Rodrigo Terpins and How One Dream Led to Success

Rodrigo Terpins is known for many things. He is a selfless man with a strong talent in athletics. He is a high achiever. He also is one of the top rally racers in Brazil. Rally racing can be extremely challenging. It is a sport that requires top physical and mental fitness. Rodrigo has proven time and time again he is capable. He is part of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He formed the team with brother and close friend, Michel Terpins who also races and is highly decorated in the sport. Rodrigo and Michel enjoy racing and the elder brother credits his achievements to his brother always being there and helping him push through all of obstacles to get where he is today. It is true Rodrigo has had to navigate through some challenging courses. Many have included obstacles and steep terrain. Rodrigo has always remained vigilant and determined and throughout most of his races, has proven highly victorious. Rodrigo’s career began at an early age. His father, Jack Terpins, was a role model for him. He was famous for a career in basketball and also for being the president of the Latin American Jewish Congress.


Based on, Rodrigo looked up to him and admired his success and drive. His desire to rally race was also fueled by his hobby of working on cars with his brother. He enjoyed working on engines and this remains a part of his passion to this day. After high school, Rodrigo wanted to go to college. He began attending Saint Hilaire College where he a few years later he graduated with a degree in business management. From here, he went on to become a President of a women’s clothing store then he created his own company which he manages even today. The company is called T5 Participacoes and is very successful. Rodrigo’s passion is racing and favors the T1 Category Prototype. The vehicle he uses is called T-Rex. Built with a V-8 engine and designed specifically for the rough terrain of racing, it has helped Rodrigo achieve success in several events. Rodrigo’s success is unfaltering. Today he lives a comfortable life balancing work and family and his number one hobby: racing.




Tips for College Football Betting To Help You Win Big

College football is an interesting sport that those who love sports betting fancy and include in their list of favorites. There are many opportunities when it comes to this sport for people who place bets and if one makes the right decision, there is a huge room for high stakes. However, many people lose their money in the process mainly because they place their bets haphazardly.

Just like any other form of betting, you need to conduct research to understand how the sport is played and the best way to bet for a sure win. You can log on to websites like, where you can find the latest information about teams and sure odds that will help you to increase your chances of winning. For new bettors, there are basic rules you should never overlook when betting on college football. Below are vital tips every bettor should understand before investing money in college football betting.

Never force it
One of the biggest mistakes bettors make is to force games even when it’s evident that the players and formation used by one team is not as strong as it should be. Forced betting is risky and there are high chances one will lose the entire amount invested. First go through the profiles of each team before investing money to know how strong they are for the matches. Even slight changes like the overall mood of the team should count when reviewing their performance.

Beware of skewed stats online
There are authoritative sources of information online like but not all websites that offer stats about college football may be trusted. You need to beware of skewed statistics from different websites that are not established and verified to offer information about the sport for bettors. Only use websites that have been verified for the services and been in the industry for many years. Most importantly, conduct your own research as relying on online sources solely could avail misleading statistics that would end up messing your bets.

Founded in 1995, is an online platform where sports enthusiasts can shop for accurate information about sports and betting. The platform updates reviews, analyses and stats for current fixtures and games in all categories of sports. It also shares accurate information about happenings in the world of sports in real time, so bettors looking for great odds have a perfect opportunity to excel when they use the website.

Ricardo Guimarães Helps Brazilian Athletes Through BMG Funding


Football is a huge sport in Brazil, which is why the BMG Bank goes above and beyond to help their investors. This bank has already made a name for them by utilizing the countries payroll loan model, but they are still branching out into other sorts of investment. It began back in 2008; Mining Bank was the one who made the first investments in the football players. BMG saw that it was a good source of interments, and soon they joined the ranks. Their president, Ricardo Guimarães, ensured that he could help those who didn’t have the best economic rights as players. He looked to those in the Brazilian Championships and wanted to help at least five teams in the initial division. The goal was to give them a sponsorship contract.

In 2009, investment funds were created as part of the fund shares. More than 50 athletes profited from this venture. It was over $50 million in equity. Many of the characteristics that have been included have increased the relationship of BMG and the various Brazilian sports clubs. The process is really interesting. First, the bank loans money to the individual football teams. The teams often need cash to cover their massive expenses. If and when the team has a hard time repaying the loan they have, BMG rescues their loan. They will take a piece of the athletes’ interest. The basically own the rights to these players. When the players go to on the auctioning block, the bank will get the money they gave them for the loan from the player’s sales.

