Securus Technologies Improves Public Safety with Technology Solutions

For a long time, I think public safety, correctional as well as law enforcement agencies have been looking for technology solutions that can improve incarceration experience. Securus Technologies came to assist them with unmatched technology solutions that are helpful in solving and preventing crimes in these facilities. The company have been providing communication services that help inmates communicate with their friends and relatives.



Securus Technologies has developed a high-tech communication system that records all calls within the correctional facilities as well as those from outside. These records ensure that nothing negative can be planned by inmates and staff. They also provide high tech surveillance system. This system makes sure that all activities in the facilities are monitored, and something suspicious is attended to immediately.



Securus Technologies also connect inmates to technology enabling them to use the internet and connect with the world. They have invented new tablets that inmates use to connect to the internet and access useful information. They also provide information management, investigation, public information, inmate self-service as well as well as monitoring products and services that make the world secure.



Due to their excellent services and products, Securus Technologies have received many appreciation emails and letters from their clients. Most of their clients are prisons and jails. The officials of these facilities expressed how Securus has made their facilities safer and better. One of the facilities said that they were able to arrest one of their staff who was corrupt. They used the information from phone call to get a search warrant. From another letter, another correctional facility was able to identify inmates who use alcohol and sell drugs in the facility. This information was also got from monitored calls thanks to Securus Technologies.



In many of the letter and emails, clients are impressed by the company’s tech solutions. Securus Technologies currently is serving over 3450 correctional and public safety agencies across North America. Rick Smith, the CEO of the company, is also happy that they are improving their services by investing heavily in technology.


Osteo Relief Institute Relieving the Pain of Arthritis Patients

Arthritis is one among many diseases that are commonly misunderstood. Arthritis is a disease that affects the joints mainly the ones around the knees, hips, the small joints of the hand and neck, and manifests itself in different forms. It packages itself in two major classes namely, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. However, it is more common among women and people who are in their old age.

Knowing Osteoarthritis arthritis (OA)

The most common among the two types is osteoarthritis. It is also known as the degenerative joint disease. This disease normally affects the cartilage and soft tissues especially those located along the joints. It manifests itself when the cartilage wears away and the bone starts to rub itself against bone causing pain and even the selling of the joints. This disease can basically attack anyone with a family history of arthritis, and also if they have a history of previous injuries.

The Cure for Osteoarthritis Arthritis

Osteoarthritis has no cure but the individual attacked by the disease should ensure that they are ready and committed to managing themselves. The self-management to be successful needs to be implemented by the patient having to go through a daily exercise and also take medical treatments. Watch this video on

Osteo Relief Institute and its Objective

Osteo Relief Institute has a well-equipped staff with the necessary skills to deal with patients ailing with arthritis. Caring and communicating with patients are given priority in the institute. The Osteo Relief Institute is located in New Jersey and it was specifically founded to deal with the rising cases of Osteoarthritis.

The Osteo Relief Institute has also been equipped with modern facilities that offer solution to the pain-relieving of their patients. The kind of technology used in Osteo Relief Institute is approved and has been given a clean bill of health to continue giving treatment to the patients.

The objective of this Institute is to ensure that patients do not go to the surgery room by ensuring that they give patients proper treatment. This Institution is normally well taken care of owing to the fact that arthritis is a serious disease. Read more about Osteo Relief Institute at Crunchbase.

Osteoarthritis can be well-taken care of by visiting the Osteo Relief Institute where relieving of pain and restoration of one’s mobility control is assured.

