Freedom Checks Have Been Proven To Not Be A Scam: Here’s How And Why

There has been a lot of buzz going on in the media lately related to what are being called Freedom Checks. Matt Badiali has been seen in more than one ad promoting them, and they have been mistaken as a scam due to the way they have been advertised. The facts are that Freedom Checks have been misunderstood, because they are a very real thing. Badiali is a financial analyst who has been working in the natural resources investing industry for many years. He has a degree in Geology as well as Earth Sciences, which makes him a very educated expert in the field. He is known to travel around the world just to take a closer look at his investments, and if he is promoting something, there is most likely some truth in its benefits. Visit the website to learn more.

Freedom Checks are actually a very real investment that people can make, and they do take a commitment. Any investor wishing to get involved with them must make repeated investments to receive their check, which is really a payout from the company. Their real name is Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs, and they are just like a publicly traded limited partnership. Investors can receive the tax-related benefits of a partnership while also enjoying the high liquidity and fluid nature of a public company. They are only taxed once, and there two kinds of them, which are traded nationally. They also work to improve cash flow because of the fact that they pass out all available assets to those who invest in them. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Freedom Checks have actually been around since 1981, and while they were not as highly regulated then, they still offer equivalent benefits to investors. There are currently over 500 companies that can legally provide investors with Freedom Checks, but there are some limitations to them. The first one of these is that 90% of the revenue of the company that offers them must originate from the production or processing, storage, or transportation of gas or oil in the United States. The second requirement is that any company that offers them must pay them out on a yearly basis. Matt Badiali thinks they are a solid investment, and that’s why he is promoting them so heavily. Anyone who has followed the work of Badiali for any amount of time knows that he only promotes the kinds of investments that he believes in, himself, and this is what is lending more credence to them.