Doe Deere Armed With Inspiration

Unicorns represent several things, one of them is freedom and uniqueness which entrepreneur Doe Deere totally connects with. Her Lime Crime cosmetic line represents the mythical horse whose horn protrudes from its head. Like the mysterious creature, this artist and business woman possesses a nature that is unconquerable, which is beneficial particularly since recently she and her business has been the target of online trashing on various websites and blogs.

Deere or as she is also known as the Unicorn Queen, has been honored recently along with Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman by Self-Made magazine, as one of its Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. For several years her cruelty-free cosmetic line of eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail color has been welcomed by devoted fans (Deere refers to them as true unicorns). These Lime Crime consumers adore its lively packaging, neon-bright colors and are totally comfortable in their own skin.

Lime Crime’s inspiration on urbanoutfitters derived from many things such as model/costume designer Dita von Teese and not to mention those magical unicorns. Unicorns in particular as they were born unique, but not embarrassed about their difference, going for what feels right at the moment and this is what Deere’s products are about. For men and women who thrive from bold and vivid color and not afraid to wear them.

Deere’s company got its name when she was faced with naming her simple eBay store. The entrepreneur rather quickly received the mind-pop of Lime Crime, which was supported by her favored color of bright green. These days its title represents a color revolution avoiding established rules, prompting us that while we must be serious at certain times, we should also not forget to laugh at ourselves.

Recently on, an article about Deere reminded of how being a successful business owner also has its downside, even more with the onset of the Internet combined with human behavior at its most appalling. Because of this Lime Crime is seeing more than its share of Internet bullying attacks, being berated, along with nasty rumors and fake reviews from individuals who wish to bring her and her company down. Various beauty websites brim with vicious remarks regarding Doe Deere and Lime Crime, mercilessly attacking her, its customer service and every aspect of her cosmetic line. Thankfully Deere is more concerned with her loyal supporters than online bullies and she is forever grateful to “her unicorns” for their constant praise and inspiration.

Unfortunately in our culture of the Internet, it allows others to easily post dreadful and hurtful posts and blogs while receiving protection by Internet anonymity. We must appreciate the Doe Deere’s of the world and her fans (whoops … that is Unicorns), for no amount of words will hurt her. Deere understands how makeup makes one feel and Lime Crime is conquering what she had hoped it would, to make available animal-free, vibrant colors that inspire all to be themselves at any ange! To read the original article visit Your text to link…

Skout Plus Nixter For Added Social Fun

As originally announced on, the popular social networking application Skout acquired the nightlife app Nixter. Skout is a software application that provides social networking services. Skout’s investment backers Andreessen Horowitz and others have put up $22 million and were instrumental in the acquisition of the Nixter application. The idea is to integrate that features of Nixter that enable people seeking a party to find any upcoming nightlife happenings in their area, directly connect to buy tickets, order bottle service, and view the guest lists to nightlife events as well as book VIP rooms. Nixter only runs on iOS at the moment.

The CEO of Skout, Christian Wiklund said in an interview that he had been searching a way to better intermingle online and offline interactivity in Skout with events in the real world. He stated, “This will be a huge value-add service to our users. I also think it’s highly monetizable and it will build even stronger loyalty from our users.”

Mr. Wiklund did not disclose the actual price Skout laid out for Nixter, but did indicate that the transaction involved both stock and cash. Neither company has disclosed any more detail than this. Nixter started in Santiago, Chile in January, 2012. The company now operates with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Most of its initial funding came from angel investors in Chile, to the level of about $200K. The company chose from several different options, according to Nixter’s co-founder Francisco Saez. Nixter has plenty of competition, such as WillCall, a live events app company based in San Francisco. Saez explained, “We had other offers, but we worried about losing a lot of power and autonomy until we started talking with Skout.”

Although Nixter’s feature set will be mostly integrated into the Skout app, Nixter itself will be kept as a separate branded application, according to Christian Wiklund. He would not reveal the total number of audience users, but did say Skout had become a profitable app over a year ago. Skout sells the users ‘points’ that work like virtual currency that are used to unlock important features, such as finding out who has read their personal profiles. About 30% of users are in the USA with the other 70% spread over the globe. The two companies do form a great foundation moving forward for automating the social connections and accompanying logistics for potentially any type of social event. They are beginning with the low-hanging fruit of the party-going sub-culture, yet they may now branch out into new areas, such as charity events, government operations, business conferences and expositions, parade planning and logistics, and perhaps even religious conferences and events. The future for this technology integration seems limitless.

