Paul Evans Shoes are Perfect for the Winter

Each and every year, new items are released in the product line from many top men’s shoe providers. What is truly great about the various shoes coming out in the winter is the numerous looks and styles presented. Winter shoes are sometimes perceived as being purely function. In the winter, men are going to look for shoes that keep the feet warm. Insulation from water is important as well. Who would want to see their feet get wet due to melting snow and slush breaching the material of the shoes? All of these things surely are important. Winter shoes that fail to live up to what is required to protect the feet aren’t exactly going to sell well. That said, the shoes really should also look good. There is no reason why someone should not look super-stylish while keeping his feet warm.

New winter italian shoes for men embody a rugged look and style. The shoes do look like they can handle some of the toughest rigors of city and off-road adventures. The materials used to make these shoes, boots, and hybrid selections are tough and durable. Most impressively, these traits are acquired by still maintaining stunning designs. From a distance, these shoes look great. Those up close and personal with the winter elements will appreciate them as well. The footwear is able to handle the rigors of harsh weather.

For those looking for very interesting Winter 2015 men’s shoes, the Paul Evans collections provides some interesting choices. The high quality leather used by Paul Evans to create these stunning shoes and boots contributes to both function and fashion. As a source for high-quality handcrafted boots and shoes for men, it would be hard to top the Paul Evans collection.

Winter comes and goes, but these shoes will last many years. Take that as another recommendation.

About Brad Reifler And Forefront Income Trust

In December 2014, Forefront Capital together with Brad Reifler announced Forefront Income Trust that unlike many other investment programs was meant to cater for investors that are not accredited. Speaking on the announcement date, Brad said that he has in the past been focusing on the accredited investor who who makes not less than $200,000 yearly and with a net worth of a million dollars without counting the house. He said that time was ripe where non-accredited investors to be provided with plans that are specifically designed for the 99 percent who are never considered.

With a lot of careful analysis and due diligence, Reifler came up with Forefront Income Trust so as to give the middle class an investment opportunity that is viable. The fund gives them the rare opportunity to invest $2500 that can be withdrawn or added on any quarter. With the assumption that clients make 401 K as well as savings, Forefront did not design its products to be correlated into the stock market therefore allowing more room for potential growth and higher risks. In short, the firm had put in very stringent measures to ensure that risks are mitigated.

In America, the gap between the wealthy and the poor continues to widen and it is the precise reason why Forefront Income Trust does not make any money until the investor earns not less than 8 percent of the initial investment. Because he understands that most of today’s flawed investments are as a result of lack of knowledge in matters related to the financial industry, Reifler ensures that Forefront informs and educates the investors adequately before they invest, and everything about the company right down to Wikipedia echoes this.

He was optimistic that Forefront would be known as a safe place where people could find and make better investment alternatives and was happy that people had started to see investment complexities in a much lighter angle and many had started saving for their futures.

Brad Reifler has many years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur. He has been part of many successful companies’ teams in the United States and has worked all the way to the current place he is. His career as an independent professional trader started back in the early 1980’s when he founded a firm that used to manage hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts.

He would later proceed to sell his company and start branding himself as a professional trader whose experience and input could be trusted all over the globe. In 1995, he started another firm that acted as a sell side broker dealer and that had a strong focus in matters related to the equity markets. He has been involved in different companies and firms that are related to financial investments. His career has been a successful one precisely the reason he wants others to enjoy the same success.

What It is Like to Advertise in Brazil

Born in Curitiba, Cláudio Loureiro is a Brazilian CEO and advertising executive who founded, Heads, the finest and largest advertising agency in Brazil. The advertising agency has been in business since 1989 and is ranked the 4th largest advertising companies in the country. A law student at University Pontífica at Paraná, Loureiro turned to advertising in 1997 but not before founding Heads. By 2010, he persuaded to film Blue Jasmine in Rio de Janeiro. It would take a couple of years to get started.
Advertising executives at Heads like to begin by having a consultation with people to discuss the project with their prospective client to see if they can come up with a strategy for the campaign. Heads has been dealing with propaganda for over 25 years. Heads believes their propaganda should inspire life. Their biggest clients are Volvo,3M, Positivo Informática, Petrobras, and Shop South Federal Bank. They also help promote movie projects, like Blue Jasmine.

Advertising in Brazil was discovered in the big city. The advertising industry is intertwined with the media and business industry. Advertising agencies hold to strict rules, especially if they’re creating advertising for political candidates. They’ll not advertise candidates on billboards; São Paulo was the first Brazilian city to get rid of billboard advertising.

Politicians cannot spend more money than the agency spent on any campaign than the average median amount the agency spent in the past three years. Advertisers in Brazil will not advertise a candidate during a political rally. It is forbidden to use advertising memorabilia such as T-shirts,key chains, to promote a political candidate.

