Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Cooling System With These Tips by Goettl

Firstly, it’s important to start out with a good quality HVAC system that you know will be reliable for the humid months of summer. Then comes in keeping up with the maintenance of your cooling system. If you have a high quality machine to begin with, instead of something that has been in your residence for ten or more years, then you’ll be good to go on the maintenance side of things and it shouldn’t require too much of a fix very often. If you are working with an older machine and simply can’t afford to replace one at the moment, then be sure to go through the proper maintenance before the hot summer months hit. Check the coils for refrigeration leaks and clean or replace your filter, depending on if it is a replaceable type filter or one that can just be dusted off with a cloth. Regardless, your HVAC filter should be replaced every 90 days to keep your air running at its peak.

Another thing to keep in mind with your heating system is whether or not it’s placed in direct sunlight. Keep your unit shaded, if at all possible. On the same note, make sure the thermometer is kept out of direct sunlight too. While on the subject of a thermometer, remember to adjust it correctly. It could be off and if so, you’ll see the benefits in your heating bill just by making a simple adjustment to it. That being said, if you employ these simple tactics, your monthly bill should go down by the end of the month.

Goettl has been a leading name in heating and cooling across central and northern Arizona for decades. The current company with the Goettl name is Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical, which is run by the expert brothers Adam and Ted Goettl. Their family has roots in the industry leading back to before the Great Depression and Goettl is synonymous with major advancements in heating and cooling technology over the years.