Child To Leader

When we are all children some of us see ourselves making important choices that will have great effect on others.For others the future goal is nothing more then getting a job to support themselves and later down the road a family of their own.But today we will learn about one of hose kids who wanted to make the most out of life and his name is Bruce Levenson, the businessman and NBA team owner.That is right my friends this kid went from day dreaming to being a powerhouse in both the world of sports an business. Roots Being born into a Jewish family Bruce would learn first hand the perks of business with a solid foundation of conduct.After some time learning the ropes from his parents Bruce would later take his work effort to college where he would make the future steps to being the powerhouse that he is today.It would be during his time hitting the books he would become the co-founder of United Communications Group.In the year of 1978 This first major project would be one for the books due to its major break through getting all major forms of industrial paper work up to date with modern service to provide faster time delivery. Next Step Once Bruce completed his task of making the major step forward for the service industry he would begin to take his efforts into the world of sports.To make his future come true he would have to keep his focus in the world of technology by creating the service we now call Target Tech to provide the tools needed to serous tech shoppers so that they can get the part they need without question or massive time delay.After this success Bruce would finally be able to make he step to the world of sports primarily basketball with later attention to hockey. Sports The Real Game Of Life After spending more then 30 years of working with pre and post internet service Bruce would lay his roots in sports in the year of 2004 he would buy the Atlantic sea-hawks.To sweeten the deal the Atalanta thrashes would also come with the purchase.After spending six years working out the kinks Bruce would sell his hockey team and then soon afterwards he would begin to prepare to sell his remaining team the sea hawks. Spare Time For a man that spend nearly fifty years working around the clock he must have a system to blow off steam right?Well yes he does and the best part of it is that he does it alongside his wife Karen.Since the 1980s Bruce and Karen have spend much time and money to help their communities from education to memorial services for the victims of the holocaust.So with so much done in the world of business sports and community it is hard to say that this man does not work around the clock with pride and passion that is more then needed.So remember to give respect friends.