Highland Capital Management Thinks A Fed Rate Increase Could Be Offset By A Short Term QE Program

James Dondero, the CEO and founder of Highland Capital Management, has been in the investment world for more than 30 years. During that time, Dondero has experienced several interest rate changes. The Feds haven’t touched interest rates in the last seven years, but according to Dondero a financial and debt expert, if the Feds do raise rates they should also put a quantitative easing program in place to offset the increase. Mr. Dondero says quantitative easing or QE actually increases the money supply by loading financial institutions with more money in order to increase liquidity and lending. Normally QE is used when short-term interest rates are near zero. Jim Dondero also says that quantitative easing does not require the government to print new banknotes.

Highland Capital fund managers believe the global economic growth will stay in the 2 to 3 percent range. The old days of 3 to 4 percent growth are over, according to Highland Capital’s Dondero so central banks should keep interest in the normal range since the global economy is in the high-normal range. Dondero says investors and businesses are not ready for higher interest rates because businesses have borrowed too much money to support short-term programs, and to fund executive perks. Highland Capital knows governments around the globe have avoided putting money into infrastructure improvements and substituted welfare programs that are unsustainable.

Highland Capital fund managers say if the Federal Reserve does decide to increase interest rates that increase should be no more than a quarter of a percent. The feds should also alert the politicians, central banks and business executives than another increase will come shortly after that one so they can get their financial houses in order. An interest rate increase may push the banks to rethink their lending and debt policies. If that happens, Highland Capital thinks a financial fiasco could develop, but the fund managers also say that is an unlikely scenario.

The solution to all the fuss about raising interest rates, according to Dondero and other Highland Capital fund managers is to put a quantitative-easing program in place that would continue through the interest rate tightening cycle. The Feds could dump billions of dollars into bonds every month for at least a year so the U.S. could refinance its massive debt. Highland Capital managers think that would encourage economic stability, and defer some U.S. debt so the economy could recovery a little faster.

Highland Capital does have a strategy for an increase in the interest rate. Some managers are suggesting investors sell some equity funds and buy quality stocks until things settle down. Not all investors are willing to find a solution to the financial issues that could cause some serious losses, but Highland Capital does have solutions for their limited partners. Those solutions will carry them through this year, next year and several years after that. The company doesn’t have a crystal investment ball, but the company does have fund managers with a lot of financial and technical knowledge.

Economist Christian Broda

An economist refers to a professional who has the study of economies which is in the discipline of social science. This professional involves the study, development and application of the theories in line with concepts from economies to generate economy policy. Basically economists are involved the study of how to produce and distribute goods, resources and services. This is done through collection,analysis,research on trends and evaluation of economic issues. The study of economy has different fields which may include; analysis of macroeconomics, analysis of financial statement, mathematical economic analysis and mathematical financial analysis. An economist studies the statistical data to come up with expected trends in the economic activities which are in line with the consumer needs. The assessment of this data is done using various methods which include the analysis of the statistical data, computer programming as well mathematics to come up with the recommendations which state the different ways of improving system efficiency.

Christina Broda the Duqusesne Capital Management managing director is one of the great economists. Christian Broda acquired his Ph.D from the institute of technology, Massachusetts (MIT). Broda was previously working at the University of Chicago as a professor. He headed the school of business and the International research Barclays in the year 2005-2010 and 2008-2010 respectively. Broda has written and published many articles which of of them have featured in the international trade and finance. Christian is known to have served different appointments in his economic career where he once served as the chief Economist international level at the Lehman Brothers company. He also served as the head of international research at Barclays bank. Other appointments he has been on appointments include; Columbia University and federal Reserve Bank at new york. Broda is known to a supportive member of Bank of Japan. He gave his hopeful analysis warning the collapse of the bank which was much convention at that time.

The study of economics has reflected a great change in the development of organizations as well the countries at large. Most of the economists come from different backgrounds which include;mathematics, political science, sociology, business and history. For an economist to get a Ph.D in economics, he or she need to study for six years.

