Recent Banquet Has Awarded Leading Inmate Provider Prestigious Customer Service Award

Securus Technologies is well known for their customer service training and have recently been awarded the Stevie Award for 2017. They provide a quality correctional calling network that keeps thousands of inmates and their families connected for less. Their advanced technological features will eliminate the commute to a correctional facility and inmates receive personalized services. The Gold Stevie Award is one of the most prestigious customer service awards in the industry. Amazingly, over seventy five judges were responsible for Securus Technologies winning the customer service excellence award. You’re invited to learn more about their services through their exclusive website.


Why Thousands Of Customers Rely On Securus Technologies?


There are a number of features that thousands of customers to Securus Technologies including a remote video visitation option. You can register for an account and visit your loved ones discreetly over the internet. This features has become very popular among inmates and their families. They eliminate the need for a commute to a correctional facility. You have the option of visiting your loved ones face-to-face over the internet. They also give you complete control over the video and the sound with easy adjustable on screen features.


Securus Technologies Features:


Inmate Voicemail


You can leave an inmate a voicemail on your personalized account at any time. Imagine being able to tell them what you need them to know by leaving them a message in their access account.


Advanced Pay Options


You can pay for many features in advance by simply registering for an account on their exclusive website. They require that you have a valid checking or debit card and be at least 18 years of age to register for account.


Become a valued member of Securus Technologies today.