Tips And Tricks To Maintain Reputation

Beyond rubies, diamonds, silver and gold, there is a good name. A good name is derived from a good reputation. A good reputation must be built, and will continuously be attacked by those who are trying to establish their own reputation through underhanded means. These individuals cannot be rebuffed, but they can be ignored, and doing so is a much better thing for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals than engaging will be. Don’t wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty, and the pig likes it. That popular sentiment represents the same attitude you should take when encountering the difficulties of a hateful internet personality, or an underhanded competitor.

Search engines, unfortunately, are not beholden to any kind of conscious consideration. All they do is pull up sites which have the greatest online presence. If you’ve been attacked, sometimes the thread with the attack in it may end up getting greater internet presence than your website. This can be disastrous for business. One sure way to combat it is through a search clean-up service like They can remove negative reviews, and make it so that when potential clients search for your website, they only find the information you’d prefer they find, rather than libel, slander, or unfair criticism from hateful internet personalities.

When you’re in the middle of a reputation attack, striking back only makes you look weaker. What’s better is to ignore the hater, and instead assure customers that business operations will continue as they have been. You can even turn such a reputation attack into a reputation builder by offering clients packages for retaining service with you; or offering a discount in general. This is more interesting than the attack, and once the storm has abated, is likely to naturally retain clients.

The last thing you should seriously consider in maintenance reputation is allying yourself with businesses or entrepreneurs of similar interest, and learning from them. If they’ve gone ahead of you, then they’ll know the answers to questions that you haven’t even thought to ask yet, and can save you miles of trouble down the road.

To recap: use sites like, don’t let the haters draw you in, consider your clientele, and make trustworthy allies. These things will definitely help you maintain solid, positive reputation.

ClassDojo expresses growth mindset with new animated critters

ClassDojo has introduced two critters named Mojo and Katie who appear in their own animated series. These two characters are teaching students, teachers, and parents about “growth mindset”. Growth mindset is the idea that over time students level of aptitude and their abilities are capable of being advanced and reinforced and are not inherently permanent.
ClassDojo which is based in San Francisco, California has released the first of five animated clips about growth mindset. The additional clips will entail discussion guides for teachers and parents to refer to on the subject. Clips will be released one per week and will be found on YouTube and ClassDojos’ “Big Ideas” website.
ClassDojo collaborated with Stanford University’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) to produce the videos and are using the animated critters to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools. 2 of 3 schools across the United States use ClassDojo in their classrooms and because of this the co-founder and Chief Product Officer Liam Don believes ClassDojo has the accessibility to deliver the underappreciated notions in education that they offer.
Though the concept of growth mindset has been around for a while the animated clips are a first for educational teachings for parents, students, and teachers alike and create a new communication platform. PERTS wants to convey that growth mindset is about how to maneuver efforts in learning and not just about getting goals met but how to go about doing so. Parents and teachers can find lesson plans and tools on how to help students enable a growth mindset. Some of this information will be available as well in ClassDojo’s animated clips. PERTS and ClassDojo are hoping the ground-up change in the way teachers and parents are able to make the growth mindset connection will leave students with a feeling of empowerment and success.
ClassDojo allows for teachers and students to better connect in the classroom and gives parents a closer look into their child’s education. ClassDojo provides a way for students to receive positive reinforcement using modern technology that allows teachers to customize the program to fit their classrooms needs. Teachers can use ClassDojo as a tool to encourage student and parent participation, classroom teamwork and many other things. Teachers and parents are able to easily view their students’ achievements online.
ClassDojo makes available text messages and photo messages between teachers and parents easy and provides receipts for teachers to allow them to know when parents have read their messages. Teachers are also able to make group messages to every parent at one time. ClassDojo works on iOS, Android, and on any computer making it super easy to access from anywhere making it convenient for all teachers, students, and parents.


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A Fund For The Every Man

The average working individual has often felt that he or she is simply left out of major portions of the investment world. This is true because many professionals will not even bother to take business from people who do not meet certain financial criteria. For example, individuals who have fewer than $1 million in net worth or who make less than $200,000 per year have frequently been left without many options. However, rules on this are beginning to change.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has altered some rules to make it easier for those without “accredited” status to invest their money as they see fit. The accredited status was a designation given to those who met the above mentioned financial criteria. Broader rules now suggest that a better means of evaluating someone’s investment suitability may have more to do with their overall knowledge of how the market works.

