Matt Badiali Talks Rise of Important Metal

Matt Badiali is a part of the team at Banyan Hill Publishing, working as the editor of the advisory service, Real Wealth Strategist, while also contributing to a number of other publications under the Banyan Hill Publishing banner. Read this article at Seeking Alpha. Recently, the expert in finance and former geologist has been actively championing a new investment entitled, “Freedom Checks.” Each month or quarter, companies that apply for the use of Freedom Checks, usually those that operate in the oil and gas sector, distribute monies that very similar to stock dividends. The companies, called master limited partnerships, consist of 568 exclusive entities, and generally pay out 90 percent of their income to company investors, which are considered freedom checks. These checks, which regularly pay better than traditional 401k and IRA accounts, are not considered to be income, but instead, return of capital, making them exempt from taxes. Buying shares in a master limited partnership are not wholly unlike buying any normal stock, yet, they regularly bring in thousands of dollars in distribution checks, and if you were to sell your investment in the master limited partnership, the sale would only be taxed at the lower capital gains rate, providing additional incentives. Matt Badiali’s credentials in the world of finance are significant but initially played a secondary role to his first career as a geologist. Today, Matt Badiali has a Bachelor of Science degree in earth science from Penn State University, as well as a Master of Science degree in geology, which he attained at Florida Atlantic University.


Matt Badiali has made a career off of staying ahead of incoming investment trends, and his background in geology and experience regarding the oil and gas sector, he has recently made waves about a metal that is due for a significant rise in the near future, creating a climate ideal for early investors. Zinc, is currently experiencing a bull market, but many investors have been on pins and needles regarding its peaks and valleys, but according to Matt Badiali, this is the same trajectory of all bull markets. In recent years, we have seen the price of zinc rise and fall considerably, but the myriad of uses for the third most important metal, including fighting rust, and its inclusion in everything from smartphones to vehicles, make zinc a prime target for a sharp rise in the near future according to Matt Badiali. Read this article at Banyan Hill.