Employment to economic graduates is wide depending on the varying degrees acquired. Many employers do value the aspect of statistical analysis, the communication and the ability to capture different issues which are acquired by the university graduates during their studies at University level. Economic university graduates find employment in different sectors and different firms in the world. Major local and international sectors, manufacturing firms, IT firms, commercial and financial sectors are some of the private and public sectors which greatly absorb economists to work in their firms.

Puppies Can Get Great Nutrition From Beneful

When a person first gets a dog, especially if it’s a puppy, they’ll name the dog whatever they feel is suitable. It’s not enough to name a dog, the dog also must be well cared for, and it’s a long road ahead for a dog that was only recently born. Puppies need all the care in the world, similar to newborn babies, and it’s a good idea if the owner has a lot of patience as well. An owner has to be very patient with a new puppy, because they are just learning things, and they may get into everything that the owner has around their home.

It’s not unusual for puppies to bite wires, scratch up the couch, chew on shoes, and even tear up a person’s clothes when they are around the home. The puppy is still learning, so it’s best for the pet owner to be very vigilant in trying to teach them what’s right and what’s wrong. It may be necessary for the dog owner to take the puppy to a trainer to teach them how to behave, especially if they are not lucky getting them to do what they’re supposed to.

Puppies have to have good nutrition after they are born, and they must continue to have good nutrition throughout their lives. When a puppy is first born, they may depend on the milk from their mothers, but realistically, most puppies are taken away from their mothers and sold separately. Puppies can still be cared for, without their mother’s milk, as long as the pet owner feeds the dog the best food possible. It’s always a good idea to get puppy brand dog food, which is formulated just for puppies.

Beneful has a puppy dog food that is only for puppies, and it has all the nutrition and wholesome goodness that may need to grow, gain energy, and become strong dogs. Since puppies grow rather quickly, they can even see more rapid growth when eating good food, especially if the food is good to them. Beneful brand puppy food is not only great tasting, but it’s excellent nutrition for puppies of all types. Buying a bag of Beneful brand on petco puppy food shows the dog that the owner cares about them and their overall nutrition.

Online orders can be shipped directly to the home of a puppy owner, so they’ll have food all the time for their pet. It’s even possible to order bags of food in advance, so the puppy will always have their Beneful brand foods available. Owning a puppy can be a lot of work, but the payoff is when the dog grows up strong and healthy, and they love their owner because they have been taking care of them.

Flipora Gives People Something New And Fun To Do

Most people use social media multiple times throughout the day no matter what they have going on that day, because social media keeps them in touch with all of their loved ones. And, not only that, but social media also keeps them up to date with what is going on in the lives of their favorite celebrities. There are so many great things that come from using social media, and a lot of people have started appreciating all of those things.
Flipora is a new kind of social media that has come out recently and that people are going crazy over. Flipora has gained a ton of users in the short time that it has been up and running, and people are loving what this social media app offers them.
On Flipora people are able to go from web page to web page and discover all kinds of new things that they would not have seen if it weren’t for the help that they receive from this app. People enjoy using Flipora to do new things and to try out all that the web has to offer them, and they are impressed by everything that this app has to offer. Social media apps have drawn people in, already, with all that they can do for them, and Flipora is just one more reason for people to love the things that they can do on their devices.
Social media is all about keeping people in touch with one another, and helping them to know what is going on in the lives of their friends, family and celebrities, and now it is becoming so much more than that, as well. Social media is becoming more vast, and people are loving all of the changes that they are seeing in it.  With the new app that has come out, they will always have something new and fun to do.

NBA Players: Life after the Game

The average player in the NBA plays for about 5 years before they are cut from the roster or have to leave a team due to injury or for some other reason. Once a player’s career has come to an end they will need to get involved within another line of work. Unfortunately, this is not any easy transition to make for most players.

Keep in mind that the average NBA player is expected to make at least $27 million dollars before they retire. If a team member is a high performance player on the court they will certainly make a lot more cash. Athletes who played in the NBA for just two years could actually retire from the game because they make enough money to do so. The average salary for a player is about $5 million dollars. Players that rarely (if ever) get to play on the court can earn a huge salary just by sitting the bench. Even if a player was signed to a team for 2 years before being cut, they could make at least $10 million dollars which they could live off of the rest of their lives.

The problem with making money is that most people live up to their means. In other words, a lot of NBA players go broke after receiving all of this money because they do not properly plan and budget it out over a period of years. A player who is living a $2 million dollar a year lifestyle is not going to have money for very long if they only play in the NBA for 2 seasons. This is why players must have a plan in place to continue financing the lifestyle that they come to enjoy.