More information than ever before is available out there. The stock market is something that interests a lot of working class people, and they may well have the knowledge and information that they need to make well informed decisions. If this is the case, then who is the SEC to stand in their way?

Brad Reifler has made this case with his Forefront Capital fund. This fund seeks out those who are not accredited but who still like to have as many investment options available to them as possible. There is quite a large population of these individuals out there, and it is understandable that they would like to see their investment needs take care of. With this in mind, the Forefront Capital fund seeks out those investors and provides as much information as possible about the options available to them.

Reifler has seen great person success as a result of his efforts to help more investors come into the fold. Forefront Capital continues to grow and continues to provide new opportunities to investors.  To see what Brad has done for the average investor, check out his tips on Reuters.  Otherwise, read the full article on Xrepublic.

The Best Food for the Best Dogs

Nutrition is essential to making sure a dog can live a long and healthy life. The food given to a dog can either help or hinder any existing problems or conditions. Beneful is a company owned by Nestle PurinaStore Petcare dedicated to giving every dog exactly what they need to stay happy and active. With all the flavors pets love, combined with the nutrients they need, it is no wonder why so many have been choosing Beneful for their furry friends.

Like people, all dogs are different. They have their own personality with their own tastes and desires. That is exactly why Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals comes in so many flavors. Pet owners can choose from chicken, beef, or salmon to make sure their dogs has the exact taste they crave. If a pet has more specific needs like low energy levels, or high weight gain, Beneful still has them covered. Beneful Playful Life gives dogs a boost of protein so they can get the extra energy they need. There is also Beneful Healthy Weight which packs all the flavor into a low calorie formula that will make sure dogs keep their trim figures. With healthy dogs constantly on their minds, the experts at Beneful know how to keep pets happy.
Many older dogs, or dogs with bad teeth, have trouble chewing dry food. That is why Beneful also offers some delicious wet food options. Beneful Chopped Blends has the appearance of a meal anyone could enjoy. With chunks of real meat and vegetables, this appetizing meal will make sure every pet knows how much their owners care. Chopped Blends comes in a variety of flavors including the Tuscan, Romana and Mediterranean Style Medleys for the dog with a more sophisticated palette. These wet options are perfect for any dog that cannot handle the typical dry foods.
Beneful is a company that prides itself of the happiness of dogs everywhere. From the adorable Pomeranian down the street to the loyal German Shepard in the house next door. Beneful sells their products on Wal-Mart and ensures they have something to offer for all of them. For a company that does nothing but keep pets healthy, it should come as no surprise why so many people choose Beneful.

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The New Holiday Created By Skout

One of America’s favorite snacks has been given its own national holiday according to social networking app, Skout. Skout has specifically declared a national potato chip day as a way to celebrate something new and fund that billions of people share a love for. Skout is a company that was specifically designed to invite individuals to join the app for the purpose of meeting new people in a safe manner. Skout has already attracted millions of users that are located around the world. The idea of a national potato chip day was an idea that would bring millions of individuals together that are different and diverse and that love this one particular food product.

This new app called Skout created national potato chip day and continued to proceed by conducting a survey that included over 3,000 participants. These participants had to answer obscure yet fun answers about their interaction with the potato chip and how it has affected them overall in both their preferences as well as their overall routine. With this conducted survey, it was found that over the 3,000 individuals that took the survey, 96 percent of the people actually liked potato chips. Of the 96 percent, it was also found that those who preferred spicy chips were more likely to be more adventurous in the bedroom. In addition to this, it was also found that those who preferred chips with reduced fat were more likely continuous work out fanatics.

Overall the Skout survey that was conducted has interesting questions that found interesting results. In addition to flavors of chips, other questions on the survey also asked about political preferences as well as TV show preferences. It was found that overall, 39 percent of the chip lovers liked watching Jimmy Fallon with their chips for their late night snack. This 39 percent was compared with Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, James Cordon, and Seth Meyers.

