Florida and the charity he is helping is Florida little dog rescue. He is noted for his great personality and deals with employees in a conscientious way.


Lustgarten therefore has managed to combine his expertise in international transactions with a love of people and dogs. He also likes to collect antique watches and has a great family. Investment banking is a great profession dealing with international markets and transactions and it is an area where you could need specialized advice, and a knowledge of markets.
Martin Lustgarten has this and can provide investors and others with an insight into markets, including in Latin America. This area is a growing market and investment banking deals can be done here. Again based in Miami, FL Lustgarten can provide expertise on this area and for clients. Follow Lustgarten on Instagram to get a better idea of who he is/ what he’s into.

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Pet Food Industry Undergoes Health Crazed Revolution

Dog food is changing in a dramatic way and certain companies, like Beneful and Freshpet, are doing their best to make sure that the change is one of evolution, not retraction. Freshpet and Purina Store are leading the charge when it comes to making dog food more health aware and quality ingredient based rather than simply fighting to find the lowest dollar. With people more and more aware of what is going on in their food it only makes sense that this would spread to the food that they feed their pets, as well.
The pet food industry is an undercover monolith with companies racking up almost $24 billion total in revenue on an annual basis. There is a lot of money going around and now people are willing to spend up to make sure that quality is of the utmost priority. Richard Thompson is the CEO of Freshpet and he seemed to ‘get it’ before many other companies and that is why his focus has been on focusing in the creation of ‘good enough for the owner’ pet food. This pet food is supposed to pass the taste test of the owners themselves, much less the dogs who will appreciate it. “This is the next level of how people are going to feed their pets,” Thompson remarks.

Now companies like Beneful and Freshpet are focusing on ingredients that would make even the largest food snob smile. These companies are aiming to get organic ingredients that are both fresh as well as grain free. This has created an industry filled with fresh pet foods that utilize real meat, real vegetables, as well as totally organic products. This means that you are going to see more and more products on Wal-Mart groceries that are refrigerated and meant to be consumed on a quicker turn around, rather than put into a bin and held for months at a time.

The big question is this: will other companies follow the example that Beneful and Freshpet are setting? Right now these two companies are dominating and racking up both sales and glowing customer reviews. If success is the bottom line then expect to see Beneful as the new model of success.

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William Skelley Invited to Join Exclusive Circle of Next Generation of Top Real Estate Leaders

The innovative founder of iFunding, William Skelley, was named as one of the members of the exclusive and renowned group of Next Generation Real Estate Leaders. This was in January, 2016. The group’s first meeting was held on January 27, 2016. It was held at the affluent Columbus Citizen Foundation that is found in New York City.

This association is typically known to be an invite only affair. It is organized and managed by the MD of Madison Realty Capital called Michael Stoler. Stoler is also the host of the weekly television show known as ‘The Stoler report: New York’s Business Report.’ The popular show has been running on television for a whole 15 seasons. Other people named to join the group include experienced men and women from top global firms that deal with real estate investing and advisory services. Some of these companies include the Kushner Companies, CIT, Cushman and Wakefield, Merrill Lynch, Carlyle Group as well as Bank of America.  MarketWired has the full story.

William Skelley has received wide acclaim and praise from the real estate industry for his innovativeness, something CNBC has picked up on numerous times. iFunding is an online real estate firm that provides an online platform for investors to use in investing in profitable real estate investments. The company uses the concept of crowdfunding, a term coined by Skelley, to make investments that appear otherwise impossible when made individually. Crowdfunding pools together resources and investments from different investors and uses the funds to make huge investments.

Today, iFunding has financed over 40 real estate projects with a combined value of over $250 million. Skelley is an alumni of Harvard Business School. He has been invited to attend the Stoler Report show as a guest to talk about commercial real estate evolution.

iFunding Founder William Skelley

William Skelley is a man with many talents, some of which he exposed in his RealHeartland interview. He is fluent in Spanish and English. He began his career back in 1996 as an executive intern for Mitt Romney at Bain Capital for two months. In 1997, he joined Skelley Associates as a consultant. Between 2001 and 2004, he worked at Olympus as a consultant. He joined GE Healthcare for one year before establishing Pallas Global in New York. The company dealt with international investments in real estate. In 2011, Skelley became the principal of Rose Park Advisors in Boston, Massachusetts. The next year, he founded iFunding and became its Chairman and CEO. Skelley is skilled in social media management, Crowdfunding and in real estate investments.

Venezuela Is On The Verge On An Epic Breakdown Thanks To Political Mismanagement

The shelves in Venezuelan retail shops are empty. The necessities like medicine and food are scarce. The distorted government of Nicolás Maduro is inches away from a debt default, and the electrical and water shortages are bringing the country to a standstill. Maduro’s only reaction to these issues has been ridiculous measures like the recent four-day workweek for government employees. The opposition is trying to unseat the unpopular Maduro by collecting signatures to shorten Maduro’s term in office. Members of the Supreme Court will undoubtedly rule that initiative null and void. If that happens, the chances of massive protests throughout the country are high, according to an article published by the Washington Post.