Many former NBA players are now franchise owners. They own restaurants and various businesses all over the United States. Restaurants are a great investment and earning strategy for many former NBA players. Many former players now own commercial fast food chains all over the U.S. They also own some commercial clothing and retail establishments as well. A few of the top earning athletes in the NBA have pooled their resources together toward the purchase of a NBA franchise. Michael Jordan is the only former NBA player that was able to purchase an NBA team on his own. This was no easy feat. Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets.

Bruce Levenson was a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks from 2004 to 2014. During his tenor as a partial owner; he had helped some former players to transition to a life outside of the basketball court. Like most owners, Levenson typically did not get involved in the financial matters of his players but he had provided them with information that would help to benefit them in their post NBA life.

All NBA players know they have a small window of time to play in the league. Only a select few players will be able to stay around for 10 or more years.

How Status Labs Can Help Any Business Struggling With Bad Reviews

Online reputation management is by far one of the best ways to help a business get back the reputation they once had. As a business owner myself, I know the struggle with trying to create that perfect name for my business. Making sure that all the bad things people say about my business are hidden and out of sight. For a certain group of online marketing experts, protecting the image of a business is their mission. Status Labs is an online reputation management company with the experience for helping you get the protection that you need. When your brand has to deal with scandals, bad reviews, or bad press, its Status Labs’ job to help get your reputation back.

Are you currently in a tough situation with your brand? Are your customers and future clientele avoiding your business because of all the horrible attention your gaining?

It Can Happen To Any Business

SeaWorld is the best company to use as an example for showcasing how easy it is to lose out on customers because of horrible press. With the film Blackfish showcasing some harsh aspects of the business and how they treat their Orca’s, not only have people stopped going, but SeaWorld has experienced the worst revenue progress in their history. SeaWorld is slowly getting back to normal, but protesters are still working hard towards getting SeaWorld to close down all of their locations.

The same is done at the moment for Ashley Madison. The recent hack showcased all the private information of clients with ordinary people and even celebrities getting the attention for having accounts on the site. Now most people who are using the site or have used it before won’t ever join the site again. Status Labs is a company that can say Ashley Madison is right above their alley of companies that they can help get back on the right track.

What Does Status Lab Offer?

They offer everything that a brand needs for attaining the respect they deserve online and throughout any media they use for advertising. They have public relations experts in their offices who help make sure that all mediums use for marketing clean up the brand. Status Labs have all the experts in different fields ranging from Yelp professionals to people who have expertise in Google SEO. Their one on one approach with clientele to find the right solution on dealing with horrible reviews and a bad reputation is what has allowed for them to help businesses on such a deeper level. Countless people are loving their no-nonsense approach because of the way they can clean up any bad reputation.

It doesn’t all have to be in one location. If you’re struggling in all kinds of areas with your brand, you can save your brand in the long run when you have Status Labs guiding your business every step of the way.

Vibrant Literal Culture of Brazil

We all know Brazil as the blessed fifth largest country in the world from South America with an equally larger population of 200 million beautiful people with a more vibrant diverse culture ranging from Samba Dance, awesome beaches, serene rain forests to soft sporty spot specifically for football. However, Brazil still boasts for best of the best literal culture from fine authors over diverse periods of Brazilian writing history. This writers include; Sergio Rodrigues, Ana Maria Machado, Michel Laub and Jaime Garcia Dias.

1. Sergio Rodrigues
He is a Brazilian writer who started off as a journalist way back before the year 2000. He used to do reporting job for several newspapers including the country’s most read and leading news outlet with versatility ranging from sports, lifestyle and entertainment. In the year 2000, he switched tabs completely and became a full time passionate fiction writer with works such as ‘The Feint’, which is about a soccer star from the country and his prowess during the 1970 FIFA world cup. He is an award winning artist who writes mostly in Portuguese language with awards such as The Premio Cultura in 2011 by Rio de Janeiro State Government in his name among others.

2. Jaime Garcia Dias
He has a unique and quite interesting character and a new literal thirst. At the age of 15, Mr. Garcia had already discovered his strength and special interest in writing and was already following through his journalistic father’s, Mr. Arnaldo Dias, footsteps. He heightened his career father after reading a special book ‘The Devil to Pay in the Backlands’ He then joined Rio De Janeiro, a letter reading faculty before becoming a literature teacher at Carioca Literature Academy.

