OSI Industries: A Flourishing Company in the Food Industry

OSI Industries is classified today among the largest food providers in the entire world. It has a count of 20,000 employees working in 65 facilities that are spread out in 17 countries. In the entire economic history of America, OSI Industries stands out as one among those that have risen from the humble state into leading positions. The company started as a small butcher shop and now stands out as a multinational food provider in the world. This cannot be unrecognized with its presence growing expansively in the world and economically.

Going into the deep roots of OSI Industries, the history of this imminent company comes from the American immigrant expertise. German-immigrant in the community of Chicago in Illinois founded it. It was a butcher shop then serving the community. The founder, Kolschowsky was devoted to growing the business, which he did until by the end of the World War I, the business had expanded its outlets. As time went on, the company ceased from being just a regional supplier into a corporation known today as OSI Industries. This commendable transition took place some twenty years ago. The business provided the needs of every restaurant with a consistent product without faking it. More changes and expansion began shaping when technology became part of the business from the 1960s. This innovation gave light to the company and made the processes to be easier, affordable to the common person, and built more relationships with the clients. It created new business opportunities for expansion of the production and minimized the cost in their productions in the food industries. The company took up the name OSI Industries in 1975. The name shift was a first indication and implication of growth of the company from being a persons’ butcher shop into being a recognized global company. OSI buys former Tyson Foods plant on South Side for $7.4M.

Besides, more transition happened with the change in the leadership system in the company. It gave the company a chance to expand into being a large corporation. Sheldon Lavin became the chief executive officer of this great company in 1975. Since then, acquisition of facilities began with the first one being in 1977 in Chicago, Utah. Its growth into becoming global started in when Sheldon took over due to his experience in investing and executive banking. It continued to serve many other customers besides its major longtime customer McDonalds. This growth has not stopped to date as OSI Industries is among the big companies in the United States. It was ranked position 58 in the 2016 Forbes list as the largest private company.

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Researched and Reliable Investment Advisory Services with Jeff Yastine and Banyan Hill Publishing

For people looking to invest, at times it can be hard especially if one lacks knowledge in the given area they are seeking to invest. For others, it is the complexities of investment principles that hinder people from making profits from their investments. Majority of the public only hear of an opportunistic investment when it is long gone, or when it is already flooded. Experience, knowledge, and research can be of much help, and that is why Banyan Hill Publishing came up with different investment editors in options plays, mid-stock and small-cap companies, lowly and underrated firms in the US, and other income-creating investments. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Release Fact.

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Jeff Yastine went to the University of Florida for a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications graduating in 1986. He worked as a financial and business journalist for 20 years, anchoring PBS Nightly Report between 1994 and 2010. During his correspondence days, he interacted, interviewed, reported and learned from some of the most successful businessmen in America including Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gross among others. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

He is a well-rounded journalist who has had identified company turnarounds as well as small-cap investing chances, giving investment tips in different sectors such as biotechnology, agriculture and retail industry. He helped warn people on the unsustainable growth of the 2000s real estate watershed and the technology bubble in 1990s. His excellence was honored with the 2007 Business Emmy Award for his work reporting underfunded road systems, bridges, and other public infrastructure in the U.S.

When he joined Banyan Hill Publishing as editorial director in 2015, Jeff Yastine brought in a 2-decade wealth in stock market investment based on his financial journalism experience. Jeff Yastine brings up his expertise by writing about the current and future financial markets, making investors comprehend prevalent and expected business, economic, and monetary trends, to make informed decisions on where to invest.

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OSI Group Takes On Tyson Food Plant To Extend Their Services and Clients Needs

OSI Group acquired Tyson Food Plant in Chicago. The OSI Group is based out of Aurora, Illinois and they were in the market for acquring another plant close to their headquarters. In the purchase, Tyson Food Plant was purchased for $7.4 million dollars. The Cook County Recorder which is in charge of the deeds on register, have listed that amount on official documents. At risk of the plant closing, there were 480 jobs that were at risk of being lost. The plant which is located on Ashland Ave was set to be closed in October if the plant was not purchased. That is when OSI Group came to the rescue.

During the final day of production, there were close to 250 employees that were still holding their jobs. Many of those employees were kept on to further their jobs. When the OSI Group spokeswoman was asked about how many official employees were left working for OSI since the transfer, the official answer was left to be undisclosed. The spokeswoman went on the record as stating that they are not at liberty to disclose information like that or information that pertains to products and their customers.

Because OSI Group needed a way to further their needs and wants of their customers, they had to find another plant to be able to fulfill their clients wants and needs. That is why they opted to purchase the Tyson Food Plant in Chicago, Illinois. This plant was set to serve as a facility which is being used to build a broader network within the manufacturing fields.

