Beneful Is The Best Pet Care Brand In The World

Leading company Beneful believes dogs and pet owners should enjoy a
healthy and happy life together. Founded in 2011 by Nestle Purina, the
company’s mission is to deliver high quality wellness products to
individuals all across the globe. With over $300 million in annual
revenue, this lucrative business strives to offer a variety of pet
consumer goods such as wet/dry dog food and irresistible treats. Most
prominently, their flavorful meals and snacks will fuel a canine’s
adventurous taste for play.

Since their launch, Beneful is revered as the leading
United States based pet care company. Their uniqueness lies in an
effective business model, which promotes their wellness mission
through healthy consumable products. Currently, this well-known
corporation offers over thirty-nine products, which are classified
into three categories. Some of their most popular canine goods are
“Healthy Weight,” “Playful Life,” “Chopped Blends,” and “Healthy Smile
Dental Twists.” Each of these products may encompass whole grains
(rice, corn), high quality protein (red chicken, salmon, beef, eggs),
omega fatty acids, and accents of vegetables (carrots, parsley) to
support overall good health. In 2006, the company developed the
“Beneful Healthy Harvest” line, which was the first dry dog food with
soy as the primary protein source.

Commendably, as a wellness based company, Beneful adheres to a strict
policy of product safety by implementing rigorous quality control
measures. Remarkably, their standards are among the strictest in the
industry as their manufacturing procedures involve a sophisticated
tracking system that monitors the inclusion of raw ingredients. In
addition, their vegetable, meat, and food components adhere to federal
and state laws including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Association of
American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). These guidelines promote
wholesome and safe ingredients in Beneful’s delicious dog food.

Notably, the company promotes their wellness motto through many
marketing campaigns across the United States and abroad. In 2001,
Beneful presented a $34 million television advertisement and by 2005,
the company generated roughly $300 million in revenue. A few years
ago, this leading corporation released interactive billboards in New
York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and St. Louis that
encouraged individuals to play virtual fetch with their pets in subway
stations. Essentially, the canine on the billboard would interact with
a passerby, which simulated an interaction with his actual dog.
Perhaps the company’s most prominent marking strategy was the creation
of the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest. This fun competition awards the
participant who designs the best park renovation. Remarkably, in 2013,
over 1,000 drawings were submitted for the $500,000 pet recreation
remodel. Amazingly, Beneful has developed dog parks in Georgia,
Pennsylvania, and Alabama.

For over ten years, Beneful is revered as the leading dog
food brand in the world. Remarkably, in 2012, the company reported
over $1.5 billion in annual revenue, which is the result of
their wellness philosophy: health, happiness, variety, and nutrition.
Commendably, Beneful strives to outsmart their competition with
wholesome and beneficial products.

How Status Labs Can Help Any Business Struggling With Bad Reviews

Online reputation management is by far one of the best ways to help a business get back the reputation they once had. As a business owner myself, I know the struggle with trying to create that perfect name for my business. Making sure that all the bad things people say about my business are hidden and out of sight. For a certain group of online marketing experts, protecting the image of a business is their mission. Status Labs is an online reputation management company with the experience for helping you get the protection that you need. When your brand has to deal with scandals, bad reviews, or bad press, its Status Labs’ job to help get your reputation back.

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It Can Happen To Any Business

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What Does Status Lab Offer?

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