Soros the Businessman and Investor, versus Soros the Philanthropist

There is nothing that is more disturbing than watching a country that had mad so many steps in the right direction make an about-turn and head back some fifty years into the past. This is the situation that seems to have befallen our country. Groups such as the KKK which were thought to have been forgotten just emerged from the wood work and even more appalling, people are holding white supremacist rallies. Some people have said that it is the result of 8 years of a black presidency, but according to people like George Soros, the situation has been created by the presence of Trump in the White House.

Soros believes that when the 45th president was campaigning, he did not dissociate himself from these groups. The agendas that he was selling, about building walls to keep Mexicans out, banning immigrants from Muslim countries and even kicking gay people out of the military simply have no place in a country that claims to be the leader of the free world. The situation that the country is in has forced open society groups to renew their efforts in keeping their voices heard and ensuring that issues like discrimination do not become the order of the day.

Soros was born in Hungary during a time when the country was occupied by Nazis. He had to run and make a future for himself elsewhere. Perhaps these are the events that made him the ardent crusader that he is for human rights social justice. He started the George Soros Foundation when he got to New York in 1993. In the close to three decades that he has been working with the charity, he has given away more than $6 billion to different causes.

Another interesting thing about Soros is that he always puts his money where his ideas lie. For instance, he has for a long time believed that the liberals are the people with the right progressive agenda for this country. As a result, he has always funded their campaigns. There was a time that he was outraged by the invasion of Afghanistan and the Humanitarian crisis that followed. This informed his decision to support John Kerry’s bid for the White House. He stopped his deep involvement in politics after Kerry’s loss, but later emerged.

Soros has always believed that it is possible to use the open society groups to fight for the rights of individuals and certain groups. This is the reason behind his decision to donate $18 billion of his $25billion empire to charity. It is believed that as time goes by, he will be donating more to his foundation. This clearly indicates that Soros has firmly decided that he wants to leave a legacy as a crusader for social justice. He believes that even though the world is not as good as people would like it to be, it is always great to try and make it a better place for those who might not have the ability to fight for their rights. Soros is a visionary and transformer for a leader. and Follow him