The Chicago plant was used as a supplier for the prepared meals inside of the hospitality industry. There were a number of other various clients that were being served by the Tyson Food Plant and is even now being served by OSI Group. The South Side Plant was supplying foods like tempura chicken, crepes and even omelets. There are many other options available for clients and customers of OSI Group. Because Tyson was unable to fulfill their clients needs, OSI Group knew that they would be able to help them out by expanding their lines and keeping their business close to other plants.

The former Tyson Plant is well over 200,000 square feet and isn’t very far from another OSI Group. The setup was established as a way to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum and to allow for the employees to be close to another plant. Because the plant was in a prime location, the infrastructure was put in place to be able to succeed long term.

About OSI Group: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

Rodrigo Terpins and How One Dream Led to Success

Rodrigo Terpins is known for many things. He is a selfless man with a strong talent in athletics. He is a high achiever. He also is one of the top rally racers in Brazil. Rally racing can be extremely challenging. It is a sport that requires top physical and mental fitness. Rodrigo has proven time and time again he is capable. He is part of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He formed the team with brother and close friend, Michel Terpins who also races and is highly decorated in the sport. Rodrigo and Michel enjoy racing and the elder brother credits his achievements to his brother always being there and helping him push through all of obstacles to get where he is today. It is true Rodrigo has had to navigate through some challenging courses. Many have included obstacles and steep terrain. Rodrigo has always remained vigilant and determined and throughout most of his races, has proven highly victorious. Rodrigo’s career began at an early age. His father, Jack Terpins, was a role model for him. He was famous for a career in basketball and also for being the president of the Latin American Jewish Congress.


Based on linkedin.com, Rodrigo looked up to him and admired his success and drive. His desire to rally race was also fueled by his hobby of working on cars with his brother. He enjoyed working on engines and this remains a part of his passion to this day. After high school, Rodrigo wanted to go to college. He began attending Saint Hilaire College where he a few years later he graduated with a degree in business management. From here, he went on to become a President of a women’s clothing store then he created his own company which he manages even today. The company is called T5 Participacoes and is very successful. Rodrigo’s passion is racing and favors the T1 Category Prototype. The vehicle he uses is called T-Rex. Built with a V-8 engine and designed specifically for the rough terrain of racing, it has helped Rodrigo achieve success in several events. Rodrigo’s success is unfaltering. Today he lives a comfortable life balancing work and family and his number one hobby: racing.



Reference: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/rodrigo-terpins

OSI Group: The Fastest Growing Food Manufacturer

The OSI Group is one of the top food companies both in the United States and throughout the globe. The company, one with an interesting history, originally stated in the states as a meat processing plant in Illinois. It was founded and run by a German immigrant and did well in the smaller town environment. Things really exploded, however, when the company began selling patties to the young, but rapidly expanding, Mcdonalds restaurant. OSI group has only grown from there, providing jobs to over 20,000 individuals spread around the globe. The company is viewed very positively and is known for it’s high quality selection of meat, from their hot dogs and patties and more.

The company has been so successful that they have been given numerous awards while their reputation as a top notch company providing the highest quality meat around grew via word of mouth. The company, with over 65 locations in 17 countries around the world, is still expanding, with recent purchases of both Flagship and Tyson Foods. The company is so widespread, chances are you’ve eaten meat manufactured by the company. In addition to supplying meat for Mcdonald’s, they also supply to chains as famous as Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks and Taco John’s.

The company’s latest acquisition has been Boho Food, another leading food provider. The companies are very excited to have merged and to be working together. They hope that by OSI Group having made the purchase, BOHO Food products will become even more popular.

The company purchased BOHO Food with the hope of expanding their global outreach and influence, particularly in the continent of Europe. Though over one dozen countries are currently served by BOHO Foods, the main processing plants are located in the Netherlands and Germany, the very country from which the founder of the OSI Group originally came from, way back when the company was started.

This company is one to keep an eye on. With expansion growing more and more rapid, it is an exciting time for them, and an exciting time for us as we watch in silent awe. The only question left to ask is: What will this prestigious company decide to do next? The answer really could be anything.

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William Saito; Businesses Need Security Systems in order to Function Properly

Entrepreneurship and innovation are two major vital aspects of a business as well as the government. Entrepreneurial start-ups build healthy economies by identifying emerging opportunities then redirecting the required resources to them. As such, established firms invent ideas with the idea of outdoing their competitors in various markets. In the public sector, entrepreneurs implement effective policies to assist companies in dealing with emerging challenges. As illustrated by William Saito, a famous business professional, entrepreneurship and innovation have a symbiosis relationship.

