NACVA Honors Madison Street Capital Co-Founder Anthony Marsala


According to an article originally published in the Chicago Tribune, Anthony Marsala the Co-founder and COO of Madison Street Capital has been recognized by th National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). NACVA has placed Marsala on its 2015 40 Under Forty list. In order to make the cut NACVA looked at nominees for their list that were under the age of forty and made extraordinary advances or successes within litigation counseling, financial forensics, mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, expert witness testimony, and similar professions. The CTI and Executive Staff of NACVA decided on the final list of honorees.

Being a part of the list is a top honor, especially this year as the judges stated that they were overwhelmed with the list of qualified nominees which made the final decisions quite difficult to make. Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of the NACVA, Brien K. Jones, explained that the list was created to help recognize visionary leaders in the financial and accounting consulting professions. The 20 Under Forty list was created so that they the next generation of mavericks could be recognized for what they have already given to their professions and community and what they will continue to give. Those who make the final cut are considered to be the best of the best in the industry.

Over 125 people were nominated for the list of 40 making the inclusion of Anthony Marsala a testament to the strength of the young leader. Marsala currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital and along with CEO Charles Botchway has helped the financial firm develop a strong international presence in Asia, Europe, and Africa. In addition to running the company, he also directly overseas the analytical and due diligence teams of Madison Street Capital which take care of all business valuation work for clients.

It is no surprise that Marsala is on the list as he has been dedicated to the industry since his graduation from Loyola University of Chicago where he studied Information Systems and Finance. Following graduation he attended the University of Oxford and earned a Master’s Degree in Strategy. Over the past 13 years he has reviewed and performed numerous transactional engagements and valuations in many industries and companies. His specialties however are early stage ventures and middle market companies.

The Amazing Susan McGalla

Mrs. Susan McGalla is a consultant for the retail industry and the director of strategic planning and growth for the NFL team the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mrs. McGalla has been an advocate of women’s rights for a long time because she was able to grow through the ranks of American Eagle Outfitters, which was largely dominated by men when she joined the company.

Long story short, Susan McGalla became the president and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters after about 23 years in the retail industry. She originally worked for Joseph Horne Company, then joined American Eagle Outfitters. Mrs. McGalla decided that it would be best for her to start her own consulting firm, which she did in 2013 through founding P3 Executive Consulting, which currently only lends its services to the biggest companies in the retail industry.

Mrs. McGalla owes a large part of her success to her father, who was a football coach at the high school she attended. She grew up around her two brothers, as well, and was not treated like a girly girl was — she was raised exactly how her two brothers were raised, which has resulted in Susan McGalla’s success.

Many women in the workplace today are treated much more equally than they were just twenty or thirty years ago, but top-level managerial and executive positions are mostly composed of men, which makes it very hard for females to work into these roles. McGalla commonly speaks to female audiences in hopes of motivating them and instilling in them strong values that will get some of them to the highest level and furthest frontiers in their careers.

When Susan McGalla started working at American Eagle Outfitters in 1994, most of the company was men. Susan felt that she might not be able to succeed in the company because there were not many women. This might have meant that women were destined to not do very well in the company, but she trudged on anyway in hopes of going far in her career.

Mrs. McGalla is walking proof that women can go far in their business careers and achieve whatever they want to. Susan McGalla was responsible for more than three billion dollars in revenue while the was at the highest position of American Eagle Outfitters, which is a lot of money, even for one of the largest retailing companies in the world.

Susan McGalla only had to earn a bachelor’s degree to get where she is today. She earned it from Mount Union College with a concentration in marketing and general business. Today, Mrs. McGalla is a member of Mount Union College’s board of advisors, a prestigious position to hold. Mrs. McGalla has a career that all young women should look forwards to chasing after.

There is plenty of information about Susan McGalla’s career and the steps she has taken to get where she is today. Lots of very hard work and focused determination factored into the position that Mrs. Susan McGalla stands in on this very day.

Cosmetics That Stand Out Developed by Doe Deere

For decades, there was a certain look that women were expected to have. More importantly, they were strongly discouraged and even ordered from deviating from that outlook. Anyone that was brave enough to do so was ridiculed to the point that they might as well have been shunned. It has been a long and uphill battle when it comes to allowing women to express themselves the way that they truly want to. It can become so frustrating for them because they watch everyone else express themselves in a way that is completely personal, unique to that particular individual. At the same time, they have long been told that they are not allowed to do the same thing and that they must instead conform to the standards of other people that have deemed acceptable for them.

