The Brain through the eyes of Jorge Moll.

Being A neuroscientist comes with its perks, but if your Jorge Moll, than it comes with a lot more. As a Businessman, Scientist, and President. Yes, he is the president, member of the board and senior researcher for the D’Or Institute of Research and education, also he is President of the Instituto D’Or de Pesquisa e Ensino, a medical research institute. Visit Jorge’s profile on Jorge Moll was born and raised in Brazil, he grew up fascinated with the mind, he took his deepest pleasures in astronomy and the unknown of the universe. This fascination led him to study medical science, which led him to major in neuroscience at the University of Sao Paulo and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. In 1995 Jorge Moll got his hands on a fMRI scanner that helped cause the breakthrough in his research. With this fMRI scanner, he was able to see images of brain patterns. He produced two big studies which yielded results. The Study of the Promotion of Affiliative Feelings through Magnetic Resonance Neurofeedback and Neural correlates of olfactory and gustatory coffee experience. The first study provided information and feedback on Neurofeedback through fMRI which studies the higher function of the brain through patterns able to detect social values. The aim of the study is to differentiate the transition between two emotional states to pick up on a signal of right from wrong decisions. His second study was to test healthy volunteers with mental disorders, to see what motivated certain behaviors. Jorge Moll through his testing came to find out that in the brain there is a correlation between charity and emotion. People who help others or show compassion have a strong emotional connection with the situation.

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Not only discoveries, but many rewards have been given to Jorge Moll for his accomplishments. From 2004-07 he was elected affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. In 2008, he was elected to the governors board member of the International Neuroethics Society,2012-13 he accepted the Visiting Scholar Award, many others achievements followed behind. In a nutshell, he has dedicated his life to studying the brain to help us live better lives. Jorge Moll knows that positive thinking and good mental health can take you a long way. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

Vijay Eswaran: Improving Life For Millions of People

The Q1 Group is one of the Pacific Rim’s great success stories. Vijay Eswaran started the company as a small multilevel marketing business in 1998. Today it earns hundreds of millions of dollars and creates employment opportunities for some of the world’s most impoverished communities. Through those opportunities the quality of life in many of those communities have improved dramatically. The work Vijay Eswaran and Q1 Group has done has been hailed by millions of people. They see the organization as a part of them and an organization they continue to count on to make life better.

Eswaran learned about multilevel marketing when he was working and going to school in London. During that time he earned his professional certification in multilevel marketing from a company called CIBA. He learned even more while her was in the United States working on his MBA a Southern Illinois University. During that time he worked on a part time basis with the multilevel marketing company Synaptics on Combined with the knowledge he gained while working on his MBA he was perfectly prepared when he was given the chance to open his own multilevel marketing company in the Philippines.

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The son of a civil servant, Eswaran comes from fairly humble beginnings. Many of his customers and sales representatives identify with him. They see how his vision, planning and hard work have led to a multimillion dollar company on YouTube. This inspires the masses to try their best knowing success is possible for them too if they take advantage of the opportunities Eswaran and the Q1 Group provides. They see these opportunities as an excellent way to improve the quality of their lives.

Part of the reason Eswaran and the Q1 Group is so beloved is because of their philanthropic activities. Through the Vijayaratnam Foundation and the RYTHM Foundation they give to communities throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Eswaran and the Q1 Group make donations, run community programs, provides mentorship, job training, educational support and help with community projects. The ultimate goal is for everyone to enjoy the benefits of the success of the Q1 Group.

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah


A financial services company that has been on the rise of success since day one is called Solo Capital. Solo Capital has offices located in London and Dubai and was originally founded in 2011 by business professional, Sanjay Shah. The investment firm is also referred to under two other orders of business names. They are called Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. The concentrate their specialty efforts of expertise on proprietary trading and consulting. They also offer professional sports investments. Sanjay Shah also owns and operates Solo Group Holdings and Aesa S.a.r.l. Bother are linked together in the form of operating order. Solo Capital Partners is responsible for the ownership and control of Solo Group Holdings and Aesa S.a.r.l is responsible and control the functional operations of Solo Group Holdings. As you can see, Shah is a successful business man who also has companies across the country. He currently owns and founded over 36 companies. Some of which are located in London, Dubai, The Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Malta and The British Virgin Islands. Shah was quite successful prior to starting Solo Capital as well, and decided to take over the Old Park Lane Capital in 2014. It is known for it’s invitation only stockbroker business that specializes in natural resources. As of Januray 2016, his estimated net worth is over $250 million. With his successful business running strong and solid, he has finally considered himself retired.

Sanjay Shah wasn’t always in the investment and financial side of business. He was interested in the healthcare side, specifically becoming a physician. After attending King’s College for several semesters, he decided that becoming a doctor wasn’t something he wanted to do anymore. He changed his major to study accounting, and eventually graduated here he would end up working at an accounting firm. He worked at several financial institutes over the years until he finally decided to start Solo Capital. He was originally from Kenya, and moved to London to start his business careers.

Another company that he recently started an has invested a lot of his time in is called Autism Rocks. He launched the company in 2014 and started staging gigs all over the work featuring musicians that helped aid in donations and helped to raise awareness for autism. He has been able to donate some of the funds to university programs to help them, as well as patient’s and families, to better understand the neurological condition. It wasn’t always something that was truly studied in the past, so not a lot of people know about it. Many more people are becoming diagnosed with the condition and he hopes that someday they can help find the cause and help those in need.

Child To Leader

When we are all children some of us see ourselves making important choices that will have great effect on others.For others the future goal is nothing more then getting a job to support themselves and later down the road a family of their own.But today we will learn about one of hose kids who wanted to make the most out of life and his name is Bruce Levenson, the businessman and NBA team owner.That is right my friends this kid went from day dreaming to being a powerhouse in both the world of sports an business. Roots Being born into a Jewish family Bruce would learn first hand the perks of business with a solid foundation of conduct.After some time learning the ropes from his parents Bruce would later take his work effort to college where he would make the future steps to being the powerhouse that he is today.It would be during his time hitting the books he would become the co-founder of United Communications Group.In the year of 1978 This first major project would be one for the books due to its major break through getting all major forms of industrial paper work up to date with modern service to provide faster time delivery. Next Step Once Bruce completed his task of making the major step forward for the service industry he would begin to take his efforts into the world of sports.To make his future come true he would have to keep his focus in the world of technology by creating the service we now call Target Tech to provide the tools needed to serous tech shoppers so that they can get the part they need without question or massive time delay.After this success Bruce would finally be able to make he step to the world of sports primarily basketball with later attention to hockey. Sports The Real Game Of Life After spending more then 30 years of working with pre and post internet service Bruce would lay his roots in sports in the year of 2004 he would buy the Atlantic sea-hawks.To sweeten the deal the Atalanta thrashes would also come with the purchase.After spending six years working out the kinks Bruce would sell his hockey team and then soon afterwards he would begin to prepare to sell his remaining team the sea hawks. Spare Time For a man that spend nearly fifty years working around the clock he must have a system to blow off steam right?Well yes he does and the best part of it is that he does it alongside his wife Karen.Since the 1980s Bruce and Karen have spend much time and money to help their communities from education to memorial services for the victims of the holocaust.So with so much done in the world of business sports and community it is hard to say that this man does not work around the clock with pride and passion that is more then needed.So remember to give respect friends.