What Makes a Great Attorney? Compassion, Intelligence, and Experience

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated,” once said by Mahatma Gandhi. While the United States of America is the greatest country in the majority of factors and as advanced as the country is, there are still areas in which it demonstrates ancient, uncivilized behavior. Pertaining to the homeless animal population, for instance, makes Americans appear slightly heartless as the number of cold and hungry furry companions skyrocket by the day. Places such as New York City have millions of stray animals, and while the shelters attempt to stay afloat, it is proving impossible to meet the demand without some sort of aid. Thankfully, human beings with compassionate hearts and swift, educated minds come forth and fight age old issues with modern day influences.

The beginning of 2016 offered plenty of apprehension for the future, but also left the country ready to embark on its most educated, tolerant time throughout history. Social media is a powerful force that educates the masses on local and worldly issues each day. Those who use this tool are able to spread important messages and to seek helping hands across the globe. Ross Abelow, a New York attorney, adopted this concept to create a GoFundMe page for the homeless animal population of New York. With a $5000 goal set, Abelow really held creating awareness of the issue as being the utmost important, however. As the word begins to spread like wildfire, Abelow is anxious to meet his goal or even to surpass it. Every dime helps homeless animal shelters provide adequate food and shelter to animals across the state, and to pay other crucial expenses such as medical care, electricity, and vaccinations.

Aside from being an animal-loving philanthropist, Ross Abelow is an esteemed attorney who specializes in family, matrimonial, and entertainment law. His relatable approach to his clients and cases makes him heavily sought after, appreciated, and a major part of his community. The Brooklyn Law School graduate never envisioned that his success in the courtroom would generate outside of it, but his tireless efforts in combating serious issues within his community have left him on the pedestal on which he resides. His vast knowledge of the legal field mixed with his decades worth of experience makes him a qualified lawyer. His relatability and compassion, however, makes him the perfect attorney.

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