The Changing Political Sentiments Of People All Over America

When Conner Lamb, the Democratic representative of the party was at a press conference, he met with an unexpected visitor. Ted Skowvron, at ninety-three years of age, had personally come down to the place of conners interview to talk to him. But Ted didn’t just come down to meet a representative that he had high hopes for. He had come down there with a mission, and that mission was to discuss the current President, Donald Trump.

When Conner first met Ted, he was pleased to see a person who had done so much for the country, as Ted served in the army during World War II. Conner decided to ask him about his time there and where he had severed, but first decided to thank him for the work of election that he did. The veteran was delighted to tell him that he had served in Europe but quickly changed the subject to talk about more pressing matters.

Conner quickly went on to tell Conner that he wanted him to get into office so that he wouldn’t have to have the current President in power. He was very clear with his words, even going on to explain that if Conner didn’t win, he would personally try to go down to Washington and do the task himself.

Even though the ninety-three-year-old veteran’s words might have been harsh, they resemble the need for change in America. People all over the country are now waking up and trying all that they do to overthrow the current government and once again put into power a party that cares for the people. It is people like Ted that give people like Connor the motivation to stand up for the people and try and win the battle so that they can help the people in the country. But it isn’t just Connor that is seeing a positive response from the people in the country. People all over America are positively responding to the democratic party, and the people representing the part in different states are seeing this response as well. There is a lot of hope for the democratic party winning the elections, even though there is still a lot to be done.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has played a considerable part in bringing up the faith of the people in the democratic party. Since the organization was first formed, they have brought to light several atrocities that the Republican party has been hiding from the public, thereby helping people be more informed regarding the decisions that they were making. The organization was formed after the Supreme Court passed a ruling allowing corporations to invest undisclosed amounts into political parties.