The Skout app is seen as a new way for individuals to broaden their social circle in a safe and easy manner. Just by filling out likes and dislikes, individuals can be matched perfectly to other people on the app who live in their area. The company itself was founded nine years ago and since then has spread to over 180 different countries and is now offered in over 16 different languages. The founders of this app are proud of what they have accomplished in a short time period.

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What Is Working At White Shark Media Like?

White Shark Media exists for one primary reason. The company wants its clients to make money. This is achieved through the effective management of pay per click (PPC) and AdWords campaigns. The company also handles other tasks such as logo design and SEO evaluation, but it is managing AdWords campaigns that is White Shark Media’s main function.

Keeping clients pleased has to be a major priority of White Shark Media. The management of all businesses know their customers must give nodding approval to any work performed. Not to be brushed off is making employees happy. After all, the employees are the ones who produce the work necessary to give clients what they are asking for.

Smartly run businesses do not take employees for granted. On the contrary, they work very hard at making sure workers are thrilled with the experience of being employed with the company.

Based on publicly published reviews, White Shark Media has been noted to be a fine place for people to work. published a review from an anonymous (and enthusiastic) employee of White Shark Media. Based on the content on, the company has between 51 and 200 employees. One of those employees took a little time out to briefly mention a positive experience.

The employee wrote in general terms, but describing the work environment as a “great place” pretty much gets all the necessary sentiments across –

A “great place” is likely one that treats its employees with respect. The short review suggests the management is “people oriented”, which further hints management has very friendly policies towards workers.

The reviewer gives a bit of advice to the people running White Shark Media. He or she suggests that the company not change any of its employee policies. Apparently, the person is thrilled with the company and does not want to see any deviations from what management is currently doing.

White Shark Media has received a host of positive testimonials from clients. The clients are reporting a good working relationship with the company and also increased revenues. Read all here:

White Shark Media seems to be getting solid press, which is not always easy to procure. Maybe the company really is doing a lot of things right.

What Makes a Great Attorney? Compassion, Intelligence, and Experience

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated,” once said by Mahatma Gandhi. While the United States of America is the greatest country in the majority of factors and as advanced as the country is, there are still areas in which it demonstrates ancient, uncivilized behavior. Pertaining to the homeless animal population, for instance, makes Americans appear slightly heartless as the number of cold and hungry furry companions skyrocket by the day. Places such as New York City have millions of stray animals, and while the shelters attempt to stay afloat, it is proving impossible to meet the demand without some sort of aid. Thankfully, human beings with compassionate hearts and swift, educated minds come forth and fight age old issues with modern day influences.

The beginning of 2016 offered plenty of apprehension for the future, but also left the country ready to embark on its most educated, tolerant time throughout history. Social media is a powerful force that educates the masses on local and worldly issues each day. Those who use this tool are able to spread important messages and to seek helping hands across the globe. Ross Abelow, a New York attorney, adopted this concept to create a GoFundMe page for the homeless animal population of New York. With a $5000 goal set, Abelow really held creating awareness of the issue as being the utmost important, however. As the word begins to spread like wildfire, Abelow is anxious to meet his goal or even to surpass it. Every dime helps homeless animal shelters provide adequate food and shelter to animals across the state, and to pay other crucial expenses such as medical care, electricity, and vaccinations.

Aside from being an animal-loving philanthropist, Ross Abelow is an esteemed attorney who specializes in family, matrimonial, and entertainment law. His relatable approach to his clients and cases makes him heavily sought after, appreciated, and a major part of his community. The Brooklyn Law School graduate never envisioned that his success in the courtroom would generate outside of it, but his tireless efforts in combating serious issues within his community have left him on the pedestal on which he resides. His vast knowledge of the legal field mixed with his decades worth of experience makes him a qualified lawyer. His relatability and compassion, however, makes him the perfect attorney.