End Citizens United Supports The Honest Ads Act

One of the most powerful rights for American citizens is their ability to vote and thus be represented within the greater democracy of the country. However, those rights aren’t always assured and more recently we’ve seen that the rich and the powerful can subvert the will of the people. We are of course talking about how the American political scene has become beholden to billionaires and special interests. The common phrase you’ll see around Capital Hill is ‘dark money’. Dark money is the open secret in Washington D.C. and it describes how billionaire corporations are willingly buying off their favorite legislators in order to influence what becomes law. There has thankfully been one force operating to hold them in check, End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was designed in order to fight back against the corruption of dark money that is flooding through Washington D.C. End Citizens United was designed in response to the 2010 Supreme Court case surrounding the controversial Citizens United decision. Citizens United was developed by right wing propaganda machines in order to try and bridge the gap between special interests and campaign laws. Citizens United argued that billionaire corporations should be treated as people and as people they should be allowed to donate to campaigns. This was a transparent attempt to get more donors into the political arena and it surprisingly worked.

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Since the election of Donald Trump to President, there has been focus on how Russia meddled with the Presidential election via dark money, fake news outlets, and more. End Citizens United knows that there is a real danger to the future of America’s democracy if this is allowed to go unchecked. So PAC President Tiffany Muller has been vocal in her efforts to raise more money in order to support candidates who can make a difference at the highest level of the legislative arena. This has led ECU to get active of late, looking ahead to 2018’s congressional races, in order to endorse potential campaign finance reform champions.

Most recently End Citizens United came out in support of a bipartisan piece of legislation called the Honest Ads Act which seeks to force tech companies to disclose who is funding what advertisements in an attempt to make everything more transparent. The act was introduced by John McCain, Amy Klobuchar and Mark Warner. This bipartisan act was strongly praised by Tiffany Muller. Muller said, “This is common sense legislation and senators from both parties should support this bill to ensure that our elections are free from foreign interference.” Tiffany Muller also went on to say that she would throw ECU’s hefty influence against anyone who opposes the act of campaign finance reform.

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Eric Lefkofsky Contributions to Cancer Treatment

Many entrepreneurs are pumping significant funds to chronic diseases’ research. They give funds to support research activities which will lead the cure and development of treatment plans for the diseases. Cancer is one of the chronic diseases. There are many cancer research as well as treatment centers. These facilities require huge funds for their operations. Eric Lefkofsky is one individual from Chicago who is working hard to ensure cancer is defeated.

Erik is a man who invests in technology to simplify activities. As a tech man, he has dedicated his knowledge to come up with treatment plans that are helpful to cancer patients. Eric is sure that the cost of research will continue to go down as technology improves. Way back in 2003, the cost of generating cell function was $100 million per genome. Currently, this cost has gone down to $5000, and Eric is certain it will continue to drop. It is essential to understand genomes to get to know how the body cells work against diseases.

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus which is a health tech company that builds infrastructure that modernizes cancer treatment. Tempus works closely with patients to ensure cancer is defeated. The company has come up with an operating system that is very effective in battling cancer. Eric together with his staff are using genomic sequencing and analyzing practices to assist cancer specialists to understand cancer tumors. Eric ensures that the company provides real-time, data-driven as well as personalized treatment decisions by analyzing genetic codes. They are helping patients with lung, pancreatic as well as breast cancer.

On top of co-founding Tempus, Eric and his wife are donating millions of dollars to support cancer research. They have founded Lefkofsky Family Foundation which works closely with many cancer research and treatment centers. Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center is one of the beneficiaries who has received $1million. The University of Michigan has also received $1.2 million for cancer research. Other recipients include Stanford University and New York’s Weill Cornell Medicine who have received $500000 and $250000 respectively.

On top of Eric’s Contribution, there has been a significant development in lung cancer causes research. In a study aimed at displaying gene-smoking interactions, three new lung cancer genetic biomarkers have been identified. The three novel single nucleotide polymorphisms in the DNA can be potential biomarkers which can be used to improve precision for researchers and will be helpful in the prediction of cancer treatment plans. The Dartmouth study was led by Yafang Li, Ph.D.

