The Financial Guru That Is Sahm Adrangi

Among the various players who have worked on Wall Street, there are a couple of names that stand out. One of these is Sahm Adrangi. Mr. Adrangi had worked as a Wall Street bond trader, hedge fund credit analyst, and portfolio manager before he proceeded to establish his company, Kerrisdale capital in 2009, where he is also the acting chief investment officer. He started the New York-based firm with less than 1 million dollars, and through his hard work, sound financial choices, and efficient team of professionals, as of July 2017, his company was managing $150 million. The firm currently handles over $500 million.

Mr. Adrangi and his company recently raised$ 100 million, in a bid to bet against a single stock. They are calling this the co-investment fund, and they are among the first companies in the country to attempt such a move. According to the CIO, they plan to use the money to buy stocks and short a company, which is soon to be unveiled. The company in question has remained unnamed. However, the details will be released by May this year.

This financial guru graduated with a bachelor of arts in economics from Yale University. He then proceeded to work with various companies starting at Deutsche bank then moving to Chanin capital partners and finally at Longacre. While working at these institutions, he worked as analysis and researching on credit and equity funds, and also advising creditors on bankruptcy restructuring.

Apart from handling financial analysis and publishing the research done by his company, Sahm Adrangi also occasionally takes on the role of an activist. The thirty-five-year-old financial expert, made a name for himself by exposing a couple of fraudulent Chinese companies, between 2010and 2011, which eventually ended up being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sahm Adrangi is revered in his field and has been invited as a speaker at various events including the Sohn Conference and Activist Investors Conference. He has also been called in for interviews by Bloomberg and CNBC and has featured in multiple financial publications, where he offers his expertise to the public.