Clayton Hutson Is Leading The Live Production For Tim McGraw And Faith Hill

Clayton Hutson has built a successful career as a stage manage, tour producer and sound engineer. He ensure lives performances run smoothly for the performer and the audience. He is passionate about the world of music, considers the experience of the artist, reaches for aesthetic perfection and provides an exceptional live music experience. He studied theatre design in college then worked for several companies in the field of live entertainment solutions. He gained enough experience to begin his own business. Clayton Hutson has worked in corporate entertainment and the traveling outfit of Billy Graham. His passion is for managing, producing, overseeing and designing live tours. His impressive career includes working with Kid Rock, Pink, Guns n Roses and Garbage.


Clayton Hutson has made the decision to join the second leg of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Sou12Soul World Tour. This will be the first tour for the pair since 2007. The first leg of the tour occured from April of 2017 until December of 2017. There were seventy concerts that sold out. The tour has been extended because of popular demand. Clayton Hutson will lead the live production aspect. Soul2Soul World Tour’s second leg begins in Richmond, Virginia on May 31st. The opening act begins with Caitlyn Smith. This will be followed by Brothers Osborne, Devin Dawson, Margo Price, Seth Ennis, NEEDTOBREATHE, Midland and many more.


Clayton Hutson spoke of how honored he felt to be a part of the amazing show and the tour team. He is extremely well respected for the work he has done in the live performance segment. He has dedicated more than two decades of his life to assisting musicians with live performances. His specialties include stage management, sound engineering and tour production. Clayton Hutson began his career as a sound engineer when he was part of the sound team for Billy Graham. His love and passion for rock music led him to the music industry since he chose to follow his heart. He traveled through Australia, Europe and North America. Some of the greatest musicians in the world were able to put on incredible live performances for large crowds due to his expertise.


Clayton Hutson has said he enjoys his reputation of being the hardest working person present. He has found the performers he works with really appreciate the work he puts into their live performances. This has helped his business grow with every new event. Learn more:

Clay Hutson Made A Dream Come True

Clay Hutson knew since he was only a child that he wanted to be involved in the music industry. The dream that millions of other children have and very few actually achieve.


So, if Clay Hutson achieved his dream then why haven’t I heard of him? Well, Clay has been behind the scenes the whole time, producing some of the best live music you’ve ever heard. Clay Hutson didn’t grow up to become a singer or a famous guitarist, he grew up to become a sound engineer. As well as a production manager, production designer, show producer, monitor engineer – you get the point. Clay likes to be as involved as possible in the production of any concert or television performance he is called upon to orchestrate and goes to great length to insure the audience gets the best experience possible, often teaming up with the crew of riggers to insure that everything is perfect.


Clay Hutson has worked with some incredibly talent musicians along his journey including Pink, Guns N’ Roses and legendary UK music producer Billy Bush. Learn more:


But it was in March of 2011 that Clay took on one of his greatest challenges to date, touring with Staind lead-singer Aaron Lewis. The tour was especially insightful because Clay, who refuses to be held back by local production companies, took DiGiCo’s newest console, the SD11, for a spin.


Aaron and Clay, along with the brand new DiGiCo SD11, performed on the road in both small intimate casino theaters and gigantic 50,000 seat stadiums. Clay says he has been a fan of the DiGiCo brand since nearly the beginning of his career.


Clay went on to explain in the interview that he needed something lightweight for the tour and nothing fit the bill better than the SD11. “When you fire it up and listen to it, the EQ reacts the exact same way as an SD7.” he said as he explained that its smaller size didn’t alter its quality.


As previously stated, Clay does not limit himself to working on a sound board. In 2017 he joined up with OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour, this time as an automation operator, where with the help of VER(a system that ties audio, video, lighting and other elements together) he was able to control not only the sound but several moving parts at once, further proving that he is one of the best men to have behind the scenes.

Open Society- George Soros’ Legacy

George Soros is a famous philanthropy whose donations has gone towards numerous courses on the planet. He is well-known for contributing over 32 billion of his own wealth to the Open Society base which does a variety of things around the globe. He is also regarded as the important and primary funder and primary of the Fundamental European College situated in Budapest that focuses primarily on social sciences.

Soros offers leadership to the Open Society that is responsible for supplying support to individuals throughout the world that are actively involved in the course of fighting for the liberty of expression, pushing for government’s responsibility, in addition to promoting justice and equality. The foundations also have funded capable and deserving students through universities. The students would otherwise have been cut off for being who they are. Read more at CNN Money.

George believes that people who go through any form of discrimination need to be supported. This is something that he draws from his own experience during the war when Jews were discriminated and killed for being of their race, something they had no control over. He has been supporting marginalized cases including the Europe’s Roma people, sex workers, and drug users who for one reason or another have been discriminated. He is enthusiastic about ensuring that the society attains some level of equity among its dwellers.