George Soros’s amazing life of Philanthropy

George Soros began his iconic career in philanthropy by donating money to Africans in need of education. He donated millions in scholarships to black South Africans under the ails of apartheid. They were very thankful to his efforts in 1979. In the year of 1980, he helped promote many idealistic views in the Communist section of Hungary. He funded his academic ventures and visits to the western world and financed many new cultural groups and fledgling initiatives hoping to spread their philosophies to the western world. Once the Berlin Wall fell, he and a group of philanthropists founded the Central European University to be a safe haven for those seeking asylum in a place for free thinking. Many great ideas were birthed and discussed in those walls. The University became known as a hub for intellectuals and humanitarians seeking common ground with others. Communist logic played a major role in the student’s academic growth the university’s expansion.

After the ending of the Cold War, George Soros decided to spread his knowledge to other parts of the world. He traveled to Asia, Latin America, and Africa evangelizing his good works. He feverishly helped people in these nations and direly wished to make the world a better place. His ultimate goal was to create societies that were open and free, contained transparent governments, accountable authorities  democratic societies. In his most prominent and influential speech, he stated that the war on drugs had done more damage than help. He saw clearly that the cause was lost and served only to further the spread of violence, incarceration, and inequality. He saw the problem of drugs as one of misunderstanding. Because of this, George Soros became a major contributor to America’s Medical Marijuana movement. He convened with countless activists and revolutionaries to make legalization of marijuana become a reality.

George Soros is now in his 80s and still works just as hard as ever to spread his message of equality. His Open Society Foundation has contributed billions of dollars to causes around the world in downtrodden communities. He travels to foreign countries and supports Muslim freedom, religious rights, LGBT equality, and does advocacy work with urban communities. In 2017, the Open Society Foundation transferred more than $18 billon of his lifetime savings to ensure the furtherance of good works in society. Since its beginning in 1984, George Soros has donated over $30 billion to the Open Society Foundation.

George Soros made his fortune by working in the financial markets. He was blessed enough to escape Nazi Germany and find freedom in London. After earning his first fortune, he immediately began work on the Open Society Foundation. Throughout his legacy, the thing that has remained constant is his commitment to fighting the most prevalent problems of inequality in the world. He has taken on massive social problems and succeeded in making the world a better place. We can thank George Soros for his contributions to society by recognizing the Open Society Foundation and assisting to further their amazing work and Follow him

Write About Logan Stout

Logan Stout From Pro Baseball Player to Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker

The accomplished business owner, entrepreneur and business owner Logan Stout’s recent business venture is IDLife LLC that launched in January of 2014 has seen tremendous growth. He has partnered with Troy Aikman and Jen Widerstrom. This is a healthcare line with energy supplements, sleep aids and weight management items. Since this is one of Mr. Stouts aside from being a bestselling author, key speaker, and leadership trainer.

Mr. Stout in his speaking engagements that motivational explains how essential it is to pursue goals in life and outlines steps to make it happen. He attempts to give readers the same motivational inspiration in his book titled Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams. In the book and his speeches, he outlines some of the strategies that have brought him success.

One of Mr. Stout’s successful entrepreneurial ventures is his passion for baseball and his development of the Dallas Patriots. The team has become one of the largest baseball organizations. It was originally formed to inspire young people and to help in building their skills. One of his ideas was to ensure training was available to everyone.

Logan Stout a former baseball player during college and pro baseball he founded the Premier Baseball Academy to be an indoor baseball training classes.

Mr. Stout earned a business degree from Panola graduating Summa Cum Laude and then attended the University of Dallas where he earned a degree in Psychology. During college, he played baseball as a pitcher and shortstop and won All American twice. After college, Mr. Stout played professional baseball for the Fort Worth Cat, a minor league team.

Mr. Stout has been featured on sports broadcasts and publications as a baseball player and as a businessman. He also coached baseball at the Dallas Baptist University. At the First United Methodist Church of Coppell Logan Stout has served as a Youth Minister and a Contemporary Worship Leader.

One of the things that Mr. Stout believes is not to measure success with money; it is the positive difference he can make in other’s lives. He says that the money will happen when making a difference in other people’s lives and as an example; he says he started a construction business. Mr. Stout said he did not make much money with it. The hours were long and it is hard work, but that was not the reason it was not successful. It is because he was not doing what he has a passion for and that is enriching other people’s lives.

