Samuel Strauch Is Taking Metrik Realty Into The Future

People living in the southwestern Florida region, near Miami Beach, want beautiful homes with timeless character. When individuals are finally ready to make that plunge and buy their dream home, they know to ask for Samuel Strauch from Metrik Realty Company. This highly successful real estate agent and investor gets the job done right. He will not stop, tirelessly pursuing every lead, until he finds the exact stunning home that he knows is a carbon-copy of his client’s vision. When the client first takes in the magnificence of her brand new home, she is shell-shocked. This home is the one that has hidden in the recesses of her mind for ages. Clearly, this realtor must also be a magician.

Samuel Strauch began Metrik Realty in 2002, and he has been creating real estate and investment magic ever since. Mr. Strauch began his career as a banker. Strauch’s family owns a real estate business, after time he went back to his realty roots. Samuel noticed that Miami and South Florida were changing from a tourist-driven town, into a sprawling metropolitan city and region. He began Metrik with a goal to, not only sell spectacular homes in Florida and Latin America, but to also find and connect clients in these areas with international investors.


His vision payed off. Metrik Realty, (including their holdings and other businesses) is now a leader in Latin America and South Florida. Strauch came up with a profitable business strategy to combine brokerage, equity sourcing, development, aquisitions and then managing these companies successfully for his clients. This realty/investment company is now considered to be the best and most prominent in the areas where this company operates, especially the Miami area of Florida. Samuel Strauch believes that even the smallest things we do can turn into something great.

As a boss, Strauch encourages his employees to do their best, but to always enjoy life and seek new experiences. He takes this philosophy and applies it to his company. Metrik is a name to be trusted. Clients know that they will get honest answers and communication when they hire this company. Strauch realizes that the millennial generation is now taking root in real estate. Their ideas are different, such as working in living spaces, not going to a stagnate office. Samuel Strauch believes in being a positive force for bettering mankind both in his personal life, and at work.

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Jose Auriemo Neto on Top JHSF due to his Visionary Talants

Entrepreneur José Auriemo Neto knows how to create luxury and how to take the projects he is working on all the way to the top. He is the Chief executive officer of the real estate development company JHSF based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

CEO José Auriemo Neto was working under his father Fabio Auriemo who was leading as the President of the large enterprise. José Auriemo Neto was not yet the chief executive officer, but he was in fact promoted to the post after a business suggestion and a perfectly executed project that rough success and revenue to the company of JHSF.

José Auriemo Neto has an eye for opportunities, and he proved it when he suggested building a high luxury complex close to the highway of Marginal Pinheiros in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There was an empty land, about 80 000 square meters in size. José Auriemo Neto envisions a couple of malls build as towers and several luxurious blocks of flats along with playgrounds and parks.

The next step was to paint the picture for his father so that he would authorize the project. At first, Fabio Auriemo was skeptical to the idea. It did not take long before José Auriemo Neto managed to convince him after taking him to the area personally. After realizing the potential of the notion, Fabio Auiemo placed José Auriemo Neto in charge of the project. It was more than another assignment that José Auriemo Neto was supposed to complete. This time, being the head of the project would serve as a final testimony to his keen eye for opportunities and his skills as a leader and property developer.

The project was led to completion, and it proved to be a banging success. The luxury complex became more successful than what it was expected. The mall of the compound was inspired by Bal Harbour Shops in Miami. About 75 000 people visit the mall every day. It sells luxury brands such as Armani, Luis Vitton, Chanel, and the likes.

Fabio Auriemo was very impressed with his son d promoted him to CEO. José Auriemo Neto himself as called the King of Luxury after he completed the project.