Being born in Hungary in 1930 and surviving the Nazi’s era of 1944- 1945 means that Soros understands perfectly what sidelining means. During this period, over 500,000 Hungarian Jews were murdered. He was able to escape with his family since they were able to falsify documents that changed their identities thus concealing their backgrounds. It is the ability to resists the evil occurring during this interval that powered the resolve of Soros to later develop into the excellent philanthropist that he is today. This, coupled with his family’s act of assisting other Jews back then, was enough motivation too hate injustice and discrimination. His dislike for abuse is what has seen him support a lot of courses championing for social equality.

In 1947, Soros left Budapest for London to study economics. He worked part-time as a nightclub waiter and a railway attendant to take care of his needs as he pursued his education. He moved to America in 1956 where his career in finance and investment started. He excelled a few years later, and this saw him start his hedge fund in 1970. The Soros Fund Management propelled George to become one of the best investors to have ever lived in the United States.

It is with this particular chance that Soros made the Open Society Foundations whose path was clearly charted. This is a community of partners located in 100 nations of the world with different projects that influence change. Soros began his philanthropic work in 1979 where he began by providing scholarships to black South African students throughout the apartheid period, a period when there was rampant discrimination. George Soros has always gotten his motivation from such situations, and that is why he keeps doing what he does best, supporting the underprivileged and the marginalized. Visit this site to know more at

Life of Arthur Becker


There are many people today who want to have success with investing. Investing is the best way to build wealth over time, but it can be a difficult subject to learn in the beginning. Learning from people who have experience in the field is one of the best ways to have success. Arthur Becker is someone who a lot of people are taking notice of. He was recently featured by NY Mag, he has had a great deal of success with real estate, and he likes to help other people in this area as well. If you want to learn from the best, read the work of Arthur Becker.

Arthur Becker

When he was young, Arthur Becker grew up in a rough area. He always wanted to work hard and provide a better life for his family. He started working in the technology field, and he had a great career there. However, he knew that he wanted to do more with his life. Many years ago, he started investing in real estate with his first property. His original strategy was to buy and hold for many years, reveals This has been a strategy that has helped him take things slow. Many real estate investors want to make thousands of dollars a month as soon as they get started. Although this can happen, it requires a lot of risk and that is something that Arthur Becker was not willing to do.

Next Steps

In the coming years, Arthur Becker wants to continue to invest in the lives of people in his community. He has a track record of success when it comes to helping others, and he is always willing to help other people if they need it. Real estate investing can be a great way to build wealth for yourself and your family. However, it is always a good idea to learn from experts like Arthur Becker in the beginning. To learn more about him, visit

Read more:

Food Distribution in Venezuela Is Marred By Controversy

The situation with the food shortages in Venezuela is reached terrible levels. People are now rooting through the trash looking for discarded fruit scraps in which to eat. A plan is afoot to try and deal with the crisis. Imported food is coming into the country with the obvious intention of the food being distributed to those in need. Whether or not the Venezuelan government purchased the food or foreign government have donated the foodstuffs is not clear. For those who are in need of the food, little care surrounds where the food is coming from.
The political fighting in the country continues unabated. The opposition party is accusing the timing of the food import/distribution plan into question. Concerns from experts like Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa exist that the Maduro government is investing in a short-term solution to avoid suffering a loss in a potential recall referendum. At the very least, a boost in President Nicolas Maduro’s popularity would hamper desire for a recall.

Maduro has also made a strange accusation. He stated that the food shortage is the result of supermarkets and food companies hoarding food out of speculation. In other words, they are driving the price of food up by taking it off the market. “Such a claim is suspect at best” says Velasquez Figueroa. The people have very little money to pay for food as it is. How could they afford even more expensive food?

For now, the people are more concerned with seeing a solution to the food crisis. A short-term one surely would be accepted.


Strategic Business Leaders in chicago

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States and grows every single day. Businesses are opened; others are closed, and some expand by opening new branches so as they can reach their clients easily as well as reach more people. Through all these business operations, different people have risen to the top management levels while others have fallen. Focusing on those who have managed to rise in Chicago and stayed at the top of the game because they are playing their cards right include following:

Irene Rosenfeld
The 61 year old is the CEO and chairperson of Mondelez International Inc. She is a very powerful female figure in the Chicago business world as well as the entire United States. She is in charge of $35 bullion Mondelez International and any decision she makes affects over 110,000 employees in 80 countries around the world. Due to competitive challenges that were sinking food industry in Chicago, Rosenfeld navigated the split of Kraft Foods Inc. in 2012, and this has added to her reputation. She is also a former basketball star and the defensive skills she learnt while playing are applicable in management up to date. Any threats and challenges that face Mondelez are neutralized in such a manner that they might seem minute, but it is because of her wits and excellent problem solving skills make them look the latter.

