End Citizens United Supports The Honest Ads Act

One of the most powerful rights for American citizens is their ability to vote and thus be represented within the greater democracy of the country. However, those rights aren’t always assured and more recently we’ve seen that the rich and the powerful can subvert the will of the people. We are of course talking about how the American political scene has become beholden to billionaires and special interests. The common phrase you’ll see around Capital Hill is ‘dark money’. Dark money is the open secret in Washington D.C. and it describes how billionaire corporations are willingly buying off their favorite legislators in order to influence what becomes law. There has thankfully been one force operating to hold them in check, End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was designed in order to fight back against the corruption of dark money that is flooding through Washington D.C. End Citizens United was designed in response to the 2010 Supreme Court case surrounding the controversial Citizens United decision. Citizens United was developed by right wing propaganda machines in order to try and bridge the gap between special interests and campaign laws. Citizens United argued that billionaire corporations should be treated as people and as people they should be allowed to donate to campaigns. This was a transparent attempt to get more donors into the political arena and it surprisingly worked.

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Since the election of Donald Trump to President, there has been focus on how Russia meddled with the Presidential election via dark money, fake news outlets, and more. End Citizens United knows that there is a real danger to the future of America’s democracy if this is allowed to go unchecked. So PAC President Tiffany Muller has been vocal in her efforts to raise more money in order to support candidates who can make a difference at the highest level of the legislative arena. This has led ECU to get active of late, looking ahead to 2018’s congressional races, in order to endorse potential campaign finance reform champions.

Most recently End Citizens United came out in support of a bipartisan piece of legislation called the Honest Ads Act which seeks to force tech companies to disclose who is funding what advertisements in an attempt to make everything more transparent. The act was introduced by John McCain, Amy Klobuchar and Mark Warner. This bipartisan act was strongly praised by Tiffany Muller. Muller said, “This is common sense legislation and senators from both parties should support this bill to ensure that our elections are free from foreign interference.” Tiffany Muller also went on to say that she would throw ECU’s hefty influence against anyone who opposes the act of campaign finance reform.

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George Soros Not Taking Trump’s Victory Lying Down

It seems George Soros has not yet begun to fight. The billionaire investor is still furthering his efforts to defeat Donald Trump, even though the president-elect has already won the election.

George and other wealthy liberals who donated massive amounts of money to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign are meeting in the nation’s capital for a three-day discussion to see what can be done about Trump before and after he takes office.

The special closed-door conference will be held at Washington’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel and will include many prominent liberal group party members, as well as left-wing political figureheads like Sen. Elizabeth Warren and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

The meeting is the first of its kind since Trump’s election into the White House and shows the concern that Soros and other democratic and liberal supporters have about Trump and his policies. In fact, it has been hinted that one of the meeting’s major agendas is to discuss a defense strategy against Trump’s 100-day plan, which Soros feels is a major threat to all Obama has accomplished while in office.

While thwarting Trump may be one of the main objectives of the meeting, other concerns relating to the Democratic party will be discussed. One such issue focuses on the Democracy Alliance’s future role in elections.

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The Democracy Alliance (DA) and its beneficiaries have had a major impact in shaping left-wing and liberal institutions around female and minority votes. As the results of the latest election have proven, however, a new strategy will have to be implemented for future elections. That is if the Democratic party wishes to enter into power once again.

George Soros, being one of the major beneficiaries of the Democratic party over the years, is gravely concerned about why the DA’s beneficiary groups failed to influence working-class whites, the deciding factor in Trump’s victory. The DA’s stance on climate change and money in politics, two of its major platforms, had absolutely no bearing in changing the mind’s of the working class this time around.

The president of the DA, Gara LaMarche, has admitted that mistakes were definitely made by the organization, the cost of which is extremely high. However, he points out that before planning the DA’s future election strategy, the entire Democratic party along with all of its supporters should first band together.

LaMarche believes that attending parties should not point fingers and complain about who messed up. Instead, everyone should focus on strengthening the organization’s cohesiveness first in order to prevent Trump from ruining the country’s future, as well as to make sure that a person like him never gets into the White House again.

About George Soros

George Soros, the founder and chairman of Soros Fund Management, is an investor and philanthropist par excellence. He was born in Budapest where he managed to survive the Nazi invasion of WWII. He later moved to Hungary before relocating to England where he graduated from the London School of Economics.

He eventually moved to the U.S., where he began his legendary investment career. A free-thinker and philanthropist, Soros often contributes and donates to liberal organizations that promote the free-flow of ideas.

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PolitiFact Ohio Reveals Truth About Recent Attack Ad In Wisconsin

George Soros has come along way and has emerged as a leading political figure for Democratic causes on http://www.politifact.com/ohio/statements/2016/apr/04/trusted-leadership-pac/no-george-soros-not-bankrolling-john-kasichs-campa/. It may not look like it now but the 85-year-old hedge fund manager was once an immigrant without a penny to his name. His family escaped Nazi Germany’s occupation of his home country of Hungary, but not before changing their surname to avoid persecution and losing everything they had as a Jewish family under Nazi rule. A young George Soros on bloomberg took a meager scholarship given to him by a Quaker organization, graduated from the London School of Economics and eventually turned it into a fortune worth well over $20 billion. He truly is a self-made billionaire, unlike Donald Trump.

Trump has been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. In fact, some economic experts claim that if he had just taken the money that he inherited from his father and put it into a mutual fund that tracked the S&P 500, he’d be worth over $8 billion today. Right now he is worth $2.9 billion. He’s a failure of a businessman and a dangerous presidential candidate, and it is so refreshing to see somebody like George Soros call him out for it. That’s why I wanted to believe the most recent political attack ad that I’ve seen in Wisconsin.

The Trusted Leadership super PAC on biography.com supporting Ted Cruz has been running an ad claiming that George Soros is bankrolling the candidacy of John Kasich on the Republican side. It seems way out of place because George Soros on theatlantic is famous for financing liberal causes such as the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and MoveOn.org, who work tirelessly to get Bernie Sanders elected. But it’s also brilliant if you think about it.

The commercial, which has now been discredited by PolitiFact Ohio, claims that two donations were made by former employees of Soros in the sum of over $600,000 to the Kasich super PAC. The funds were transferred just before the winner-take-all Ohio primary, which John Kasich won. This made it mathematically difficult for Donald Trump to secure the nomination before the convention. Without the clinching number of delegates, establishment Republicans are waiting to dethrone the front runner, giving the nomination to someone else. Trump’s ego would likely drive him to run as a third-party candidate, taking his support with him and smashing the GOP into pieces.

Unfortunately, it turns out that these former employees of George Soros are simply conservative sympathizers and donators. They don’t donate as much as Soros and I don’t see eye-to-eye with him politically. They simply want to see John Kasich become president of United States and they are speaking with their money. It’s nothing more complicated than that. It’s just unfortunate that PolitiFact Ohio had to run an article discrediting the claim.