Looking for a Side Gig? Check Out Traveling Vineyard!

Wine has been growing in popularity in recent years and now Traveling Vineyard has created an opportunity for those that want to turn their love of wine into a profitable side gig. In addition to generous commissions, the Traveling Vineyard offers all expenses paid travel opportunities. In fact, a group of Traveling Vineyard wine guides recently traveled to Napa Valley and were kind enough to share some tips with the readers of NorCal News. In addition to being one of the best wine-growing regions in the world, Napa has a lot of amazing activities of wine tasting.

The life of a Traveling Vineyard wine guide is filled with many fun and informative wine tastings that are just the beginning of the Traveling Vineyard journey. In addition to earning income from commissions, guides can also form teams in order to expand their earnings. The gig is completely flexible and guides are able to schedule wine tastings around their other life commitments. The wine tastings are essentially gatherings in private homes where friends gather to learn more about wine. The role of the guide is to impart their wine knowledge in an informative and relaxed atmosphere. There are no judgments, just fun.

The company itself is based on having fun and teaching wine enthusiasts more about wine in order to enhance their enjoyment. The company’s social media postings are filled with guide submitted photos showing just how fun these wine tastings can be! Guides are not expected to be experts, but people that love wine and who are willing to learn more. The information is centered around the history of different wine regions and which varietals do well in various regions. Perhaps most interestingly.

Traveling Vineyard guides help their hosts and guests to learn more about food pairings and how wine can complement a favorite meal and elevate a simple dinner to something special.

If you are looking for a side gig that is fun and allows for a lot of flexibility, becoming a wine guide at Traveling Vineyard is a great option. Check out their social media platforms to learn more.