Proprietor Julia Jackson: Follow The Leader

Julia JacksonProprietor Julia Jackson has become an influential figure in winemaking. She was actually born to a family of winemakers back in the late 1980s. Her father, the late Jess Jackson, was a wine extraordinaire thanks to his keen knowledge in vinification. Jess Jackson founded Jackson Family Wines back in 1982 and as of today, this company is one of the most popular wine organizations in the world. It has wineries in numerous countries such as South Africa, Australia, Italy, Chile and France. Its 583-acre site in Oregon produces some of the sweetest grapes that are used for Pinot Noir wines.Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter, is very diverse in her dealing with the company. She seems to have a hand in many different projects as she’s a representative and salesman for Jackson Family Wines. She travels on a regular basis to foreign places like Hong Kong, China, South Korea and others.

Julia JacksonThis is to promote the brand while networking. This team also attends trade shows, which helps in boosting the brand’s name. Julia is very hard working thanks to her father. As a child, she would have to go out in the fields with her siblings to pick grapes. Jess Jackson did a wonderful job by instilling his children with a sense of hard work and the respect for the value of a dollar.Scripps College and Stanford University are two of the higher education institutions that Julia attended. Seeds of Empowerment, Julia’s organization, celebrates female power and strength. This nonprofit organization serves its community by donating $100,000 in annual cash grants for deserving organizations. Julia is a reflection of her mother on the business side of things. This woman has taught sixth-grade French class, has modeled for numerous companies in Los Angeles, and she’s laying the blueprint of success.

Julie Zuckerberg Continues to Excel In New York Recruitment Industry

Julie Zuckerberg has an impressive recruitment career in the New York corporate sector. With more than 15 years of hands-on expertise in managing complex recruitment issues and providing critical HR services, she has become a prominent recruitment executive. Currently, she is serving as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead in Deutsche Bank which is indeed a big achievement of its own. But Julie is not stopping there. She is now working with the Bank and developing new strategies to streamline recruitment process in this Bank to ensure excellence in the hiring process.


Julie completed her studies in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College, and she also attended New York Law School. After finishing her studies, she joined Hudson, a recruitment firm specializing in law in 2002 as Director of Candidate Placement. While working here, Julie worked with different law firms and corporates to recruit potential candidates with a legal background. She worked with this firm for five years and then switched to Citi Global Functions as Executive Recruiter in October 2007. This was a more challenging position for Julie where she provided full life-cycle executive level recruitment services for senior level position in compliance, audit and legal. While working here, she also deployed some intuitive strategies to streamline the recruitment process such as direct sourcing, social media, internet search, and employee referrals, etc. Considering her success, she was then appointed as the Vice President, Executive Recruiter, NA Professional & Executive Recruitment at Citi in 2011. In this position, Julie proved her competencies once again by deploying creative strategies to recruit suitable candidates on a global level and managed full life-cycle recruiting for senior level positions for CitiCards and Citi Global Consumer Marketing and Internet Office.


Julie took the next step in her professional career when she joined New York Life Insurance Company as Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead & Corporate Vice President in 2013. She worked here for a short while until February 2014 and managed client relationship, recruitment process outsourcing, full life-cycle recruiting and other recruitment issues. Then she moved back to banking industry when she joined Deutsche Bank as Vice President, Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition in 2014. While working here, Julie partnered with Hiring Managers and Business Partners to manage full-cycle recruitment process for senior positions in this bank. In this position, she managed contract governance and business relationships with external search firms and implemented regulatory recruitment initiatives including CCAR and IHC mandates. With her immense success and professionalism, she was then appointed as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead for its Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients, and Asset Management in November 2015. Currently, she is leading the whole recruitment team in this bank overseeing hiring process.


Julie Zuckerberg has a pro-active approach to managing the recruitment process. She prefers to work with the senior level management from the initial stage to plan manpower requirements, desired competencies and devise the best recruitment strategies. She has a strong network with external sourcing agencies and recruiters through which she managed to hire the best suitable candidates for each and every vacancy. Julie is now Based in New York, and she has a keen interest in Animal Welfare, Human Rights, Arts, and Culture.


Malini Saba – Not Your Typical Phianthropist

Malini Saba is one of the world’s top philanthropist of South Asian origin. Since the last two decades, she is actively engaged in assisting deprived communities, particularly women in less developed countries. As the chairman of Saban, Malini Saba gained immense fortune by investing in technology companies prior to the Internet revolution. Later, her stints with major tech companies included investment in Juniper Networks, Paypal, eBay and Yahoo, which enabled Malini to amass massive returns.

In subsequent years, Malini Saba also invested heavily in commodities in various risk-prone countries. Basically, she relied on her intuition to invest in environments where others were reluctant to risk their investment. As a result, Malini Saban was able to acquire lucrative investments that included large tracts of palm oil lands, oil fields, iron mining ores, real estate and agricultural fields. In fact, she complimented her decisions by investing in tech companies in developing economies of India, China and Australia.

