Kenneth Goodgame Brings Expertise to True Value

True Value remains one of the top hardware retail stores in the industry. Patrons prefer to take their business to true value because the company’s locations are known for their vast inventory, outstanding customer service, and exceptional prices. None of these attractive attributes develop without the guiding hand of expert management.

Kenneth Goodgame is one of the senior vice presidents for the True Value Company. The department he manages deals with merchandising, sales, and marketing. True Value’s ability to draw in customers and, most importantly, get them to buy derives from effective marketing and sales. Kenneth Goodgame’s guidance has played a significant role in this process.

Goodgame arrived at the company after the enterprise engaged in a shakeup. Goodgame was hired to replace a SVP after True Value opted to engage in a supply chain shakeup. The reasons behind True Value’s decision to hire new executives are not difficult to deduce.

The company thought it could improve profits. Putting new executives in charge of important divisions was one way to attempt to improve revenues. Kenneth Goodgame previously worked for ACE Hardware, another top retail store in the industry.

True Value has also decided to make changes to its approach to reaching customers. Kenneth Goodgame’s experience provides him with the skill and insights necessary to assist True Value in its new mission.

Based on quarterly earning reports, it appears the decision to hire Kenneth Goodgame was a very prudent one. Earnings for True Value in 2016 are quite impressive. Of course, many different factors and a number of executives all played a role in the success.

Marketing and sales are always going to be two of the most important components to any company’s attainment of increased profits. Kenneth Goodgame management of True Value’s sales and marketing absolutely played a role in the company posting better earning. Clearly, the sales and marketing department was able to connect with customers with effective strategies. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

In a world of online sales, retail stores have a tough time keeping stores afloat. True Value is doing well. The executive management shakeup proved to be the right decision at the right time.