Most sports teams have capital, but very few have cash. They see it as a win-win situation when they enter into an agreement with BMG. Since this bank is in the football business, they know all about the associations. Though they are very silent about which partnerships they own interest in, Bench Press does know about these relations. Ricardo Guimarães is the president and CEO of BMG. He has made no formal statement to the press regarding his support of athletes. The relationship between the bank and BMG’s football investments were verified by Hyssa Moises. While Moises is not an employee of the bank at this time, he knows that the fund’s advisor has no authority to disclose the players’ names; the legal department is the only ones that could do such a thing.

Brazilian football has BMG on their side, but they are just one of many investors. BMG is interested in various sports to diversify their assets.

Bruce Levenson Brings Success To The Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks are one of the great teams of the NBA after being formed in 1946 in the Milwaukee area of the U.S. Despite the history and respect the franchise has across the U.S. and the world it has won only a single NBA Championship, which was achieved in 1958 as the St. Louis Hawks. The Hawks franchise has been located in Atlanta since 1968 and was at the center of relocation talks before and after the ownership of the franchise by media mogul Ted Turner. The location of the Hawks in Atlanta seems to have been assured with the arrival of Bruce Levenson on time as the leader of the Atlanta Spirit consortium in 2004.

At the time of purchase Bruce Levenson found a franchise that had suffered from lean times in the Eastern Conference of the NBA as they had struggled to combat the dominance of the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls. The Time Warner company had been the owners of the franchise for a number of years after they merged with the Turner Broadcasting organization, an ownership deal that also included the Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchise playing an important role in the development of the Atlanta area as a sporting city.

Bruce Levenson has spent a large amount of his time over the last decade dealing with the various issues the NBA franchise has thrown up over the years. As part of the deal to take control of the Hawks, Levenson was installed as Managing Partner and was responsible for the hiring of front office staff and approving changes to the playing and coaching staff. This placed Levenson in the role of taking responsibility for the success or failure of his appointments, which included front office staff who led the franchise from the very bottom of the regular standings of the NBA to the top of their division.

After securing the future of the Atlanta Hawks by making sure the front office staff were in place over the course of the last decade, Bruce Levenson looked to make changes to the community and charitable programs operated by the franchise. Levenson has made sure the players and staff of the Hawks have played an important role in the publicizing of many programs and institutions close to the heart of the Levenson family. The Atlanta Hawks have traveled across the U.S. in a bid to make sure important causes are made known to the young fans of the NBA. The Hawks were amongst the first visitors to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, which had been a labor of love for Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen.

NBA Players: Life after the Game

The average player in the NBA plays for about 5 years before they are cut from the roster or have to leave a team due to injury or for some other reason. Once a player’s career has come to an end they will need to get involved within another line of work. Unfortunately, this is not any easy transition to make for most players.

Keep in mind that the average NBA player is expected to make at least $27 million dollars before they retire. If a team member is a high performance player on the court they will certainly make a lot more cash. Athletes who played in the NBA for just two years could actually retire from the game because they make enough money to do so. The average salary for a player is about $5 million dollars. Players that rarely (if ever) get to play on the court can earn a huge salary just by sitting the bench. Even if a player was signed to a team for 2 years before being cut, they could make at least $10 million dollars which they could live off of the rest of their lives.

The problem with making money is that most people live up to their means. In other words, a lot of NBA players go broke after receiving all of this money because they do not properly plan and budget it out over a period of years. A player who is living a $2 million dollar a year lifestyle is not going to have money for very long if they only play in the NBA for 2 seasons. This is why players must have a plan in place to continue financing the lifestyle that they come to enjoy.

Many former NBA players are now franchise owners. They own restaurants and various businesses all over the United States. Restaurants are a great investment and earning strategy for many former NBA players. Many former players now own commercial fast food chains all over the U.S. They also own some commercial clothing and retail establishments as well. A few of the top earning athletes in the NBA have pooled their resources together toward the purchase of a NBA franchise. Michael Jordan is the only former NBA player that was able to purchase an NBA team on his own. This was no easy feat. Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets.

Bruce Levenson was a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks from 2004 to 2014. During his tenor as a partial owner; he had helped some former players to transition to a life outside of the basketball court. Like most owners, Levenson typically did not get involved in the financial matters of his players but he had provided them with information that would help to benefit them in their post NBA life.

All NBA players know they have a small window of time to play in the league. Only a select few players will be able to stay around for 10 or more years.