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How much Influence Has George Soros Had on Open Society Foundations?

The world has become an increasingly hostile place to live in over the past century or so. It is very shocking that a country that had made so much progress in social justice and equality is back to the dark ages where white supremacists want their race to be given the position of being superior to other people. Just a few days ago, a man opened fire on concert goers and killed tens of innocent people. When the final analysis was done, the seemingly mentally disturbed man, had access to machine guns, and that at one time, he was firing up to 9 rounds per second. These are the kinds of extreme actions that have characterized the day to day lives in the country, and people like George Soros feel that there is need for sobriety in leadership.

Soros is one of the most successful people on the planet. He was born in Hungary in 1930, and spent most of his childhood there before moving to the UK and eventually to the US. He has made most of his $25 billion fortune from stock trading. Soros has always advocated for a just and open society. He has been involved in a lot of politics of late, especially the last election where he was supporting Hillary. George still believes that having a Democrat in the office would have saved the country from the disaster being experienced currently.

In the few months since Trump took power, tolerance among the races seems to have gone down a lot. The attacks on people because of their races and skin color have become very frequent with bizarre cases such as acid attacks happening. The groups that advocate for white supremacy have been doing their best to reassert their position and bring back what they call status quo. The president has shown little to no committed effort to deal with the issue, especially when it comes to firearms. He has also been advocating for divisive moves such as building a wall to separate the US and Mexico, travel bans for most people from Muslim countries and other measures.

All these divisive strategies have been counterproductive. For instance, a very strange back and forth has been going on between Trump’s administration and Kim Jong Un. George Soros and other leaders have genuine fears that this could degenerate into a nuclear war that could affect the entire planet. These are the attitudes and policies that led to Soros supporting Clinton throughout her campaign. He contributed more than $25 million because he wanted a sound minded-liberal to be in the white house. Soros has had to dial back on philanthropy and focus on the volatile European stock market. He is however, a legend.

Boraie Development Continues to Rebuild New Brunwick

According to the New Jersey Working Moms blog Omar Boraie is a visionary of development in New Brunswick. He saw the potential in development over 40 years ago. His project a high rise residential building in the middle of the Aspire in 2014 was one of his biggest accomplishments.

This building located near the train station opened in 2016 for renters. It is near retail stores, restaurants, hospitals, and night clubs. It has 238 studio apartments. The building has private parking, a 24 hour doorman, and two private roof decks.

These studio apartments have high ceiling, gourmet kitchens, stainless steel appliances, oversized closets and bathrooms. It has a barbecue areas, fitness center and catering kitchen.

Omar Boraie wanted to rebuild New Brunswick in the same way Europe was rebuilt. He had many skeptics about his dreams. He knew even walking anywhere in the area after 4 p.m. was dangerous. He believed he could improve things. He bought 21 buildings on the same block that were crumbling with the dream of rebuilding them.

The first building he remodeled was used for office space called Tower One. He realized the space needed residential buildings and retails space too. He built a 25 story building with condos that had 120 units. He developed retail shopping areas, restaurants, and parking garages and even areas for walking dogs.

Today Boraie Development is one of the most sought after agencies in New Jersey. They use primarily private sources for funding their development projects. The company works with strong financial institutions like banks. Their contractors and architects have a strong commitment to meeting deadlines and building quality structures. You can visit Rutgers to see more.

They offer many services focused around urban development. Their staff help with managing buildings, marketing, and sales. The main properties they develop are residential, hotel, student housing, and retail. Because they manage the properties this helps build strong and stable relationships over the long haul.

Overall Boraie Development manages accounting, customer service, maintenance, leasing, and marketing. This has helped them become a strong successful company today. Check out his website

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Rick Smith Is The Darling Of Telecom

Rarely has a man been so loved in the corporate world that his endearments have replaced his official name. Richard Rick Smith is that man. The CEO of Securus Technologies has left a mark in many telecommunication firms across the industry. Rick Smith holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He studied Mathematics for his masters at the State University of New York (SUNY), Brockport. Rick Smith further went on acquiring his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Rochester.