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Wen by Chaz Proves That Your Flaws Do Not Have to Own You

Fierce beauty is attainable if you really set out to get it. Certain products make the journey to glamorous faces and luscious locks easier, and Wen by Chaz certainly falls under that category. A radiant formula fortified with everything that your hair needs, WEN by Chaz cuts the cost of hair care by being everything that you need in one bottle. The sephora sold hair care kit allows every woman to come out of the shower looking like the sun, in fact, shines for them.
Sure, promises, promises, right? Thankfully, women perform experiments that further validate the benefits that Wen by Chaz products vow. Emily McClure embarked on a week-long journey with her fine hair falling by her side, and her only weapon of defense was Wen’s cleansing conditioner. As she began pumping the mixture into her hands, she had nothing but hope in her heart, but little expectations in her mind. Her first wash delivered an instantaneous rush of silky hair that left her eager to continue her use on day two.

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Her greasy hair the next morning left her a little anxious for another wash. When she finally got the opportunity to saturate her locks again, she made certain to thoroughly wash the product out. Shine, meet Emily; Emily, meet shine. She was thrilled to continue seeing her positive results.

The days passed and the journey had yet to offer any serious obstacle. Once her friends began noticing how ample her hair appeared, she knew that she had made the right choice with this product. Her once thin hair quickly became thicker, and a once lackluster appeal began to illuminate even her day’s dullest tasks. Her concerns washed down the drain with each use, and Emily undoubtedly began to understand how hair is supposed to look and feel. Women often use their flaws as barriers, but certain products shatter those blockades and demonstrate to women how their flaws are gateways to better opportunities.

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Beneful’s Ingredients Called Into Question

Most people who are pet owners regard their dogs as four-legged family members. So naturally, they want to feed their dogs the best foods possible. These days, there are plenty of pet food choices, and many of these meals for dogs resemble human foods.
Since 2001, Beneful, a division of Nestle Purina PetCare, has been providing quality pet food for dogs. Beneful provides a line of dry dog foods ( for pets of every age. However, the company has come under a considerable amount of scrutiny, particularly since 2015.

Facebook dog owner groups have criticized Beneful, stating that the dog food contains propylene glycol. This ingredient is also present in some human foods and products, but has not been found in cat food. According to wikipedia/com, propylene glycol is often confused with ethylene glycol, an ingredient in anti-freeze that is toxic to dogs.

Some have even asserted that Beneful is filled with mycotoxins, which can be harmful to the health of dogs. The European Union and the FDA have approved Beneful for consumption, stating that the amount of mycotoxins in the pet food is minimal and safe.

In 2015, plaintiffs filed a class action suit against Nestle due to the ingredients in Beneful. Since the case was filed, about one-third of the plaintiffs have withdrawn from litigation. It is also important to note that the class action attorneys have not presented any evidence that Beneful is harmful to pets. The company maintains that its products are safe, healthy and nutritious for dogs, and has no plans to settle the case at this time.

JustFab Introduces Plus Size Clothes to Website

JustFab, a popular online subscription retailer, has introduced a new line of clothing for women to enjoy: a plus size line! For women with curvier figures, this news is quite exciting. Finding clothing to fit curvy women can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re trying to stay current with the trends. But JustFab has opened up a whole new world for women hoping to enjoy the excitement of a clothing and accessory subscription, with reasonable prices and quality product.

JustFab offers clothing, shoes, accessories and handbags. You may have seen the humorous commercials, or the many advertisements and wondered what all the buzz was about. JustFab sends a monthly package to you based on your profile preferences at a fixed price once per month. It’s like a surprise outfit separate! JustFab also allows you to make an account and shop as you wish- you don’t have to make the commitment, especially if you’d like to try it out first.
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This new thirty five piece collection features items such as high slit skirts, stresses and mix and match pieces that are stylish and affordable. The best part is, JustFab isn’t stopping here- they plan on adding a whole lot more to this plus size clothing line! In a recent article, The Curvy Fashionista, a fashion blogger, wrote about the benefits of subscribing to the JustFab plus size line. At a starting price of only $22.95, you can have this new line delivered to you piece by piece until you’ve completed a wonderful and current wardrobe.

The JustFab line for curvy women is a wonderful opportunity for plus size women every where. With a great starting variety, women can purchase these clothes, feeling confident in the quality and fit. Fashionable plus size clothing is hard to find in general, so you should really check out the amazing styles, now available to you. Don’t waste any time, and start your new wardrobe today!

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