Gradually, women started breaking out and becoming more independent. As they did, they experimented with things like wearing slacks, mini skirts and cutting their hair. It may seem silly to think about those things today, but in their time, the women that did these things were definitely on the cutting edge and many of them were practically blackballed from society for doing it. However, that did not stop them. They knew that they wanted to be treated fairly and they had the courage to stand up and do something about it.

Today, women have a lot more freedom and in many cases, they have the independence to choose a life that they want to live for themselves. However, they are still scrutinized for practically every fashion choice they make and everything that they do. It takes someone that is truly revolutionary to come along and change things in order to set the stage for everyone else. Today, that iconic individual is Doe Deere. She is a business executive that has taken her passion for style and cosmetics and turned it into a very profitable business of her own. More importantly, she has set the stage for other women who want to experiment with extreme colors and cosmetics, all to create a look that is unique to them instead of conforming to what everyone else expects them to look like.

For years, Doe of Lime Crime cosmetics wanted to create something that was truly different. She wanted to revolutionize the cosmetics world and she has done exactly that. She creates vibrant colors for things like eye shadow, lipstick and even nail polish. Most of these cosmetics are things that she has experimented with until she got it exactly right and then she made it herself. She is truly a unique individual because she has started this with something that existed only in her mind and then created and marketed it in order to see it through and make it a reality. Thanks to her, women now have access to bright yellow lipstick and neon green eye shadow that transforms a woman’s appearance completely. For anyone that feels like they have been invisible their entire lives, there is no way that they could be invisible with these vibrant colors. It gives a voice to every individual and allows them to safely experiment with different things in order to find out who they truly are.

Doe Deere: Unicorn Queen and Makeup Mogul

Doe Deere is the self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen and cosmetics mogul of whimsical modern fashion. Many people will recognize her by her technicolor hair and flawless makeup. A self-made woman, she is the founder and CEO of her own makeup line, Lime Crime Cosmetics.
Doe Deere was born under the name Kseniya Vorotova in Russia but grew up in big New York City. She’s always been a creative woman, trying her hand in fashion, art, and self-expression. She is also an avid music-maker, having played in a band called SkySalt some sixteen years ago, where she met her future husband, Mark. Incidentally, Mark is now the president of Lime Crime Cosmetics. These two are a true red belt power couple, and currently live in the left coast’s most glamorous metropolis, Los Angeles.
After working a series of administrative jobs in her early life, Doe Deere decided to reject the traditional career path and embrace the American Dream by becoming her own boss. In 2004 she registered an ebay account titled “limecrime” to promote and sell her fashion line. She made and modeled all her own clothing, marked by its ultra-feminine and technicolor style. Finding the right makeup to accompany her clothing was difficult, as vivid colors were not in vogue. Therefore, Deere began creating her own makeup, and Lime Crime Cosmetics was born in 2008.
Lime Crime is an online industry, marketed mostly to the younger population. Scandal hit the company in 2014, when hackers breached the website’s security and stole customer information. Instead of folding, Ideamensch guru Doe Deere and her associates contracted major online security programs and made a comeback. The company is now stronger than ever.
Lime Crime’s most popular line of products is the vivid technicolor range of lipsticks, though they also sell a variety of eye makeup. Doe Deere supports a cruelty-free formula for her products. In interviews, she has expressed her desire to turn makeup into artistic expression and not just a means to cover up a woman’s perceived flaws. She even dubs her cosmetics line “makeup for unicorns”, which boosts its purpose as a whimsical method of artistry. The young ultra-feminine crowd has gone wild for her sense of style and makeup. It does truly bring more glitter and fairytale colors to the fashion scene. The Unicorn Queen is here to stay, creating magical colors and glitter for the artistic ladies who desire an unconventional beauty that stands out.

