End Citizens United Supports The Honest Ads Act

One of the most powerful rights for American citizens is their ability to vote and thus be represented within the greater democracy of the country. However, those rights aren’t always assured and more recently we’ve seen that the rich and the powerful can subvert the will of the people. We are of course talking about how the American political scene has become beholden to billionaires and special interests. The common phrase you’ll see around Capital Hill is ‘dark money’. Dark money is the open secret in Washington D.C. and it describes how billionaire corporations are willingly buying off their favorite legislators in order to influence what becomes law. There has thankfully been one force operating to hold them in check, End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was designed in order to fight back against the corruption of dark money that is flooding through Washington D.C. End Citizens United was designed in response to the 2010 Supreme Court case surrounding the controversial Citizens United decision. Citizens United was developed by right wing propaganda machines in order to try and bridge the gap between special interests and campaign laws. Citizens United argued that billionaire corporations should be treated as people and as people they should be allowed to donate to campaigns. This was a transparent attempt to get more donors into the political arena and it surprisingly worked.

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Since the election of Donald Trump to President, there has been focus on how Russia meddled with the Presidential election via dark money, fake news outlets, and more. End Citizens United knows that there is a real danger to the future of America’s democracy if this is allowed to go unchecked. So PAC President Tiffany Muller has been vocal in her efforts to raise more money in order to support candidates who can make a difference at the highest level of the legislative arena. This has led ECU to get active of late, looking ahead to 2018’s congressional races, in order to endorse potential campaign finance reform champions.

Most recently End Citizens United came out in support of a bipartisan piece of legislation called the Honest Ads Act which seeks to force tech companies to disclose who is funding what advertisements in an attempt to make everything more transparent. The act was introduced by John McCain, Amy Klobuchar and Mark Warner. This bipartisan act was strongly praised by Tiffany Muller. Muller said, “This is common sense legislation and senators from both parties should support this bill to ensure that our elections are free from foreign interference.” Tiffany Muller also went on to say that she would throw ECU’s hefty influence against anyone who opposes the act of campaign finance reform.

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