Clay Hutson Made A Dream Come True

Clay Hutson knew since he was only a child that he wanted to be involved in the music industry. The dream that millions of other children have and very few actually achieve.


So, if Clay Hutson achieved his dream then why haven’t I heard of him? Well, Clay has been behind the scenes the whole time, producing some of the best live music you’ve ever heard. Clay Hutson didn’t grow up to become a singer or a famous guitarist, he grew up to become a sound engineer. As well as a production manager, production designer, show producer, monitor engineer – you get the point. Clay likes to be as involved as possible in the production of any concert or television performance he is called upon to orchestrate and goes to great length to insure the audience gets the best experience possible, often teaming up with the crew of riggers to insure that everything is perfect.


Clay Hutson has worked with some incredibly talent musicians along his journey including Pink, Guns N’ Roses and legendary UK music producer Billy Bush. Learn more:


But it was in March of 2011 that Clay took on one of his greatest challenges to date, touring with Staind lead-singer Aaron Lewis. The tour was especially insightful because Clay, who refuses to be held back by local production companies, took DiGiCo’s newest console, the SD11, for a spin.


Aaron and Clay, along with the brand new DiGiCo SD11, performed on the road in both small intimate casino theaters and gigantic 50,000 seat stadiums. Clay says he has been a fan of the DiGiCo brand since nearly the beginning of his career.


Clay went on to explain in the interview that he needed something lightweight for the tour and nothing fit the bill better than the SD11. “When you fire it up and listen to it, the EQ reacts the exact same way as an SD7.” he said as he explained that its smaller size didn’t alter its quality.


As previously stated, Clay does not limit himself to working on a sound board. In 2017 he joined up with OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour, this time as an automation operator, where with the help of VER(a system that ties audio, video, lighting and other elements together) he was able to control not only the sound but several moving parts at once, further proving that he is one of the best men to have behind the scenes.