He has authored up to 10 books till today including the very famous worldwide ‘Fell from Heaven’. He climbed up the ranks at Carioca literature academy to become the vice president then a full flown president from 2007.

3. Ana Mario Machado
She is a woman; a real dedicated woman at that. She has been in the business for 45 years and still counting. With over 19million copies of her 100 titles sold worldwide, Mrs. Ana is the exact meaning of hard work. It is no wonder she has several awards under her belt including Brazil’s National Award.

4. Michel Laub
He is young, talented and taking the younger literature generation of brazil to the sky. With ‘Dairy of a Fall’ that revolves around his childhood, surely the sky can only be a limit for him.

Joseph Bismark: A Spiritual Powerhouse in Marketing


In today’s business world it is unusual to find someone who has climbed the corporate ladder without crushing people along the way. Joseph Bismark found a better way from the very beginnings of marketing giant QNet. Instead of stepping on people, He raised them up with him along the way.

Where did this unique view of management come from? Bismark was educated in a vedic monastery in the Philippines. From ages nine to seventeen he studied to be a monk. It was here that he learned the importance of teamwork, empathy, encouragement, and service. He was working as a martial arts instructor when he met Vijay Eswaran. They bonded over a shared spirituality and desire for healthy living. They built that bond into a small marketing company where they applied the idea of servant leadership. That little company grew into QNet.

Today, Bismark holds many titles within The QI Group, of which QNet is a subsidiary. He co-founded RHYTHM, which is the group’s philanthropic entity and he founded The V, which is the group’s global training, networking marketing, and development company. He is a very successful, highly regarded businessman who encourages his own employees to attain their full potential and emboldens other managers to integrate his philosophy of service into their own businesses. He thrives on serving others believing that to be more important that individual wealth. Bismark has said “We are not the physical body, we’re spirit – souls. True happiness lies in the understanding of our real identity as spirit-souls and not the physical body.” As part of his philosophy, Bismark maintains an open door policy and encourages teamwork. According to him, communication is the key to building a successful business.

Joseph Bismark owes all that he is today to what he was taught in the monastery. By applying those spiritual tenets to his whole life he has garnered success in business and in life. He has said that “everyone has the potential to do extrordinary things.” By building up and respecting his employees he has proven that to be true.


Joseph Bismark Lives Humbly and Operates QNet Through His Spiritual Nature

The business world can be a very demanding and stressful at times. It is a place that many find overwhelming on a day to day basis. When trying to ascend the corporate ladder, few make the climb successfully. So many people want to bring spirituality into their business, but very few accomplish this monumental task. However, Joseph Bismark has learned how to unit business and spirituality and that they can work harmoniously for the greater good. He is not only on the board of directors at Qnet, but he is also the co-founder. His innovative ways have allowed him to take the company to exciting levels and in the meantime his spiritual approach to running a business has moved the masses.

What makes Bismark so unique? Well, at the age of nine, he left his family and home and became a monk in the Philippines Mountains of ashram. He remained there until he was seventeen years old. He received a firm foundation that allowed him to change from the inside out. He used what he learned on those mountains to practice business principles that were effective. Using a higher power, he has lived a great life and runs an efficient company. He believes in teamwork; there’s no such thing as one person who is more important than the other. He is also vision oriented. Everyone has the power to exceed, and they just need someone behind them pushing with a helping hand.

Unlike most corporate executives, he believes in a simple way of life. The lavish lifestyle is nothing that has ever appealed to him or his wife. They are ordinary people with extraordinary abilities to touch others. He is grounded and humble. He has core values that will not be overstepped no matter what is thrown his way. He believes that although he has obtained success, it is just a temporary thing. It is all about the relationships you form on the way up the corporate ladder that will last for the long term. He believes in the brotherhood, and his employees are family to him. Bismark says that his life changed with his spiritual awakening, and he has inner peace because of his selfless nature and his willingness to serve others. While Bismark lives in Singapore, he influences people from around the globe through his blog.

With so many leaders pushing others out of the way to attend success, it’s refreshing to find someone like this who is all about doing good to others. Those who need a leader who is encouraging, passionate about humanitarian efforts and an all-around good guy should follow Bismark.