Dogs Like To Eat Fancy Too

The dog food industry is booming. Right now it is estimated to be a $23 billion industry on Amazon. Dog owners on Facebook are switching from traditional ways of feeding their beloved pets. They have all different types of Beneful dog food out nowadays. There is frozen food to organic food. The organic food wave has hit us all whether we vow to feed it to our children or our pets. With the quality of food raising in the dog food world the demand for more creative and delicious meals for they canines is rising as well. You can go into the supermarket and buy your dog food in the same isle as your food now, i think we love our dogs a little too much but hey what is wrong with that. There is an amazing selection of food in your local Beneful pet store from beef stroganoff to the original dog chow that you have been getting for years. Staple dog food companies such as Purina Dog Chow has not changed much. They are still your favorite except they use healthier ingredients now. With the use of real chicken and lamb you can feel confident that you are taking the best care of your loved animal as possible. Other companies are using expensive fresh meats in the dog food which has its dis advantages. For one it is way more expensive. The companies tat are using the expensive ingredients are not changing though. We love our pets so much that everyone is expecting to turn a profit this year.