Doe Deere: Unicorn Queen and Makeup Mogul

Doe Deere is the self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen and cosmetics mogul of whimsical modern fashion. Many people will recognize her by her technicolor hair and flawless makeup. A self-made woman, she is the founder and CEO of her own makeup line, Lime Crime Cosmetics.
Doe Deere was born under the name Kseniya Vorotova in Russia but grew up in big New York City. She’s always been a creative woman, trying her hand in fashion, art, and self-expression. She is also an avid music-maker, having played in a band called SkySalt some sixteen years ago, where she met her future husband, Mark. Incidentally, Mark is now the president of Lime Crime Cosmetics. These two are a true red belt power couple, and currently live in the left coast’s most glamorous metropolis, Los Angeles.
After working a series of administrative jobs in her early life, Doe Deere decided to reject the traditional career path and embrace the American Dream by becoming her own boss. In 2004 she registered an ebay account titled “limecrime” to promote and sell her fashion line. She made and modeled all her own clothing, marked by its ultra-feminine and technicolor style. Finding the right makeup to accompany her clothing was difficult, as vivid colors were not in vogue. Therefore, Deere began creating her own makeup, and Lime Crime Cosmetics was born in 2008.
Lime Crime is an online industry, marketed mostly to the younger population. Scandal hit the company in 2014, when hackers breached the website’s security and stole customer information. Instead of folding, Ideamensch guru Doe Deere and her associates contracted major online security programs and made a comeback. The company is now stronger than ever.
Lime Crime’s most popular line of products is the vivid technicolor range of lipsticks, though they also sell a variety of eye makeup. Doe Deere supports a cruelty-free formula for her products. In interviews, she has expressed her desire to turn makeup into artistic expression and not just a means to cover up a woman’s perceived flaws. She even dubs her cosmetics line “makeup for unicorns”, which boosts its purpose as a whimsical method of artistry. The young ultra-feminine crowd has gone wild for her sense of style and makeup. It does truly bring more glitter and fairytale colors to the fashion scene. The Unicorn Queen is here to stay, creating magical colors and glitter for the artistic ladies who desire an unconventional beauty that stands out.