“Venezuela desperately needs a political intervention” – says Danilo Diaz Granados in a Linked In post, but the countries that surround Venezuela have their own set of challenges. Brazil could use the Organization of American States’ Inter-American Democratic Charter treaty to stop Maduro from causing any more damage to the country and the region, but Brazil has its own political mess to deal with, and that’s not going very well.

The drop in the demand for crude oil has hurt Venezuela, but Maduro’s actions according to  Danilo Diaz Granados have hurt the country more. The country’s only ally is Cuba, and the Obama administration is trying to get Cuba to intervene. But the relationship between the United States and Cuba hasn’t reached a point of complete trust and probably won’t in this decade or the next.


Can People Tuck Away Coins From US Money Reserve?

There are great folks over at who talked to Philip Diehl over at the US Money Reserve. He was actually the director of the US Mint at one time, and he is basically the most qualified person to talk about gold coin ownership. He makes some great coins at the US Money Reserve, and he makes sure that people understand that the gold coins he sells are sound investments.

The gold coins that people buy usually have designs on them that increase their value, and then the weight of the coins is going to be what tells everyone how much they cost more to the US Money Reserve. This is a really simple way for people to make sure that they know the value of the coins, and then they can check what the sentiment is on the market for the coins that they have.

Retail Menot reporter emphatically said that there are a lot of people who are going to be able to use their gold coins right away to keep trading for more value, but there is another whole group of people who are going to want to tuck away their coins for the future of the US Money Reserve.

People tuck away things for investment all the time, but it could be a really nice surprise for the people who start doing things like this because they want to have security for the future. There will always be demand for gold coins, and the gold coins will keep getting more valuable.

The coins that people buy can be put in a safe deposit box in a bank, or they can be stored in a safe at home. The collector in some people will not allow them to sell, and that makes them just as deft at investing because they are waiting to sell until the last possible second. Someone who knows that they have really nice coins can hand them down to other people in the family, and that will help those people in the future. The other option is to hold on to the coins when they represent a retirement investment.

Gold coins are really easy to use, and they are easy to buy. People can find a lot of places to sell them, and they can buy more from Philip Diehl at US Money Reserve. There are some people who want to keep coming back for more, or they will get that one great coin from US Money Reserve that they know will be very pricey in the future (it’s here:

PolitiFact Ohio Reveals Truth About Recent Attack Ad In Wisconsin

George Soros has come along way and has emerged as a leading political figure for Democratic causes on It may not look like it now but the 85-year-old hedge fund manager was once an immigrant without a penny to his name. His family escaped Nazi Germany’s occupation of his home country of Hungary, but not before changing their surname to avoid persecution and losing everything they had as a Jewish family under Nazi rule. A young George Soros on bloomberg took a meager scholarship given to him by a Quaker organization, graduated from the London School of Economics and eventually turned it into a fortune worth well over $20 billion. He truly is a self-made billionaire, unlike Donald Trump.

Trump has been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. In fact, some economic experts claim that if he had just taken the money that he inherited from his father and put it into a mutual fund that tracked the S&P 500, he’d be worth over $8 billion today. Right now he is worth $2.9 billion. He’s a failure of a businessman and a dangerous presidential candidate, and it is so refreshing to see somebody like George Soros call him out for it. That’s why I wanted to believe the most recent political attack ad that I’ve seen in Wisconsin.

The Trusted Leadership super PAC on supporting Ted Cruz has been running an ad claiming that George Soros is bankrolling the candidacy of John Kasich on the Republican side. It seems way out of place because George Soros on theatlantic is famous for financing liberal causes such as the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and, who work tirelessly to get Bernie Sanders elected. But it’s also brilliant if you think about it.

The commercial, which has now been discredited by PolitiFact Ohio, claims that two donations were made by former employees of Soros in the sum of over $600,000 to the Kasich super PAC. The funds were transferred just before the winner-take-all Ohio primary, which John Kasich won. This made it mathematically difficult for Donald Trump to secure the nomination before the convention. Without the clinching number of delegates, establishment Republicans are waiting to dethrone the front runner, giving the nomination to someone else. Trump’s ego would likely drive him to run as a third-party candidate, taking his support with him and smashing the GOP into pieces.

Unfortunately, it turns out that these former employees of George Soros are simply conservative sympathizers and donators. They don’t donate as much as Soros and I don’t see eye-to-eye with him politically. They simply want to see John Kasich become president of United States and they are speaking with their money. It’s nothing more complicated than that. It’s just unfortunate that PolitiFact Ohio had to run an article discrediting the claim.

Woman’s Escape From North Korean Is A Story Of Bravery And Resilience

The North Korean government is one of the most serious violators of human rights on the planet. The few people that have escaped a torturous life in North Korea have told stories that send chills down the spines of people that only know the meaning of freedom. The people of North Korea have no concept of freedom, and that fact has never been explained better than by the book that was written by Yeonmi Park.

