Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Top Brazilian banker

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the top Brazilian’s bank chief executive officer who’s highly aggressive in the banking industry. His story is worth reading as it’s been motivated by the resilience and work ethics invited in the banking industry. As the President of Banco Bradesco, apposition he has held from March 2009, he transformed the bank to the very best in the Brazilian banking sector. The daring banking business decisions he made shows that he’s completely committed and determined towards the achievement of their lender. Read this article about Trabuco at Estadao.

Trabuco’s accomplishments are because of the hard work to compete in the current business world. The case Bradesco dropped its leadership to competitions that Trabuco was determined to return the bank into the opposition. He bought HSBC Brazilian division in the price of 5.2 billion dollars that allowed the bank to place itself. The choice to buy HSBC was bold move that couldn’t have paid, but it was a threat he was willing to take.

Trabuco was born in 1951 in Marilla and later attendees Paulo University where he studied in the faculty of philosophy for postgraduate in social psychology. In the age of 18, he was employed in Bradesco bank and functioned to the top position beginning his career as a clerk. His accomplishments enabled him to receive awards such as Entrepreneur of the year 2015.


He transformed all the departments in the bank to guarantee they operated smoothly. Through bringing new talent and ideas it allowed the bank to maintain a high position on very top. The acquisition of HSBC additionally contributed greatly to get Bradesco bank to gain a significant position in the business.

Trabuco’s contribution into the bank could be viewed through the success he has achieved in a short period since the CEO of Bradesco. The achievements have enabled the bank to control a high share position in the Brazilian Banking market. He introduced reforms that spearheaded the bank position into the top. The various programs he undertook as the CEO profited the bank favorably and it helped to improve the worker’s welfare. His zeal and zest is a portrayal of the true management from the banking sector that leads to upward expansion that is phenomenal. The leadership skills of Trabuco have led Bradesco to become one of the leading banks in the entire world. Visit to know more about Trabuco.