On Crafting a Good Wiki Page

A Wikipedia page truly does have to embody a proper sense of professionalism in order to have any real value. For those who wish to ensure anything written about them in Wiki does no harm, the pages must read well. This means the writing has to be free of grammar and syntax errors. Through engaging the edit feature on the site by Wikipedia writers, making corrections is very easy. Of course, it would be easier to not have those mistakes present in the first place. Poorly written material can do harm even if it is only online for a short while. Someone may come across the poorly composed page and develop a negative impression from the content. Nothing positive can come from such a situation.

Wikipedia does provide a nice section for contributors that covers the topic of grammar and usage. Reading the text on that particular section surely would be of help. Learning the proper steps for excellent grammar, however, is not going to come from just reading a “how to” section once or twice. A formal education combined with a lot of experience on how to write effectively is necessary.

Writing effectively also entails more than good grammar. There has to be something very appealing to the writing for the entry to become a cited and popular one. Flat writing may get important facts across, but the prose is not exactly going to be inspiring. Now, writing for an online encyclopedia is not like writing fiction. Going off on tangents or trying to spice up the writing with immaterial content is not going to be a help. Likely, someone is going to come along and edit that type of content out.

A skill with language does have to go into the creation of a really good Wiki entry. Wikipedia even provides a listing of the featured pages, entries that contain excellent, intriguing, and entertaining writing. Reviewing these excellent entries definitely will provide a writer with a decent amount of food for thought. Devising better Wiki pages becomes easier upon understanding what is considered a solid, above average entry.

Yet, the writer does have to have experience in order to really understand what makes the feature pages so solid. Perhaps it is best to hire the writing and editing service Get Your Wiki to craft pages. The professional team at Get Your Wiki can produce professional work that is interesting and intriguing.

Doe Deere: Mastermind Behind Lime Crime Makeup

Makeup is something that many women in the world uses every day, and thanks to Doe Deere they can choose from a special kind of makeup from Lime Crime makeup company. They call Deere the Unicorn Queen of the makeup industry and she has lived up to having lots of success since she started Lime Crime in 2008.

Deere was born in Russia and says she has always loved both fantasy and mythology. She loves movies like The Dark Crystal and The Last Unicorn, hence her moniker of the Unicorn Queen, which she gave herself. Plus, she decided that the unicorn would be the symbol and mascot for her makeup company Lime Crime because of its beauty, independence and it also stands for being kind to animals.

Lime Crime has lots of colors to choose from

The packages are a pastel color of purple with the iconic unicorn on them that Deere seems to love. The makeup is fantasy based and involves lots of different palettes to express Deere’s love of all that is mystical and magical.

For instance, there is a collection called Alchemy that has lots of colors of purple, copper and green, and there are other lines with pale blues, pinks, reds, and even neutral colors like grey and black.

Doe Brings Vision, Whimsy to the Makeup World

Lime Crime through Deere brings lots of imagination to the makeup world. It features cruelty free makeup that isn’t tested on animals and offers its customers things like rainbow colors of eye liners, pastel shades of nail polish, lip gloss with glitter, and other unique and varied makeup products not sold elsewhere.

Deere says she called her company Lime Crime because she likes whimsical names and it keeps everything fun for her, the company and the clients. Her line of makeup products also have fun names such as Countesses Fluorescent and Airborne Unicorn. The names are meant to be lively and attract attention, just like Deere’s lines of makeup products are doing all over the world.

Photography, Fashion also on Deere’s Love List

Deere’s loves include other things besides makeup. For instance she was a musician before starting Lime Crime, and she also loves fashion and photography. Plus, in the past she also worked as a clothing designer and even attended the Fashion Institute of Technology located in New York City.

Deere says that being a clothing designer helped her to understand all the upcoming trends and that it was like a stepping stone to help her in her career that led to the forming of Lime Crime. She says the most important thing is to find someone that agrees with your vision and also that getting a partner helped her to complete her vision of her work.

She says that anyone aspiring to be part of the beauty business should know that it is very competitive. However, she says there are always opportunities to succeed no matter what you want to do.