Park’s book, In order to Live: A North Korean Girl Journey To Freedom tells an incredible tale of survival, pain, abuse and finally freedom in words that are so compelling that the book is considered a must-read. The book is a must read for everyone, but especially for anyone that doesn’t believe North Korea is holding people captive using intimidation and force.

Yeonmi Park was only thirteen when she and her mother crossed North Korean borders to find a new life. Park and her mother decided to risk everything when Park’s father arranged for a group of black market traders to take them to freedom. Park’s father was arrested by North Korea for doing business with black market, and he paid for that offense with his life. Yeonmi’s sister also escape the country with a similar group of traders, but she was never heard from again.

The journey to freedom was a living nightmare for Yeonmi and her mother. Her new captors physically and mentally abused the women as they travel through the desert. Yeonmi Park describes on The Reason interview what she endured in the book, and it seems that journey was a path to another kind of death, but somehow Park found the resilience and the bravery to rise above the anguish and survive. Park and her mother made to it China, and they were able to find a South Korean embassy.

Freedom was finally a reality for the Park and her mother. One miserable journey was over, and her life as a North Korean captive was over as well. But Park said on the NY Times that she wanted to start new journey as a human rights activist, so she wrote a book and began to tell the world about the horrors of living in North Korea.



Shaygan Kheradpir: Coriant’s New CEO Rocks On

Coriant is more successful than ever these days, earnings for end-user services alone tally in the billions, and the new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir, is poised to capitalize on that success. Coriant is a foundational company for the networking infrastructures of countless client companies, industrial businesses, and government agencies. They sell products and integrated support services in 100 countries around the world. Kheradpir plans to perform upgrades for all of them to bring their clients into 21st century cloud computing and high-speed networking. These clients include fixed-line networks, content providers, cable MSOs, Data Centers, and cloud provider companies.

The upgrades are not simply incremental, but actual discrete jumps to much more advanced hardware and software. One of the first upgrades at Coriant to make this possible has been bringing on Shaygan Kheradpir as the new CEO. His new direction for the company has definite measurable goals with important milestones defined. The first major push will be in upgrading their clients to POTS (Packet-Optical Transport Systems) with multiple layers of redundancy and ability to quickly re-configure. Such extremely high-speed digital networking systems are much more responsive and at the same time, much more fault tolerant as well.

For more than 35 years, Coriant has operated as an integration and services house. A full 90 percent of Tier 1 Communications Service Provider (CSP) companies rely on Coriant’s expert assistance. These upgrades save their client companies overhead costs through reduced complexity in their networking and cloud systems. Coriant integrates equipment from many different top brands in digital connections, including Tellabs, Sycamore Networks, and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) optical networks. Kheradpir plans to up the game of networked clouds as well as better support for mobile business. Video streaming is another area he is aiming to dramatically improve.

Shaygan Kheradpir began his executive career at GTE telephone. He was hired by Verizon to manage their $20 million project to connect the U.S. through Fiber Optic Systems (FiOS). He has acquired 28 years of business experience in telecom, business administration, computer and networking technologies, and finance. In addition to being CEO at Coriant, he is also their Board Chairman.

He has an engineering degree from Cornell University, where he was also on the advisory board of the Engineering Council. He has served on the Board of Directors for the National Institute of Standards & Technology. He actually holds multiple degrees, including a Masters and a Ph.D.

Devco Looking To Make Progress Despite Setbacks

Non-Profit development company DEVCO is coming under scrutiny after one of the projects it helped to finance in New Brunswick has failed to meets profitability goals. The lack of profitability at the Heldrich Hotel has made The Middlesex County Improvement Authority late in its repayment of a $20 million dollar loan made to it for the project by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Although Devco officially financed the project which included a package totaling over $107 million, the $20 million dollar loan was made the responsibility of the Middlesex County Improvement Authority due to financial regulation and structuring.

Christopher J. Paladino, the president of Devco, states that while the Heldrich is not as profitable as expected, it has still been a big success. It has created hundreds of jobs. The hotel has seen hundreds of thousands of visitors. The project has transformed an abandoned block into a viable hotel. The repayment of the loan will not take place as expected, but it will be re-paid says Paladino. There are no big worries to Devco or to the hotel continues the president. It is still making a profit, albeit much less than expected he says. To read the full article on Devco and the Heldrich hotel project check out this Press of Atlantic City article.

Devco, which is also known as the New Brunswick Development Corporation is a not for profit real estate development company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Its goal is to stimulate the revitalization of the community of New Brunswick by fostering investments and developments in the city of New Brunswick. The firm provides low interest loans for business development. It also helps kick start major projects throughout the city by being the primary or a major creditor, thus encouraging other investors and creditors to take part and invest in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Through its monetary policies and fiscal contributions, Devco has helped to revitalize and rebuild New Brunwick into a thriving city where residents can live, work and play and enjoy top amenities and facilities within town. The company was established in the 1970’s and has played an active role in both financing, planning and constructing numerous projects in New Brunswick, New Jersey.