Paul Herdsman Gives An Insight Into The Success Of NICE Global

Paul Herdsman points out that it is hard to start up a business and maintain it. For a business to grow, it requires know-how, hard work, and dedication, some of the traits exhibited by Paul Herdsman. These traits have helped Paul Herdsman succeed as both the chief operating officer and the co-founder of the NICE Global Company. The company is a nearshore business solutions business and was opened for business in 2014. The company is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Paul Herdsman has worked in the online customer acquisition and consumer software for over 10 years. Herdsman boasts of his excellent skills when it comes to marketing, problem-solving and sales.


Paul Herdsman points out that NICE Global has the ability to help the companies that aim at holding more clients, boost their revenue while lowering overhead. The company provides their clients with services such as customer service outsourcing, after hours support, outsourced email services, technical support, and back-office operations. The company also offers the companies with company sales that includes up-selling and cross-selling sales. NICE Global also provides answering services. This ensures that the company’s clients have the chance to communicate with a live operator anytime they call.


The growth of NICE Global can be attributed to the capable hands of Herdsman. He has been involved with the company from its conception to stage and has played a major role in building it to the big company it is today. He points out that NICE Global takes care of not only the employees but also their growth both professionally and personally. The company uses money and dedicates time to training the new employees. Paul Herdsman insists on putting family first and this is clear on the family feel atmosphere created in the company’s office. See This Page for more information


According to Paul Herdsman, all the employees are properly trained before they start working for the company. The training provides the employees with the much-needed tools for them to succeed and improve the company. The training of the employees at NICE Global is a continuous process. This increases the workers’ skills. The workers at the company are rewarded depending on the performance indicators.



Impact of Patience in Success with Louis Chenevert

There are very many people in the world who are working to be entrepreneurs. It is very sad that very few of them make it to the end contented with what they achieve. However, Louis Chenevert has been among the individuals who have been fortunate enough to accomplish their goals. Here is one attribute that you may want to borrow from Louis Chenevert;

Patience in Progress

Wealth and riches are not accumulated overnight. It is through a systematic lifestyle that you eventually get there. The problem with many entrepreneurs is that they want to start a business and change their lifestyle immediately and when this fails they give up.

Louis Chenevert is currently the most discussed CEO of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). What people don’t understand is that his success was not a one day result. It all began when he was a student of Production Management in the HEC Montreal. His professors describe him as an enthusiastic and vibrant student.

After school, Louis got a job at General Motors. He worked in the company for 14 years, during which he learned indispensable ways of running a business. His interest in the performance of the company led to him being assigned the duty of overseeing the entire company’s production.

Later, Louis Chenevert was hired by Pratt & Whitney in 1993. He joined the firm as a mere employee, but six years later he became the CEO of the company. This was after the performance of the unit he was assigned improved significantly.

In 2006, UTC could not ignore the big difference that Louis Chenevert had brought in Pratt & Whitney. They, therefore, gave him the CEO seat; something that they have never regretted.

It is during this time that Louis Chenevert created his legacy that everyone in the world talks about every time the discussion of the most successful investors come up.

Final Verdict

Everyone can be successful in the businesses that they venture in. What many people lack, is the patience to go through the process to get to the end. Stop competing with others and focus on how you plan to accomplish your goals. Louis Chenevert is a living testimony of the impact of patience in success.