Introducing William Saito

William Saito was born in 1971. He is an American –based Japanese entrepreneur, business professional and a former advisor to the Japanese government. He first specialized in cybersecurity and advisory roles that helped his government to maim offenders. Later in his years of service, Saito resigned and joined the entrepreneurial network.

Early Life

William Saito grew up in California. Working closely with his father, they imported textbooks from Japan. He insisted on making good use of the books by studying them to acquire knowledge. That way, he gained more mathematical skills and excelled in school when he joined the junior high school. When Saito joined the school, he was too good at arithmetic. His teachers called his parents to share the good news; their son gained an edge over his peers. He scored high grades. In fact, he was way beyond the actual curriculum standards. Further, into the matter, his teacher asked the father to invest in a personal computer that went by the title newfangled. Since Saito came from a humble background, his parents could barely afford the computer. They collateralized their home for a loan and changed their son’s life. In 1987, he graduated from the prestigious Damien High School located in California and he later joined the California University of Riverside for biomedical science.

Career and Growth

In 1991, William Saito was ready to start his career. Therefore, he re-established a computer security business that he founded in junior high school. Having incorporated it into software, among other technologies, it was time to delve into business. At that moment, he developed encrypted software to help display Japanese characters in English. Moreover, the software had a fingerprint recognition system that was used by Sony. In 2000, he partnered with Microsoft to establish the software in the industry. The technology featured Microsoft Windows. Because of its efficiency, Microsoft acquired it from Saito in 2004.

The Overview

William Saito has vast experience in private and public sectors. He has worked for Japan Airlines, JAL and served as a top executive at for The Japan Times and Hakuhodo. Other roles he has played include leading Fast Retailing through its security detail management and working with top government officials to establish reliable and stable security channels for its citizens. Soito is a business professional and team leader who believes that the success of any business or government relies on the country’s security system.


The Inspiring Career of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad has been performing pediatric surgeries for more than four decades. Dr. Saad Saad has specialized mostly in children. The renowned doctor is based in New Jersy. Saad has conducted numerous successful surgeries on children in other countries. For instance, he offered free surgeries in Medical Missions based in Israel. Saad is quite creative and has come up with new inventive pediatric surgical procedures. He also has two inventions which he has patented.

When asked about what influenced him to pursue medicine, he had an interesting story to tell. He said that while studying in Kuwait, he wanted to pursue engineering like his brothers who worked in construction. He said that working outdoors was not pleasant due to the hot weather. He then decided to work indoors. As a result, Saad decided to become a surgeon so that he could work in a serene environment.

Saad spent most of his childhood in Kuwait even though he was born in Palestine. He father had eight children who were quite successful. Three were surgeons, two pursued engineering while one was a teacher. Saad graduated from Cairo University about five decades ago. He was among the top two students in the school as well. Dr. Saad Saad said that he was motivated to work hard because he came from a poor background.

While still at the university, he purchased a ticket to Beirut for the ECFMG exam. Saad passed the exam and was allowed to further his studies in the United States. He says that studying and being a certified surgeon in the US transformed his life completely. After school, he worked in England but later moved to the US.

In the United States, Dr. Saad has served at the Meridian Health Care System as well as the K Hovnanian Children Hospital. Saad’s surgical career is not only successful but also quite productive because he works with different communities. Saad is always looking for ways to improve the healthcare sector and changing the lives of young patients.

Dr. Saad Saad describes his life experience in Riyadh as adventurous. Saad says that he was impressed to treat high ranking people in the community and gaining both trust and respect of the Royal Family. Saad not only excels in performing surgeries but also passes his knowledge to other students by mentoring them and giving lectures. His 34 years of experience in pediatric surgery make him an expert and a highly valued doctor globally. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12


Peter Briger is the creator, principal, and president of Fortress Credit Corporation. This team is made up of over 300 persons and is majored in assets that are undervalued and illiquid and distressed credit investments. At Fortress Investment Group, an investment company operating from the city of New York, he serves as the head, president, and principal of Real Estate and Credit business. He has been the Board’s co-chairman since 2009 in August and its director since 2006, November. He is also the firm’s co- CEO since December 2017. Away from Fortress, he is a member of the Spearhead Advisory Board.Peter Briger is a philanthropist dedicated to helping communities. He is Caliber Schools’ Board Member, Tipping Point Director, and Conservancy of the Central Park Management leader, Children’s Global Fund management leader and the director of the Investment Company at Princeton University.

