Visual Search Technology Helps Many Businesses To Succeed


There are many products out there, and identifying them can be a very time consuming process. However, visual search technology allows you to identify products with ease. You just snap a photograph of a product, and it does the work of identifying it for you. It is available through apps that can be installed on to your phone. However, the technology does even more than just identify the products. In fact, you can learn about the typical value of the item and a full description of it.

While there are many different types of visual search technologies that are on the market, Slyce product recognition has long been regarded as the leader in the industry. The apps that Slyce can even identify products that are on billboards, in addition to the product itself! In addition, their apps can even identify products from coupons.

Slyce actually allows you to list an item that you identify for sale! It can take a long time to manually list an item online, but Slyce can do it very quickly. The listings that are set up by Slyce are also designed to market items effectively.

It also is very widely used. In fact, it is even used by numerous successful corporations. American Eagle, Best Buy, Banana Republic, Gap, Home Depot, Old Navy, and JCPenny all use Slyce. There are also numerous small businesses that use the technology, as well. In fact, enough people use it that there is even an online contact form on Slyce’s website to inquire with them about getting their technology.

It won’t break the bank to use Slyce either. Slyce is also very versatile in the ways that it can be used. You can have their apps for all of your employees, but it is also possible to just have the app for yourself and a few other employees. It is even be possible to get Slyce’s app as a savvy customer or collector, due to the extremely broad range of items that it can identify.