Owing to his rich background in technology and information management, Rick Smith was the right man to be chosen to head Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a leading international provider of sensitive technological services such as information management for governments and detainee communication. Rick Smith became the CEO of Securus on June 23, 2008. Mr. Smith is an all-rounded man who has had experience in business development, finance, IT and telecom. Due to this, he was able to lead Eschelon Telecom into exponential growth. During his time as CEO of Eschelon, he made the company’s profits rise from $30 million to $350.

In his current position as Securus Technologies’ CEO, many contracts have been given to Securus Technologies. Securus has also developed multiple patented technologies and employed more personnel due to its expansion. Rick Smith’s first responsibility as a CEO was to oversee a smooth transition as secures just been borne out of a merger of T-Netix and Evercom. In 2007 there was also another major acquisition of a firm that dealt with Offender Management Systems. This company was the former telecom giant Syscon Justice Systems.

Rick Smith has tailored Securus ‘products in a way that ensures corporate social responsibility. They achieve this by coming up with a technology solution to counter prison contraband, monitor parolees and prevent contraband cell phones from connecting to the network in the general public. As he leads Securus into innovating new technologies, Rick Smith has a team of customer care personnel whose job is to respond to customer criticisms and take suggestions from customers seriously. Since most government entities deal with a lot of data, Securus has been contracted to offer information management solutions.

Securus Technologies is the services provider to more than 2,600 prisons in 45 states. They also provide these services overseas to District of Columbia, Mexico and Canada. Securus has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. There are four other Securus’ smaller regional offices dispersed in locations around Dallas metro and Atlanta, Georgia. Rick Smith can be recognized to have successfully steered Securus Technologies in the right direction since he took over its leadership. Securus has become one of the most recognized providers of sensitive telecom solutions internationally.

Sujit Choudhry Explains the Importance of Comparative Constitution

Sujit Choudhry is the internationally recognized man who is known for his authority on comparative constitutional law and also politics. He got a degree from the University of California Berkeley School of law. He is a professional in combining a wide range of research with field experience in constitutional making and amendments. He has been an advisor in many countries including Libya, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, South Africa, Nepal, Ukraine, and Yemen.

In an interview, CEOCFO Magazine Sujit Choudhry put it clearly that the Center for Constitutional Transitions works in generating and mobilizing knowledge needed in the creation of the constitution. It is comprised of a team of experts and work all through to produce evidence-based policy options that are used in decision making and in research involved in setting agenda. The group works hand in hand with a network of a multilateral organization and has been operating for more than fifty years with experts from more than twenty-five years. Added reference on

Sujit Choudhry has been working with the new emerging democracies as an advisor in many countries around the world in forming new constitutions and also in constitution amendment. In constitutional forming and amendments, there are usually questions that arise, and there is a significant knowledge body to meet them. However, there still arise many others that demand more knowledge than the existing outdated knowledge. Choudhry says that the center for Constitution Transition was made to breach this gap.  Related article on

Sujit Choudhry has received three degrees from three different countries. Additionally, he has gone through several governments and regime with different legal and political environments. He has spent the big part of his life in immigration. By these, he has implanted skill in legal matters in his longtime experience in every country that he visits has a different background and natives. He is a son of two professors who emphasize the importance of higher education. Therefore, Choudhry has acquired three degrees in law from the University of Toronto, Harvard University and the Oxford University that have played a great role in his success. Above this skill, Choudhry also has public policy experience and political decision making.  For updates on his recent timeline activities, hit on

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From World War II, there have been challenges in liberal democratic constitutionalism. For instance, the American’s myth of exceptionalism has suffered wounds and the comparative experience has become more important. This is the same occurrences in democratic regimes that are under stress. For the American, it has been important for them to learn from failures of other countries. Additional article on

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