Roberto Santiago’s Commitment to Customers Has Made Manaira Mall One of the Top Grossing Malls

Roberto Santiago always puts his customers first and he does what he can to help people get the advice that they need on the different things that are going on in the mall. Roberto Santiago tries to offer people all of the opportunities that they need and that has given him the chance to continuously improve the Manaira Mall. When people enjoy what he has to offer, they are able to get more out of the options that he has and they visit the mall more often. Thanks to everything that Roberto Santiago has done with the mall, they know that he is working to make it a better place. They also know that he has done what he can to tell people what they need when they are shopping at the mall. Not only does he focus on the shopping and dining aspect that most owners do but he also focuses on the entertainment aspect of the mall.


In fact, Roberto Santiago has gone so far as to put an expo center that people can enjoy on the rooftop of the mall. It was one of the first of its kind in a mall and that was something that set his mall apart from others. When he first opened the venue, it was something that people flocked to. He expected that the crowds would settle down after it had been there for several years but the center continues to do well and has even hosted international stars.


Along with the expo center, Roberto Santiago also put 11 different movie theaters in the mall. He wanted people to be able to choose the options that they had for entertainment and that gave him the chance that he needed to be able to make the mall better. He wanted people to be aware of everything that they had and he also wanted people to get more out of the mall than what they were able to get out of other malls. He did everything that he could for Manaira because he knew that it would be something that he could help customers with.


As Manaira has continued to grow, Roberto Santiago has put more options into the mall. He now offers many different designers that can’t be found anywhere else in Brazil. In addition to the options that are located in the actual mall, Roberto Santiago knows that he must continue offering options to all of his customers and potential customers. For that reason, he has put a hotel that is attached to the mall. Customers who are visiting the mall can choose to stay at the hotel which makes choosing lodging something that is easy for people who are visiting as tourists.