Shared Office Space Awakens the Past


Coworking spaces are the wave of the future and are becoming very popular among business professionals who are always on the move. This idea originated in 2005 in San Francisco and has since expanded to hundreds of locations around the world. Some people find a strong similarity between today’s coworking spaces and the Renaissance “bottega” that were used by artists during the 15th-century in Florence, Italy. This working technique created a way for artists and craftsmen to find inspiration in the designs of others, prompting them to produce amazing creations. It is a known fact that people feed off of each other’s ideas and enthusiasm, prompting them to be the best they can be.


The modern world of coworking allows people to accomplish their goals in a casual environment where they can interact with other people while maintaining their independent work space. This is a great concept for businessmen who are traveling and need a place to work. People who do business remotely from home also like the option of a shared office space to reduce the isolation effect that is felt after being shut away from the outside world for long periods of time. For them to be the best, they need to feed off the energy of other people, and they find that in the shared office space concept. Many people try using coffee shops or cafes as inspirational work areas but find out that it is not quite what they were hoping for. That is when they turn to Workville in New York City for the space they need to get the job done.

WorkVille NYC- Coworking Space, Shared & Private Offices

Workville is a well-known coworking space located in New York City near Bryant Park and Times Square. They provide a shared office space that encourages creativity and productivity. Their move-in ready offices offer people areas where they can take calls, have meetings, or relax in the lounge. Workville knows that a friendly, comfortable workspace encourages people to rise to the occasion. They are centrally located, have fast internet, mail service, 24 hr. access, fresh coffee, private phones, printers, and are cleaned on a daily basis. Workville is on the 21st floor of a luxury office building at 1412 Broadway and is very secure. They offer private office spaces, open coworking areas, and conference rooms. Their goal is to provide everything that is needed, so that the person can work comfortably in a productive environment.