Our Happy Healthy Sport Loves His Beneful

Most dogs enjoy the trip to the pet food store. They love running through the Amazon store heading for their favorite treat or food. My dog is no different from any other dog that is in the store, panting with excitement, licking his lips, in hopes that I will buy him some Beneful dog treats. He loves the dental chews and knows that every day he will receive one. One of his most favorite times of the day is when I fill his bowl with the Purina Beneful beef flavor dog food. Sport, our old English, follows me to the kitchen. His deep blue-green eyes watch me intently as I open the door to pull out his bag of food. I reach for his bowl and his tail begins to wag. After I pour him a bowl full of food he watches intently as I sit the bowl on the floor. He knows he has to wait for me to say he can eat. He waits patiently, but his eyes begin to look sad as his stares at the food. Finally, he gets to eat. He almost seems to be making a moaning sound as he cleans out his bowl.
The rest of the day, Sport sticks close by my side. He knows he will soon get to go for a walk. After his walk, he will come back with his Beneful treat waiting. He has already begun thinking about the treats he will get the next day because Sport lives for his Beneful. The Chicken flavor and beef flavor are his favorites. When he begins to grow older, we will switch him to the healthy weight to keep him fit. Just like taking him to the Veterinarian regularly, we make sure we provide him with healthy good dog food. We like knowing that Sport will get the vitamins and minerals he needs to perform daily.