Heal And Soothe Gives You Control Over Pain

America’s overuse of prescription drugs has frightened the nation and created a crisis. This killer epidemic called the opioid crisis has seen the decimation of small towns and elite communities that were once thought off-limits for drug activity. Horror stories about opioids and how they’ve been responsible for more deaths than guns and car accidents with more than 33,000 people killed since 2015 have made people reconsider how they treat pain.


For many, the introduction to strong opioids like hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, and morphine came while in the hospital. The opiate was prescribed to relieve pain which it did, but while doing so turned the patient into an addict. That reality has caused many to look for more natural ways of treating pain. One natural pain fighting supplement that has cornered the market on pain relief is Heal And Soothe. People are no longer willing to let pain control their lives. Harsh pain medications that only mask the pain are being replaced by natural and effective supplements that actually work. Heal And Soothe is now the choice when fighting joint pain.


Heal And Soothe is a herbal supplement that is used to prevent inflammation and stiffness in the joints. It combines twelve of nature’s most powerful pain fighters: Turmeric, Bromelain, Boswellia, Rutin, Ginger Root, Vitamin E, L-glutathione, Devil’s Claw, Mojave Yucca, and Papain with systemic or proteolytic enzymes. Enzymes are the main line of defense when fighting inflammation. See This Page for additional information.


Heal And Soothe uses a systemic enzyme therapy that operates in every system and organ throughout the body. This paired system of enzymes and natural pain relievers helps neutralize the bio-chemicals associated with inflammation reducing them to normal levels which repair and rejuvenate injured tissue. The reduction of inflammation has an immediate impact on the function and health of the heart; it helps in the prevention of and recovery from cancer; it helps with memory loss, and generally promotes healing with few or no side effects.


Heal is guaranteed is 100% natural and contains no animal derivatives. It can be taken along with a multi-vitamin, but a physician should be consulted before taking Heal And Soothe or before taking it with another medication or supplement.


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Waiakea Water Doesn’t Use Regular Plastic

The bottled water industry is a booming $100 billion industry that grows larger every day. It’s a miracle that bottled water became popular in the first place. If people think about it, bottled water is just water in a bottle. Most countries have plumbing and can get water from a faucet.

When it comes to bottled water, there are a few things people care about more than anything. Those things include healthy and safety and environmental impact. Water is supposed to be naturally healthy, but since many companies add artificial substances and still label their water “natural” that title no longer has as strong a meaning.

If people can find a water that’s actually natural and healthy, the next problem they’ll look into is the environmental impact. That problem consists of two primary concerns: where is the water coming from and how it packaged and delivered.

Most companies claim their water is sourced from natural lakes and rivers, and some admit their water comes from a special artificial process. Regardless of how they’re getting their water, the biggest problem is the plastic used during packaging. Most beverage companies use plastic because it’s cheap and easy to transport.

Plastic can be a useful part of society, but currently, there are millions upon millions of tons of plastic going unrecycled and cluttered up the planet. It’s horrible to think that there’s a least a hundred pounds of plastic garbage on every single island in the world because of how much is floating in the oceans.

One company taking this issue seriously is Waiakea Water. Waiakea Water is a volcanic water brand based out of Hawaii who’s using degradable plastic bottles to lessen the stress of this horrible environmental disaster. Waiakea Water also uses low-emission vehicles to transport their product.

As far as the health concerns surrounding Waiakea Water, there are none. Waiakea Water is naturally filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock. It’s some of the cleanest and healthiest water in the world.