CCMP Capital Growing By Leaps and Bounds

Finding sound investments is more of an art form than rudimentary investing nowadays. With all the differing factors that an investor has to consider, it’s a wonder how individuals or financial entities make any money at all in an ever changing market. It takes multiple individuals with a wide range of expertise and virtually unlimited resources to properly ascertain the ebb and flow of the financial markets and navigate through them safely.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, a major private equity investment firm, was formed from humble beginnings. It was originally a capital management entity operated by Chemical Bank. This subsidiary, Chemical Venture Partners was eventually dissolved in 1984. Chase Manhattan Bank purchased the remnants of the firm from Chemical and renamed it Chase Capital Partners. The new name was intended to be a reflection of the old and new companies merging to form a dynamically synergistic partnership. In 2000, the name of the entity was changed once again to simply JP Morgan Chase. During this time, the company invested in the resources of several other brokerage houses, including Manufacturers Hanover, The Beacon Group, Robert Fleming and Co. and others.

CCMP has a extensive portfolio of companies under its control. It has invested nearly $12 billion over the course of its history, and have branched out into different financial markets all over the world. The company holds the distinction of being one of the 20 largest equity firms in the world, according to Wikipedia. The main interest in Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is investments in leveraged buyouts and equity growth opportunities.

CCMP owes much of its growth and expansion to its president, Stephen Murray. After the company was spun off from JP Morgan Chase, he assumed CEO responsibilities of CCMP in 2007. Murray had extensive experience with capital finance markets and running large-scale businesses. He held executive positions at a number of some of the largest business in America, including Aramark, Warner Chilcott, AMC Entertainment and other well-known companies. Utilizing his vast resources and his knowledge of business and the markets, Murray was able to bring CCMP from near obscurity to its current position as one of the largest private equity firms in America.

Over the past eight months, the company has been putting the finishing touches on its newest fund offering. The fund, entitled CCMP Capital Investors II is the first fund originating from the original CCMP since its split from the JP Morgan Chase conglomerate. The fund received an initial infusion of $3.5 billion in capital pledges in its first fund-raising go around.

Properly investing in the financial markets takes experienced and committed personnel with the know-how to properly understand and dissect the nuances of various financial markets and sectors. CCMP brings a wealth of experience to the table, and because of this is considered one of the most successful and prolific private equity firms in the world.

Beneful Is The Best Pet Care Brand In The World

Leading company Beneful believes dogs and pet owners should enjoy a
healthy and happy life together. Founded in 2011 by Nestle Purina, the
company’s mission is to deliver high quality wellness products to
individuals all across the globe. With over $300 million in annual
revenue, this lucrative business strives to offer a variety of pet
consumer goods such as wet/dry dog food and irresistible treats. Most
prominently, their flavorful meals and snacks will fuel a canine’s
adventurous taste for play.

Since their launch, Beneful is revered as the leading
United States based pet care company. Their uniqueness lies in an
effective business model, which promotes their wellness mission
through healthy consumable products. Currently, this well-known
corporation offers over thirty-nine products, which are classified
into three categories. Some of their most popular canine goods are
“Healthy Weight,” “Playful Life,” “Chopped Blends,” and “Healthy Smile
Dental Twists.” Each of these products may encompass whole grains
(rice, corn), high quality protein (red chicken, salmon, beef, eggs),
omega fatty acids, and accents of vegetables (carrots, parsley) to
support overall good health. In 2006, the company developed the
“Beneful Healthy Harvest” line, which was the first dry dog food with
soy as the primary protein source.

Commendably, as a wellness based company, Beneful adheres to a strict
policy of product safety by implementing rigorous quality control
measures. Remarkably, their standards are among the strictest in the
industry as their manufacturing procedures involve a sophisticated
tracking system that monitors the inclusion of raw ingredients. In
addition, their vegetable, meat, and food components adhere to federal
and state laws including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Association of
American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). These guidelines promote
wholesome and safe ingredients in Beneful’s delicious dog food.

Notably, the company promotes their wellness motto through many
marketing campaigns across the United States and abroad. In 2001,
Beneful presented a $34 million television advertisement and by 2005,
the company generated roughly $300 million in revenue. A few years
ago, this leading corporation released interactive billboards in New
York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and St. Louis that
encouraged individuals to play virtual fetch with their pets in subway
stations. Essentially, the canine on the billboard would interact with
a passerby, which simulated an interaction with his actual dog.
Perhaps the company’s most prominent marking strategy was the creation
of the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest. This fun competition awards the
participant who designs the best park renovation. Remarkably, in 2013,
over 1,000 drawings were submitted for the $500,000 pet recreation
remodel. Amazingly, Beneful has developed dog parks in Georgia,
Pennsylvania, and Alabama.