Although Brazilian advertisement agencies will advertise alcoholic beverages they will only do it between 9PM and 6AM. As of the year 2000, cigarettes were no longer allowed to promoted anywhere except at parties.

There even rules for advertising medical products. In 2012, ads that promote so called miracle products were banned. They will not advertise creams that lower cholesterol, repellents, and antibacterial soaps. They have also voted to discontinue ads concerning before and after pictures to promote plastic surgery.

In 2003, Brazil has prohibited newspaper print ad, buses and other places from showing ads about prostitution. In 2012, police called the numbers of people who had places flyers advertising prostitution, and those people were arrested by the police. Brazil has many advertising agencies, but they also are extremely strict about what projects they’ll work on.

Bruce Levenson Brings Success To The Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks are one of the great teams of the NBA after being formed in 1946 in the Milwaukee area of the U.S. Despite the history and respect the franchise has across the U.S. and the world it has won only a single NBA Championship, which was achieved in 1958 as the St. Louis Hawks. The Hawks franchise has been located in Atlanta since 1968 and was at the center of relocation talks before and after the ownership of the franchise by media mogul Ted Turner. The location of the Hawks in Atlanta seems to have been assured with the arrival of Bruce Levenson on time as the leader of the Atlanta Spirit consortium in 2004.

At the time of purchase Bruce Levenson found a franchise that had suffered from lean times in the Eastern Conference of the NBA as they had struggled to combat the dominance of the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls. The Time Warner company had been the owners of the franchise for a number of years after they merged with the Turner Broadcasting organization, an ownership deal that also included the Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchise playing an important role in the development of the Atlanta area as a sporting city.

Bruce Levenson has spent a large amount of his time over the last decade dealing with the various issues the NBA franchise has thrown up over the years. As part of the deal to take control of the Hawks, Levenson was installed as Managing Partner and was responsible for the hiring of front office staff and approving changes to the playing and coaching staff. This placed Levenson in the role of taking responsibility for the success or failure of his appointments, which included front office staff who led the franchise from the very bottom of the regular standings of the NBA to the top of their division.

After securing the future of the Atlanta Hawks by making sure the front office staff were in place over the course of the last decade, Bruce Levenson looked to make changes to the community and charitable programs operated by the franchise. Levenson has made sure the players and staff of the Hawks have played an important role in the publicizing of many programs and institutions close to the heart of the Levenson family. The Atlanta Hawks have traveled across the U.S. in a bid to make sure important causes are made known to the young fans of the NBA. The Hawks were amongst the first visitors to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, which had been a labor of love for Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen.


CCMP Capital is a New York-based private equity investment company that deals with growth capital and leveraged buyout transactions in upper middle market companies. Since the inception of the firm, it has invested approximately $12 billion in growth capital and leveraged buyout transactions. The firm invests in retail, consumer, and services including healthcare, industrial, media, telecom, and financial services sector. Within the services, retail and consumer industry, the company focuses on direct marketing, specialty retail, services industry and consumer packaged goods. For its media and telecom investments, the company focuses on content and programming cable broadcasting, wireless and wireline communications and consumer and trade publishing sectors. Recently, the firm mourned the passing of their former CEO Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, who had previously resigned on health grounds.

Mr. Murray was a founding partner of the firm, which rolled out of JPMorgan Chase & Co in 2006. Stephen Murray grew up in New York City and attended Boston College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Business Administration later when he attended Columbia University, New York. He grew to be a terrific investor and spent most of his career in private equity and by 2005; Murray was the head of the buyout business at JP Morgan Partners. He co-founded CCMP Capital, which spun out of JPMorgan Chase, and in 2007, CCMP named him CEO of the firm. One month before he passed away, Steve Murray had left CCMP Capital on health-related issues. In January 2015, the firm had given Murray a 60-day medical leave of absence, but in February he succumbed to illness at the age of 52. Before he passed on, CCMP used the same term, (“health-related”), in deciding that separation with Murray would have to be permanent. Steve Murray was of positive contribution to CCMP, and his loss was tragic to both the firm and his family.

