A Company That Has Always Made Superior Quality Dog Food

A recent online article stated how the pet food industry has taken its place in the world of big business. The article disclosed the astronomical dollar amount this industry was currently bring in, which was well over 20 billion dollars. The article also featured statements from some of the people behind the scenes in the pet food industry, who shared their thoughts on the changes that have taken place. Most of the executives within this industry attribute the increased revenue to the improved quality of the food they produce for pets. One dog food executive went so far as to sample a piece of their product as it rolled off the machine.

Products Made with Real Ingredients

While many dog food manufacturing companies are changing their formulas to meet the growing demand by pet owners for real ingredients, one company has no need to change its products. The Beneful line of products has always been made using real ingredients. This line is one of several produced by Purinastore, which is a company that has been making superior quality food for animals since 1894. Founder William Danforth had strong beliefs in leading a healthy life, which he brought to his pet food manufacturing company more than a century ago. These same values are still present in the people who create the Beneful line of dog food products.

The superior quality of the ingredients used in the Beneful line is a result of the high values the people behind the scenes have for their own pets. Everyone on the team from nutrition to production, makes sure the products they create are good enough to serve to their own beloved pets. The wide array of varieties offered in this line include ingredients such as peas, apples, carrots, spinach, chicken, lamb and beef. These real ingredients not only enhance the taste and appearance of the products, they also enhance the nutritional value. From puppies to mature adults, the products available in the Beneful line take care of all a dog’s nutritional needs.