Tips And Tricks To Maintain Reputation

Beyond rubies, diamonds, silver and gold, there is a good name. A good name is derived from a good reputation. A good reputation must be built, and will continuously be attacked by those who are trying to establish their own reputation through underhanded means. These individuals cannot be rebuffed, but they can be ignored, and doing so is a much better thing for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals than engaging will be. Don’t wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty, and the pig likes it. That popular sentiment represents the same attitude you should take when encountering the difficulties of a hateful internet personality, or an underhanded competitor.

Search engines, unfortunately, are not beholden to any kind of conscious consideration. All they do is pull up sites which have the greatest online presence. If you’ve been attacked, sometimes the thread with the attack in it may end up getting greater internet presence than your website. This can be disastrous for business. One sure way to combat it is through a search clean-up service like They can remove negative reviews, and make it so that when potential clients search for your website, they only find the information you’d prefer they find, rather than libel, slander, or unfair criticism from hateful internet personalities.

When you’re in the middle of a reputation attack, striking back only makes you look weaker. What’s better is to ignore the hater, and instead assure customers that business operations will continue as they have been. You can even turn such a reputation attack into a reputation builder by offering clients packages for retaining service with you; or offering a discount in general. This is more interesting than the attack, and once the storm has abated, is likely to naturally retain clients.

The last thing you should seriously consider in maintenance reputation is allying yourself with businesses or entrepreneurs of similar interest, and learning from them. If they’ve gone ahead of you, then they’ll know the answers to questions that you haven’t even thought to ask yet, and can save you miles of trouble down the road.

To recap: use sites like, don’t let the haters draw you in, consider your clientele, and make trustworthy allies. These things will definitely help you maintain solid, positive reputation.

Talk Fusion Explodes On The Market After Only A Few Weeks

Talk Fusion’s video chat service launched a few weeks ago and is already receiving rave reviews from around the world. According to a discovery application called AppBrain their Video Chat holds the number one rank in communication in Indonesia, is 5th in Japan, and 20th in Switzerland. The buzz about this Video Chat has been permeating for months and Talk Fusion gave its eager consumers a cherry on top by adding a thirty day free trial period. As the company slowly launched the beta version around the globe many people are still waiting anxiously for Video Chat to become available to them.

What makes this technology different from Skype and Facetime is that users can video chat face-to-face from any device including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. There’s no need to sign up or register an account and the platform is simple to start and use. Talk Fusion, unlike competitors, don’t segregate operating systems which means no matter what operating system is being used people can still communicate using Talk Fusion. This helps all kinds of individuals as well as companies who need to hold meetings with clients or partners who aren’t in the area or are in a completely separate country.

The multi-device platform is perfectly executed on any device and has a simplistic design that anyone can use. All users have to do is create a chat window then copy and paste the link in a text or email and send it to anyone in any part of the world. Interested parties can head on over to the Google play or iTunes store and download the free thirty day trial of the app. Users will be able to chat with anyone at anytime in spectacular HD quality whether they’re on the go or just enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.

Interviews can be conducted with ease without the hassle of trying to find a company’s user name or dealing with iOS vs Andriod operating systems. Families that live overseas can easily chat with each other no matter where they’re at or what device they’re on.

Melissa Click is Trying to Make Up for Past Mistakes

Melissa Click is a University of Missouri assistant faculty member that is currently under suspension for saying and doing the wrong things during a student protest. In November of 2015 the campus at University of Missouri was chaotic as students protested the negative racial incidents that were taking place on campus. Black students on campus eventually protested. The incident led to the removal of two high officials on the campus.

Melissa Click was present during the on-campus protests last November. She was trying get the crowds to disperse and called for some muscle to get rid of a cameraman who trying to record the event. Click said and did some things that were deemed unsatisfactory by the university. The university was outraged over her behavior and suspended her. Third-degree felony charges were filed against her as well. Click had to leave the university though many faculty members stood behind her.

After Click had left Missouri she had to remain out of sight until this situation had died down. Now, the Missouri staff member is trying get her life back in order. One way that she is going about doing this is by hiring the team of Status Labs. This is a reputation management company that specializes in helping people to recover their reputations after they have been negatively impacted.

Status Labs is a proven online reputation company that has the ability to restore a person’s character after it has been badly damaged. Click’s situation is bad enough where reputation management services is needed to get it back on track.

Keep in mind that the internet is now the number one place where people find out information about other individuals. The wrong type of information can severely damage a person’s ability to get a job and even to form a family. So, having the right type of reputation services can help to get a person back online. This company has the ability to reduce negative online feedback and get a person back in good standing.