Melissa Click is Trying to Make Up for Past Mistakes

Melissa Click is a University of Missouri assistant faculty member that is currently under suspension for saying and doing the wrong things during a student protest. In November of 2015 the campus at University of Missouri was chaotic as students protested the negative racial incidents that were taking place on campus. Black students on campus eventually protested. The incident led to the removal of two high officials on the campus.

Melissa Click was present during the on-campus protests last November. She was trying get the crowds to disperse and called for some muscle to get rid of a cameraman who trying to record the event. Click said and did some things that were deemed unsatisfactory by the university. The university was outraged over her behavior and suspended her. Third-degree felony charges were filed against her as well. Click had to leave the university though many faculty members stood behind her.

After Click had left Missouri she had to remain out of sight until this situation had died down. Now, the Missouri staff member is trying get her life back in order. One way that she is going about doing this is by hiring the team of Status Labs. This is a reputation management company that specializes in helping people to recover their reputations after they have been negatively impacted.

Status Labs is a proven online reputation company that has the ability to restore a person’s character after it has been badly damaged. Click’s situation is bad enough where reputation management services is needed to get it back on track.

Keep in mind that the internet is now the number one place where people find out information about other individuals. The wrong type of information can severely damage a person’s ability to get a job and even to form a family. So, having the right type of reputation services can help to get a person back online. This company has the ability to reduce negative online feedback and get a person back in good standing.

Ricardo Guimarães Helps Brazilian Athletes Through BMG Funding


Football is a huge sport in Brazil, which is why the BMG Bank goes above and beyond to help their investors. This bank has already made a name for them by utilizing the countries payroll loan model, but they are still branching out into other sorts of investment. It began back in 2008; Mining Bank was the one who made the first investments in the football players. BMG saw that it was a good source of interments, and soon they joined the ranks. Their president, Ricardo Guimarães, ensured that he could help those who didn’t have the best economic rights as players. He looked to those in the Brazilian Championships and wanted to help at least five teams in the initial division. The goal was to give them a sponsorship contract.

In 2009, investment funds were created as part of the fund shares. More than 50 athletes profited from this venture. It was over $50 million in equity. Many of the characteristics that have been included have increased the relationship of BMG and the various Brazilian sports clubs. The process is really interesting. First, the bank loans money to the individual football teams. The teams often need cash to cover their massive expenses. If and when the team has a hard time repaying the loan they have, BMG rescues their loan. They will take a piece of the athletes’ interest. The basically own the rights to these players. When the players go to on the auctioning block, the bank will get the money they gave them for the loan from the player’s sales.

Most sports teams have capital, but very few have cash. They see it as a win-win situation when they enter into an agreement with BMG. Since this bank is in the football business, they know all about the associations. Though they are very silent about which partnerships they own interest in, Bench Press does know about these relations. Ricardo Guimarães is the president and CEO of BMG. He has made no formal statement to the press regarding his support of athletes. The relationship between the bank and BMG’s football investments were verified by Hyssa Moises. While Moises is not an employee of the bank at this time, he knows that the fund’s advisor has no authority to disclose the players’ names; the legal department is the only ones that could do such a thing.

Brazilian football has BMG on their side, but they are just one of many investors. BMG is interested in various sports to diversify their assets.

Finding Success with Online Reviews

According to a recent online article published on the New York, online reviews can make or break a business. The article featured Andrew Gruel, who is a restaurateur in California. His restaurants, Slapfish, serve sustainable seafood. During the year, Gruel was taken back by several negative reviews of one of his restaurants. Customers complained that prices were too high and the portions were too small, says the article.

Gruel said that he took the complaints seriously and went into damage control. He completely reinvented his menu with better prices and larger portions. He also invented some tempting combo meals for people to save money. Then, he emailed customers to invite them back to see all the changes that he made. His reviews that were once one-star soared to five stars, says the article. Because Gruel paid attention to the negative reviews and did something about it, he increased his business and got new customers, the article says.

The article quoted studies that show how consumers are more apt to choose businesses with high star ratings. If a business loses a star, it could potentially cause a decrease in sales and hurt the business. This is why business experts emphasize the importance of companies monitoring their online reputation, states the article.

This article quoted from several sources, such as Daniel Lemin, author of a book about online ratings. Lemin opines that even though star ratings have quite a longevity, older reviews tend to get pushed to archived pages. This may give companies enough time to fix the problems and have disgruntled clients satisfied again. Lemin says the best policy is for a company to apologize for any mistakes and try to make it right. Most of the time, that is all is takes to appease the customer.

Businesses that want to succeed pay close attention to their ratings, says the article. Several popular online review sites are mentioned. There is even an online company that tracks over 70 different review sites on the Internet. Chris Campbell, CEO and founder of this site says that there is a definite correlation between businesses that engage with their customers and their rate of success.

Some companies need to fix and control their online reputation. Fortunately, Status Labs has the experience and expertise to help them. From their headquarters in Austin and their satellite offices across the globe, Status Lab has a list of 1500 clients whom they are assisting with image management. How the public views a company is vital information. It can mean the difference between success and failure. With Status Labs, success is always in the game plan.