Patricia Woertz
Another key business leader in Chicago is Patricia Woertz, who is aged 61 years and serves as the chairperson and CEO of Archer Daniels Midland Company. Midland is a giant agriculture company that focuses on grain processing and then exports the finished products to all markets in Europe and America, sometimes to Asian countries. Patricia has propelled the company the company to making a turnover of $90 billion, beating every other public company in the state of Illinois. The international company currently has over 31,000 employees in 74 countries across the world. Its latest acquisition is the building of a sweetener and soluble fibre manufacturing complex in China.She has grown from the ranks of a mere accountant to the vice president of Chevron Corporation managing branches in 180 countries across the world.

Majeed Ekbal
Majeed is the president of Expresso Inc., which is a company that deals with delivery of grocery and vegies that have been ordered online by clients. The recently American University graduate has great service to his clients to the extent that his employees can take up car keys from clients’ offices, then place the freshly ordered food in their car trunks ready to be shipped home.

Expresso currently operates in Lincoln Park but plans to extend its services to Wilmette and Evanston in the future. The company only accepts payments in cash or checks and not credit cards but Majeed Ekbal is working to improve on the availability of making payments via credit cards. Find him on Vimeo for more information.

Doe Deere: Mastermind Behind Lime Crime Makeup

Makeup is something that many women in the world uses every day, and thanks to Doe Deere they can choose from a special kind of makeup from Lime Crime makeup company. They call Deere the Unicorn Queen of the makeup industry and she has lived up to having lots of success since she started Lime Crime in 2008.

Deere was born in Russia and says she has always loved both fantasy and mythology. She loves movies like The Dark Crystal and The Last Unicorn, hence her moniker of the Unicorn Queen, which she gave herself. Plus, she decided that the unicorn would be the symbol and mascot for her makeup company Lime Crime because of its beauty, independence and it also stands for being kind to animals.

Lime Crime has lots of colors to choose from

The packages are a pastel color of purple with the iconic unicorn on them that Deere seems to love. The makeup is fantasy based and involves lots of different palettes to express Deere’s love of all that is mystical and magical.

For instance, there is a collection called Alchemy that has lots of colors of purple, copper and green, and there are other lines with pale blues, pinks, reds, and even neutral colors like grey and black.

Doe Brings Vision, Whimsy to the Makeup World

Lime Crime through Deere brings lots of imagination to the makeup world. It features cruelty free makeup that isn’t tested on animals and offers its customers things like rainbow colors of eye liners, pastel shades of nail polish, lip gloss with glitter, and other unique and varied makeup products not sold elsewhere.

Deere says she called her company Lime Crime because she likes whimsical names and it keeps everything fun for her, the company and the clients. Her line of makeup products also have fun names such as Countesses Fluorescent and Airborne Unicorn. The names are meant to be lively and attract attention, just like Deere’s lines of makeup products are doing all over the world.

Photography, Fashion also on Deere’s Love List

Deere’s loves include other things besides makeup. For instance she was a musician before starting Lime Crime, and she also loves fashion and photography. Plus, in the past she also worked as a clothing designer and even attended the Fashion Institute of Technology located in New York City.

Deere says that being a clothing designer helped her to understand all the upcoming trends and that it was like a stepping stone to help her in her career that led to the forming of Lime Crime. She says the most important thing is to find someone that agrees with your vision and also that getting a partner helped her to complete her vision of her work.

She says that anyone aspiring to be part of the beauty business should know that it is very competitive. However, she says there are always opportunities to succeed no matter what you want to do.

Stephen Murray: A Businessman and Philanthropist

CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm located in New York City. The company was founded in 1984 and their main products are leveraged buyout and growth capital, in which Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has invested about $12 billion in such transactions since the company opened. They also manage private equity funds. CCMP has been ranked #17 among the world’s biggest private equity funds.

Although headquartered in New York, CCMP has locations in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo as well. In the same year that CCMP was founded, their former president and CEO was graduating from Boston College. After working in other financial ventures, Stephen Murray became the head of the buyout business in 2005. At the time, the company was called JP Morgan Partners. Murray went on to jointly open CCMP Capital, which was a separate sector of JP Morgan Chase. CCMP contained the buyout and growth equity teams of their private equity group. Soon after finding this business, he was named the CEO of CCMP Capital.

Stephen Murray, in addition to his deep involvement in CCMP, served on many boards of very large companies. Some of these were Aramark, Cabela’s, Warner Chilcott, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Pinnacle Foods. He was also a philanthropist, supporting his local Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boston College(his alma matter), food banks, The Stamford Museum, and Columbia School of Business. He served as the vice chairman at Boston College of the board of trustees. He was also a member on the chairman’s council at his local Make a Wish Foundation.