For over ten years, Beneful is revered as the leading dog
food brand in the world. Remarkably, in 2012, the company reported
over $1.5 billion in annual revenue, which is the result of
their wellness philosophy: health, happiness, variety, and nutrition.
Commendably, Beneful strives to outsmart their competition with
wholesome and beneficial products.

Stephen Murray: A Businessman and Philanthropist

CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm located in New York City. The company was founded in 1984 and their main products are leveraged buyout and growth capital, in which Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has invested about $12 billion in such transactions since the company opened. They also manage private equity funds. CCMP has been ranked #17 among the world’s biggest private equity funds.

Although headquartered in New York, CCMP has locations in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo as well. In the same year that CCMP was founded, their former president and CEO was graduating from Boston College. After working in other financial ventures, Stephen Murray became the head of the buyout business in 2005. At the time, the company was called JP Morgan Partners. Murray went on to jointly open CCMP Capital, which was a separate sector of JP Morgan Chase. CCMP contained the buyout and growth equity teams of their private equity group. Soon after finding this business, he was named the CEO of CCMP Capital.

Stephen Murray, in addition to his deep involvement in CCMP, served on many boards of very large companies. Some of these were Aramark, Cabela’s, Warner Chilcott, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Pinnacle Foods. He was also a philanthropist, supporting his local Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boston College(his alma matter), food banks, The Stamford Museum, and Columbia School of Business. He served as the vice chairman at Boston College of the board of trustees. He was also a member on the chairman’s council at his local Make a Wish Foundation.

CCMP has been through several name changes over its history. It was originally formed to be the private equity sector, as well as the venture capital sector, of Chemical Bank. CCMP Capital was one of several spinouts that were produced from JP Morgan Partners. Other companies that emerged were Panorama Capital, Unitas Capital, and Linzor Capital.

The Finance Guru and Highland Capital Management

The history of James Dondero on nexbank can be likened to no one in the financial world. His mark is so unique that it’s virtually hard to mimic his career let alone achievements. In as much as he is one individual of soaring achievements, he is also very humbled and a philanthropist at heart. Many love and adore his philosophy of life; this enormous positive energy from the people around him has made him propel to the top of the financial world. Highland Capital Management, his brain child idea can attest to this. Not only is it a top notch company in hedge fund investment, but also gives other products and services that have become a life saver to a myriad of other small micro – enterprises and big corporations as well.

When looking at the life and accomplishments of Mr. Dondero’s, it makes your life seem like a joke. His career has spanned a whopping 30 years and counting. And his contributions to the betterment of society as a whole can only be described in a book that would be an encyclopedia if ever published. His peers, most often compare him to a god or a genius who is gifted in investment skills. In addition, James Dondero has a keen eye when it comes to stock market trends, and this helps him in giving precise, timely and on the point financial advice to investors. This raises the individual and corporate stocks of a bunch of financial ventures and unsurprisingly makes them comfortable.

Mr. Dondero’s high-end career started even before he came up with his investment company. After graduating from the University of Virginia, he managed to gain enough knowledge to be a force to reckon with in the financial world. He attained high awards, that of Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, which can only be likened to first class honors in most international universities. At the University, he studied a bachelor’s degree in commerce, accounting and finance option. This kind of outstanding education is what has created an edge in his performance that cannot be matched.

In 1993, Mr. Dondero co – founded Highland Capital Management. This company is known for its investment strategy and other financial products. He was able to grow the company immensely; they overlook an investment portfolio that exceeds $21 billion. Besides his company, he has also helped a number of companies rise from ashes like the Phoenix. A good example is Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, which grew from merely a startup to manage more than $2 billion in assets. Also, American Express reached a point where they took control of $1 billion in fixed income funds under Mr. Dondero’s diligent stewardship.

Several awards have been given to Mr. Dondero owing to his dexterity in funds management. Since he is transparent, meticulous and settles for nothing Stumpy, his work has earned him praise among the financial elites. Mr. Dondero is indeed a financial icon and a giant in this lucrative and competitive field. His company is expected to make positive steps under his able management.