In the medical field, Peter Briger serves as an Advisory Board Member of the Special Surgery Hospital. The Children’s Global Fund helps organizations in different communities with resources to serve better children who are faced with much risks in their demographics.Prior to joining Fortress, he had spent a total of 15 years at Goldman Sachs & Co. He partnered with them in 1996 and held various positions during his course. These include co-heading Trading business and Sales of whole Loan, Principal Investments Group’s Fixed Income’s, Asian’s business of Distressed Debt and Asian’s business of Private Equity in Real Estate. He was also the advisor of International Finance Corporation on dealing with distressed debt. He currently is Linktone’s Advisory Board Member. He has an M.B.A from Pennsylvania University’s Wharton Business School and an Arts Bachelors from Princeton University.

Peter Briger recently explain how Wall Street got into the Bitcoin Business. He said that the influence to venture into this technology was after his first encounter with Bitcoin in 2013, during his trip of Heli-skiing in the Rockies of Canada. He had asked other entrepreneurs and financiers to accompany him to a Fortress owned company’s lodge. One of his invitees, Wences Casares, brought the Bitcoin idea to Peter Briger along with other men who were all intrigued by the idea. However, he was not really convinced and sought more assurance of the business from a number of his trusted friends. He later looked into the business and after confirming that it was real gave the idea to Wells Fargo. This technology would be of great benefit to this firm reducing the luggage and long distances hustle.

The Politics of ‘Bob Honey Just Do Stuff’

Sean Penn’s novel is a very interesting read, that will have you confused one second and laughing the next. There is some controversy surrounding the novel, but looking past all of that its easy to see that Sean Penn has seemed to have outdone himself with this unique book.

‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ Was originally created in 2016 as an audiobook that was narrated by Sean Penn himself. The title speaks for itself, because there isn’t really a plot to the story at all. ‘Bob Honey’ mostly just sits on his couch think about imaginary events, like the thing he would and wouldn’t do, and the things that he would change. The main character seems to hate is ex wife, and he seems to strive towards a young woman named ‘Annie’ who seems to ooze sex appeal. ‘Bob Honey’ is an “antihero” of sorts. This makes for an interesting read among a range of different audiences.’Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ has an odd way of mentioning people in real life. There are references to El Chapo and some, not so mild, references to our current president.

The way Sean Penn views the world is all over his novel. Being a celebrity gave him the chance to show everyone his reflections and thoughts of everything that is wrong with the world. In the most obvious ways possible. The novels is very blunt and holds no bounds when stating the way that Penn feels about this crazy messed up world. This novel is a force to be reckoned with, between the people and the critics.

‘Bob Honey Just Do Stuff’ Seems to have some great reviews and anyone that enjoys political jokes, puns, and blunt references to people in the political eye. ‘Bob Honey Just Do Stuff’ is a sneak peek into the mind of Sean Penn.


Matt Badiali Talks Rise of Important Metal

Matt Badiali is a part of the team at Banyan Hill Publishing, working as the editor of the advisory service, Real Wealth Strategist, while also contributing to a number of other publications under the Banyan Hill Publishing banner. Read this article at Seeking Alpha. Recently, the expert in finance and former geologist has been actively championing a new investment entitled, “Freedom Checks.” Each month or quarter, companies that apply for the use of Freedom Checks, usually those that operate in the oil and gas sector, distribute monies that very similar to stock dividends. The companies, called master limited partnerships, consist of 568 exclusive entities, and generally pay out 90 percent of their income to company investors, which are considered freedom checks. These checks, which regularly pay better than traditional 401k and IRA accounts, are not considered to be income, but instead, return of capital, making them exempt from taxes. Buying shares in a master limited partnership are not wholly unlike buying any normal stock, yet, they regularly bring in thousands of dollars in distribution checks, and if you were to sell your investment in the master limited partnership, the sale would only be taxed at the lower capital gains rate, providing additional incentives. Matt Badiali’s credentials in the world of finance are significant but initially played a secondary role to his first career as a geologist. Today, Matt Badiali has a Bachelor of Science degree in earth science from Penn State University, as well as a Master of Science degree in geology, which he attained at Florida Atlantic University.

View: http://inspirery.com/matt-badiali/

Matt Badiali has made a career off of staying ahead of incoming investment trends, and his background in geology and experience regarding the oil and gas sector, he has recently made waves about a metal that is due for a significant rise in the near future, creating a climate ideal for early investors. Zinc, is currently experiencing a bull market, but many investors have been on pins and needles regarding its peaks and valleys, but according to Matt Badiali, this is the same trajectory of all bull markets. In recent years, we have seen the price of zinc rise and fall considerably, but the myriad of uses for the third most important metal, including fighting rust, and its inclusion in everything from smartphones to vehicles, make zinc a prime target for a sharp rise in the near future according to Matt Badiali. Read this article at Banyan Hill.