CCMP has been through several name changes over its history. It was originally formed to be the private equity sector, as well as the venture capital sector, of Chemical Bank. CCMP Capital was one of several spinouts that were produced from JP Morgan Partners. Other companies that emerged were Panorama Capital, Unitas Capital, and Linzor Capital.

The Finance Guru and Highland Capital Management

The history of James Dondero on nexbank can be likened to no one in the financial world. His mark is so unique that it’s virtually hard to mimic his career let alone achievements. In as much as he is one individual of soaring achievements, he is also very humbled and a philanthropist at heart. Many love and adore his philosophy of life; this enormous positive energy from the people around him has made him propel to the top of the financial world. Highland Capital Management, his brain child idea can attest to this. Not only is it a top notch company in hedge fund investment, but also gives other products and services that have become a life saver to a myriad of other small micro – enterprises and big corporations as well.

When looking at the life and accomplishments of Mr. Dondero’s, it makes your life seem like a joke. His career has spanned a whopping 30 years and counting. And his contributions to the betterment of society as a whole can only be described in a book that would be an encyclopedia if ever published. His peers, most often compare him to a god or a genius who is gifted in investment skills. In addition, James Dondero has a keen eye when it comes to stock market trends, and this helps him in giving precise, timely and on the point financial advice to investors. This raises the individual and corporate stocks of a bunch of financial ventures and unsurprisingly makes them comfortable.

Mr. Dondero’s high-end career started even before he came up with his investment company. After graduating from the University of Virginia, he managed to gain enough knowledge to be a force to reckon with in the financial world. He attained high awards, that of Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, which can only be likened to first class honors in most international universities. At the University, he studied a bachelor’s degree in commerce, accounting and finance option. This kind of outstanding education is what has created an edge in his performance that cannot be matched.

In 1993, Mr. Dondero co – founded Highland Capital Management. This company is known for its investment strategy and other financial products. He was able to grow the company immensely; they overlook an investment portfolio that exceeds $21 billion. Besides his company, he has also helped a number of companies rise from ashes like the Phoenix. A good example is Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, which grew from merely a startup to manage more than $2 billion in assets. Also, American Express reached a point where they took control of $1 billion in fixed income funds under Mr. Dondero’s diligent stewardship.

Several awards have been given to Mr. Dondero owing to his dexterity in funds management. Since he is transparent, meticulous and settles for nothing Stumpy, his work has earned him praise among the financial elites. Mr. Dondero is indeed a financial icon and a giant in this lucrative and competitive field. His company is expected to make positive steps under his able management.

Doe Deere Armed With Inspiration

Unicorns represent several things, one of them is freedom and uniqueness which entrepreneur Doe Deere totally connects with. Her Lime Crime cosmetic line represents the mythical horse whose horn protrudes from its head. Like the mysterious creature, this artist and business woman possesses a nature that is unconquerable, which is beneficial particularly since recently she and her business has been the target of online trashing on various websites and blogs.

Deere or as she is also known as the Unicorn Queen, has been honored recently along with Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman by Self-Made magazine, as one of its Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. For several years her cruelty-free cosmetic line of eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail color has been welcomed by devoted fans (Deere refers to them as true unicorns). These Lime Crime consumers adore its lively packaging, neon-bright colors and are totally comfortable in their own skin.

Lime Crime’s inspiration on urbanoutfitters derived from many things such as model/costume designer Dita von Teese and not to mention those magical unicorns. Unicorns in particular as they were born unique, but not embarrassed about their difference, going for what feels right at the moment and this is what Deere’s products are about. For men and women who thrive from bold and vivid color and not afraid to wear them.

Deere’s company got its name when she was faced with naming her simple eBay store. The entrepreneur rather quickly received the mind-pop of Lime Crime, which was supported by her favored color of bright green. These days its title represents a color revolution avoiding established rules, prompting us that while we must be serious at certain times, we should also not forget to laugh at ourselves.

Recently on, an article about Deere reminded of how being a successful business owner also has its downside, even more with the onset of the Internet combined with human behavior at its most appalling. Because of this Lime Crime is seeing more than its share of Internet bullying attacks, being berated, along with nasty rumors and fake reviews from individuals who wish to bring her and her company down. Various beauty websites brim with vicious remarks regarding Doe Deere and Lime Crime, mercilessly attacking her, its customer service and every aspect of her cosmetic line. Thankfully Deere is more concerned with her loyal supporters than online bullies and she is forever grateful to “her unicorns” for their constant praise and inspiration.

Unfortunately in our culture of the Internet, it allows others to easily post dreadful and hurtful posts and blogs while receiving protection by Internet anonymity. We must appreciate the Doe Deere’s of the world and her fans (whoops … that is Unicorns), for no amount of words will hurt her. Deere understands how makeup makes one feel and Lime Crime is conquering what she had hoped it would, to make available animal-free, vibrant colors that inspire all to be themselves at any ange! To read the original article visit Your text to link…