Champions of Change: Yeon Mi Park

At just 23 years of age, Yeonmi Park is already making world headlines concerning her hard stand in the fight against human trafficking and activism for human rights for the people of North Korea. She fled her country in 2007 to South Korea through China to escape starvation and harsh treatment that glared on her family after the arrest of their father. She has experienced firsthand; oppression from her own government and inhuman treatments in the hands of human traffickers; the two vices that she is currently championing around the globe.
Why did she leave North Korea?
Yeon Mi was born of a well established North Korean family thanks to her well politically connected father in the capital of Hyesan. By this time he was working as a civil servant at the ruling partyís headquarters while her mother was a nurse working with the military. She was brought up in a wealthy family but only until the arrest and prosecution of her father.
During the economic slump experienced in the 1990ís, her father started a cartel that smuggled steel from Korea to neighboring China and this was the beginning of her familyís woes. He was apprehended and jailed by the dictatorial government. From then on, her family started going through hard financial times and constant discrimination from government forces and members of the public being branded the smugglers family. These are the factors that prompted them to leave North Korea for South Korea but given the harsh border relations between these two countries, they had to go through China.
The journey to South Korea
Park and her family found themselves in the hands of Human traffickers upon crossing over to china. These demanded that park serve as theirs leaderís mistress so that she could be allowed to bring her mother along. They went through a lot of oppression and harassment in the hands of these oppressors until they got a chance to escape to Mongolia. This remained the only place they could access the South Korean border where they would seek asylum to the South.
In South Korea her mother found a job as a shop assistant and she as a waitress and continued with her studies at the Dongguk University, Seoul. She has been expressing the oppression her and her family on various platforms with worldwide coverage including the Washington post, and the Guardian. She has also been hosted by TEDx and the One Young World summit, two of the worldís most influential talk forums hosting people contributing positively to making a difference in the world.
She continues to be an inspiration to many other young men and women across the world for her inspirational life experiences, selflessness, and courage. She is also a member of various non-profit organizations championing for fair treatment of the people of Northern Korea as well as the re-union of the Koreas.

Strategic Business Leaders in chicago

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States and grows every single day. Businesses are opened; others are closed, and some expand by opening new branches so as they can reach their clients easily as well as reach more people. Through all these business operations, different people have risen to the top management levels while others have fallen. Focusing on those who have managed to rise in Chicago and stayed at the top of the game because they are playing their cards right include following:

Irene Rosenfeld
The 61 year old is the CEO and chairperson of Mondelez International Inc. She is a very powerful female figure in the Chicago business world as well as the entire United States. She is in charge of $35 bullion Mondelez International and any decision she makes affects over 110,000 employees in 80 countries around the world. Due to competitive challenges that were sinking food industry in Chicago, Rosenfeld navigated the split of Kraft Foods Inc. in 2012, and this has added to her reputation. She is also a former basketball star and the defensive skills she learnt while playing are applicable in management up to date. Any threats and challenges that face Mondelez are neutralized in such a manner that they might seem minute, but it is because of her wits and excellent problem solving skills make them look the latter.

Patricia Woertz
Another key business leader in Chicago is Patricia Woertz, who is aged 61 years and serves as the chairperson and CEO of Archer Daniels Midland Company. Midland is a giant agriculture company that focuses on grain processing and then exports the finished products to all markets in Europe and America, sometimes to Asian countries. Patricia has propelled the company the company to making a turnover of $90 billion, beating every other public company in the state of Illinois. The international company currently has over 31,000 employees in 74 countries across the world. Its latest acquisition is the building of a sweetener and soluble fibre manufacturing complex in China.She has grown from the ranks of a mere accountant to the vice president of Chevron Corporation managing branches in 180 countries across the world.

Majeed Ekbal
Majeed is the president of Expresso Inc., which is a company that deals with delivery of grocery and vegies that have been ordered online by clients. The recently American University graduate has great service to his clients to the extent that his employees can take up car keys from clients’ offices, then place the freshly ordered food in their car trunks ready to be shipped home.

Expresso currently operates in Lincoln Park but plans to extend its services to Wilmette and Evanston in the future. The company only accepts payments in cash or checks and not credit cards but Majeed Ekbal is working to improve on the availability of making payments via credit cards. Find him on Vimeo for more information.

NACVA Honors Madison Street Capital Co-Founder Anthony Marsala


According to an article originally published in the Chicago Tribune, Anthony Marsala the Co-founder and COO of Madison Street Capital has been recognized by th National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). NACVA has placed Marsala on its 2015 40 Under Forty list. In order to make the cut NACVA looked at nominees for their list that were under the age of forty and made extraordinary advances or successes within litigation counseling, financial forensics, mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, expert witness testimony, and similar professions. The CTI and Executive Staff of NACVA decided on the final list of honorees.

Being a part of the list is a top honor, especially this year as the judges stated that they were overwhelmed with the list of qualified nominees which made the final decisions quite difficult to make. Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of the NACVA, Brien K. Jones, explained that the list was created to help recognize visionary leaders in the financial and accounting consulting professions. The 20 Under Forty list was created so that they the next generation of mavericks could be recognized for what they have already given to their professions and community and what they will continue to give. Those who make the final cut are considered to be the best of the best in the industry.

Over 125 people were nominated for the list of 40 making the inclusion of Anthony Marsala a testament to the strength of the young leader. Marsala currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital and along with CEO Charles Botchway has helped the financial firm develop a strong international presence in Asia, Europe, and Africa. In addition to running the company, he also directly overseas the analytical and due diligence teams of Madison Street Capital which take care of all business valuation work for clients.