As soon as she acquired greater wealth, Malini was also quick to share her spoils with the needy and less fortunate. Therefore, in 2001, she started a non-profit organization for women with the intention to not only help but create sustainable long-term fund that will empower women. Inaugurated by Bill Clinton and Queen Noor, the charity is helping women across the world to provide a forum for grassroots movements to connect with public policy in Africa and other least developed economies.

Interestingly, Malini Saba is unlike most of the high-profile individuals as she is a devoted mother who actively seeks time with her daughter. According to Malini, she takes great pride in caring for her daughter as she never believed in Nannys. In fact, it is her outgoing and informal personality that has helped her garner respect and success in the field. As such, Malini Saba is also involved in the day-today activities of her investment ventures where she sometimes work with workers to understand their roles and challenges these workers face.

Helane Morrison Defender of Fair Investment

Helane Morrison is a name that is synonymous with integrity, and fairness. Once again, she is bringing integrity and fairness to the investment world. After the global economic crisis began in August of 2007, people have become worried and untrusting of big corporations. As more and more corruption was exposed, people began to take control of their own money and investments, which sometimes poses a greater risk for the inexperienced investor. 

As we near the 2016 presidential election, we see that the public is stressed about the economy. Voters tend to move toward candidates that give economic hope Hirsch Organization founder, Yale Hirsch, maintains that there is evidence that presidential elections do have an impact on the stock market. Investors historically wait to see who will be elected, and what fiscal policies the new president brings to the table. It is during this time of unrest that the risk of investors being taken advantage of is highest.

Helane Morrison is just the person who will fight for the protection of investors. Helane Morrison has a back ground in journalism, law, and government service. Above all, Ms. Morrison is consistent in her integrity and determination for equality in investing. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Northwestern University, Illinois. She furthered her education at the University Of California Berkley School Of Law. She clerked at the U.S. Court of Appeals after passing the bar. It was her time spent working for Supreme Court Justice; Harry A. Blackman that Morrison developed her own passion for equality.

After her work with Blackman, Morrison moved onto work in a private practice spending ten years in business litigation and defense of private securities. Her main career focus emerged during these years, as she defended those affected by violation of security laws. Later, she was invited to take a position at the San Francisco office of U.S. Securities and Exchange where she protected corporations and individuals against fraud.

Today, Morrison has joined Hall Capital, one of the most successful investment advisory firms in San Francisco. She joined President Sarah Stein and Co-Chief Investment officer Kathryn Hall, as managing director and chief compliance officer of Hall Capital. Hall Capital is a unique financial company which is run completely by women. Morrison brings solid, ethical integrity to Hall Capital as she makes it a company priority to protect every investment made on their client’s behalf.

Learn more about Helane’s prolific career via Bloomberg’s profile or check her out on her LinkedIn account as follows:

Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Shares Fashion Breaking Rules

In a recent Bustle article, Doe Deere, CEO of the infamously colorful cosmetics line, Lime Crime, has given us all her take on how to create your own fashion savvy look – that is by breaking longstanding rules, yet doing so with a stylish flair that has defined the Lime Crime brand. Here a just a few of her pointers on how to make a fashion statement and viewing fashion rules as suggestions, not binding obligations.

  • To pull off a jazzy color ensemble, make sure the colors coordinate and avoid looking garish. Follow your instincts when incorporating splashes of color; make sure to pull together the hair and make-up shades in as well.
  • Colorful socks and tights can be a valuable accessory, and Ms. Deere advocates wearing such with heels or open-toe shoes. Socks, similar to a great piece of jewelry, can be a statement piece and a lot of fun to work into your winter wardrobe.
  • Style laws that admonish too much color or too much personality are obsolete. Feel free to wear black or neutral outfits with a vibrant hair color. This can be pulled off if you pay attention to color intensities such as pastel hair color with light and airy colors such as pale denims, blues yellows and pinks.
  • Throw away the idea of not wearing bold lip color with bold eye color. Doe Deere admits to breaking this rule on a daily basis with her signature mix and match colors to your heart’s delight signature style.

Doe Deere was born in Russia in 1981, yet she grew in New York City and currently resides on the West Coast. Her exuberant sense of style and love of vibrant colors caused her to notice the cosmetics industry lacked pigment intense colors and most eye shadows tended towards sheer, while lipsticks were not true to color. So in 2008 she started her 100% vegan, cruelty free cosmetic line, where she maintains one hundred percent control over what goes into her products.

In a recent Galore Magazine interview, Doe Deere explained her trial and error process of developing her now deft talent of combining color palettes and hues. In 2006,while posting what she then called experimental make-up looks online and discovering theatrical make-up, a whole new world of glitter and rhinestone enhanced make-up looks began. From constant experimentation with looks like total glitter make-up, her online following began to explode almost overnight. By bringing those elements of fun and experimentation into her Lime Crime cosmetics, thousands of girls have found a new freedom in self expression, that’s not bound by the rules of their mothers and grandmothers.