It is no surprise that Marsala is on the list as he has been dedicated to the industry since his graduation from Loyola University of Chicago where he studied Information Systems and Finance. Following graduation he attended the University of Oxford and earned a Master’s Degree in Strategy. Over the past 13 years he has reviewed and performed numerous transactional engagements and valuations in many industries and companies. His specialties however are early stage ventures and middle market companies.

The Amazing Susan McGalla

Mrs. Susan McGalla is a consultant for the retail industry and the director of strategic planning and growth for the NFL team the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mrs. McGalla has been an advocate of women’s rights for a long time because she was able to grow through the ranks of American Eagle Outfitters, which was largely dominated by men when she joined the company.

Long story short, Susan McGalla became the president and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters after about 23 years in the retail industry. She originally worked for Joseph Horne Company, then joined American Eagle Outfitters. Mrs. McGalla decided that it would be best for her to start her own consulting firm, which she did in 2013 through founding P3 Executive Consulting, which currently only lends its services to the biggest companies in the retail industry.

Mrs. McGalla owes a large part of her success to her father, who was a football coach at the high school she attended. She grew up around her two brothers, as well, and was not treated like a girly girl was — she was raised exactly how her two brothers were raised, which has resulted in Susan McGalla’s success.

Many women in the workplace today are treated much more equally than they were just twenty or thirty years ago, but top-level managerial and executive positions are mostly composed of men, which makes it very hard for females to work into these roles. McGalla commonly speaks to female audiences in hopes of motivating them and instilling in them strong values that will get some of them to the highest level and furthest frontiers in their careers.

When Susan McGalla started working at American Eagle Outfitters in 1994, most of the company was men. Susan felt that she might not be able to succeed in the company because there were not many women. This might have meant that women were destined to not do very well in the company, but she trudged on anyway in hopes of going far in her career.

Mrs. McGalla is walking proof that women can go far in their business careers and achieve whatever they want to. Susan McGalla was responsible for more than three billion dollars in revenue while the was at the highest position of American Eagle Outfitters, which is a lot of money, even for one of the largest retailing companies in the world.

Susan McGalla only had to earn a bachelor’s degree to get where she is today. She earned it from Mount Union College with a concentration in marketing and general business. Today, Mrs. McGalla is a member of Mount Union College’s board of advisors, a prestigious position to hold. Mrs. McGalla has a career that all young women should look forwards to chasing after.

There is plenty of information about Susan McGalla’s career and the steps she has taken to get where she is today. Lots of very hard work and focused determination factored into the position that Mrs. Susan McGalla stands in on this very day.

Cosmetics That Stand Out Developed by Doe Deere

For decades, there was a certain look that women were expected to have. More importantly, they were strongly discouraged and even ordered from deviating from that outlook. Anyone that was brave enough to do so was ridiculed to the point that they might as well have been shunned. It has been a long and uphill battle when it comes to allowing women to express themselves the way that they truly want to. It can become so frustrating for them because they watch everyone else express themselves in a way that is completely personal, unique to that particular individual. At the same time, they have long been told that they are not allowed to do the same thing and that they must instead conform to the standards of other people that have deemed acceptable for them.

Gradually, women started breaking out and becoming more independent. As they did, they experimented with things like wearing slacks, mini skirts and cutting their hair. It may seem silly to think about those things today, but in their time, the women that did these things were definitely on the cutting edge and many of them were practically blackballed from society for doing it. However, that did not stop them. They knew that they wanted to be treated fairly and they had the courage to stand up and do something about it.

Today, women have a lot more freedom and in many cases, they have the independence to choose a life that they want to live for themselves. However, they are still scrutinized for practically every fashion choice they make and everything that they do. It takes someone that is truly revolutionary to come along and change things in order to set the stage for everyone else. Today, that iconic individual is Doe Deere. She is a business executive that has taken her passion for style and cosmetics and turned it into a very profitable business of her own. More importantly, she has set the stage for other women who want to experiment with extreme colors and cosmetics, all to create a look that is unique to them instead of conforming to what everyone else expects them to look like.

For years, Doe of Lime Crime cosmetics wanted to create something that was truly different. She wanted to revolutionize the cosmetics world and she has done exactly that. She creates vibrant colors for things like eye shadow, lipstick and even nail polish. Most of these cosmetics are things that she has experimented with until she got it exactly right and then she made it herself. She is truly a unique individual because she has started this with something that existed only in her mind and then created and marketed it in order to see it through and make it a reality. Thanks to her, women now have access to bright yellow lipstick and neon green eye shadow that transforms a woman’s appearance completely. For anyone that feels like they have been invisible their entire lives, there is no way that they could be invisible with these vibrant colors. It gives a voice to every individual and allows them to safely experiment with different things in order to find out who they truly are.