The Committed and Optimistic Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone attended the University of Connecticut and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Science and later went to the University of Boston where he attained a Doctor of Jurisprudence. Currently, he is the Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Principal at Fortress Investment Group, a company that focuses on asset-based investing and operations management as well as corporate mergers and acquisitions.

The company also majors in capital markets as well as sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions. Randal Nardone’s key responsibility in the company is to serve as the principal in charge of Fortress Credit Corporation. Prior to his position at the company, he was working at Thatcher Proffit & Wood a law firm where he was a partner and practiced law full time. Additionally, he worked at the Swiss Banks and with time, he realized that he could incorporate his experience and expertise in law with business and therefore ventured into entrepreneurship. In that case, Randal Nardone has affiliations with various companies in senior positions such as president of Springfield Financial Holdings and Vice President of Newcastle Investment Holdings.

Randal Nardone has been on the frontline to see to it that Fortress Investment Group benefits from his experience and expertise and under his management, the company managed to get acquired by SoftBank Group at a tune of $ 3.3 Billion. Irrespective of the acquisition, he and the other executives were retained in their positions which means that their contribution was still vital to the company. The company has as well won awards which can be attributed to his leadership such as the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year award and the Management Firm of the Year. Individually, Randal Nardone has appeared on the Forbes Billionaire list where he was ranked position 557 with a net worth of $1.8 billion. In that case, his switch from law to entrepreneurship was the best choice he made as he has been successful over the years. Therefore, others can learn from him in that one should pursue what they feel will work for them other than remain stuck in one profession that is probably not productive. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Top Tips about OSI Group

OSI Industries is known as one of the most reliable and premier names when it comes to matters to do with the food industry supply chain firm, though this has not been the case for long. Way back before the company had more than 20,000 employees under its name who are working in more than 17 countries and 65 facilities, OSI Group was one of the largest growing firms with humble roots. The company is widely known for starting out as a small firm with the simplest desire of assisting people to provide for their families with Otto Kolchowsky being at the head of the firm. Kolchowsky hailed from a long line of butcher men with the family known to have been butchering for generations, and with this idea in mind, Otto Kolchowsky first decided to settle in Chicago and subsequently trade there since Chicago was by the time the international meatpacking capital.

Otto Kolchosky and his OSI Group were later recognized for their attention to even the smallest of details and the quality of services they offered to their customers to the extent of being recognized by more companies and customers in hotel and restaurant business. With that, his meat business transformed to become more than a simple retail operation but one of the largest whole meat distributors. After important series that included consolidations, partnerships, and diversification, the OSI Group further expanded to become one of the largest organizations that employed thousands of citizens.

Even though the process was tedious and tasking, such a move made OSI Group to increase its customer base further with the company expanding its operations to a good number of profitable markets in overseas countries such as India. To recap it all, the company began as a tiny butcher shop, but as of today, it has realized tremendous growth to the extent of becoming a multi-billion-dollar food supply chain serving the needs of thousands of customers well spread across the globe. One thing that the OSI Group’s founder has always recognized and actively pursued is attention to detail and quality in everything that they do. Learn More.

Can People Tuck Away Coins From US Money Reserve?

There are great folks over at who talked to Philip Diehl over at the US Money Reserve. He was actually the director of the US Mint at one time, and he is basically the most qualified person to talk about gold coin ownership. He makes some great coins at the US Money Reserve, and he makes sure that people understand that the gold coins he sells are sound investments.

The gold coins that people buy usually have designs on them that increase their value, and then the weight of the coins is going to be what tells everyone how much they cost more to the US Money Reserve. This is a really simple way for people to make sure that they know the value of the coins, and then they can check what the sentiment is on the market for the coins that they have.

Retail Menot reporter emphatically said that there are a lot of people who are going to be able to use their gold coins right away to keep trading for more value, but there is another whole group of people who are going to want to tuck away their coins for the future of the US Money Reserve.

People tuck away things for investment all the time, but it could be a really nice surprise for the people who start doing things like this because they want to have security for the future. There will always be demand for gold coins, and the gold coins will keep getting more valuable.

The coins that people buy can be put in a safe deposit box in a bank, or they can be stored in a safe at home. The collector in some people will not allow them to sell, and that makes them just as deft at investing because they are waiting to sell until the last possible second. Someone who knows that they have really nice coins can hand them down to other people in the family, and that will help those people in the future. The other option is to hold on to the coins when they represent a retirement investment.

Gold coins are really easy to use, and they are easy to buy. People can find a lot of places to sell them, and they can buy more from Philip Diehl at US Money Reserve. There are some people who want to keep coming back for more, or they will get that one great coin from US Money Reserve that they know will be very pricey in the future (it’s here:

Talk Fusion Really Is Something to Talk About

Talk Fusion may be one of the most interesting companies that I have come across in the last two years. This is a company that has a lot of products that enhance communication. I think that everyone in the business world could benefit from the products that this company has.

I am a fan of the video conferencing. This is one of the best things from the Talk Fusion product line. I work in video editing with an up and coming group of musicians. I am actually in the process of working on their very first video. These musicians know music, but they are not what one might call tech savvy. Talk Fusion has made it easy to communicate through video with all the technical jargon. We don’t live in the same area, but I have been able to communicate back and forth on the video concepts with the Talk Fusion Video Conferencing.

This is one of the best products because it allows me to share video and share screens. The video is coming along nicely, and we are trying to keep things under wraps. I didn’t want to upload it to the cloud or send anything through email. I wanted to make sure that we had a private conference session to communicate, and the Talk Fusion software allowed us to do so.

The group that I am doing the video editing for is really exciting about the video, but they were probably equally excited about what I have been to share with the virtual table that is part of the Talk Fusion software platform for video conferencing. It certainly has become my favorite thing when it comes to communication.

I have not had a chance to play around with the video email yet, but I am sure that this will work well for my other clients that I am try to reach. I have a lot of projects on the tablet, and I plan to utilize Talk Fusion to get all of these projects going. Any communication software that is easy to use is a plus for my clients.

Read up on Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion

Beauty Tips From Fashionista Doe Deere

Each day, people around the world make fashion and style choices. They spend time thinking about the kind of outfit that is right for their planned day. Someone may want to spend time during the day shopping and then go out to eat with friends. Another person may need an outfit that can get her through a meeting with her clients or with her co-workers. Any outfit she chooses to wear during that day will need to be thought about as carefully as possible even before she starts her day. Many people find that it makes sense for them to follow someone else who knows how to create a look that will work at all times.

Those who are looking for fashion tips they can actually use in real life will find it in a recent article in Bustle Magazine. Here, fashionista Doe Deere talks about her own personal fashion rules and how she uses such rules to create looks that are right for about any occasion someone might have in mind. In her world, rules exist but they can also be broken very successfully. She knows that it makes sense to be aware of such rules but also to be aware of how to play with them. In her world, a world that many of her devoted fans have adored, it is possible to have a full eye and a full lip and still look fabulous.

Deere has made fashion her life. As one of the most well known of all internet entrepreneurs, she has helped bring makeup to people around the world that is made by her and is both unique and high quality. Her beloved fashion makeup company, Lime Crime is one of the most successful of all internet makeup companies, allowing her to be able to bring fashion right to the door of her fans. She has spent time learning about how to create her own makeup line. This has allowed her to create a company that is all about creating a personal fashion style that works in any context. She knows that her fans look to her for inspiration and advice. They know she can deliver it for them at all times. They also know that she can help them get products that help them discover how she can help them find such style and use it as a springboard to their own fashion quest.

Is George Soros Comparison Impulsive?

Long-term investors should not worry as of one-week market decline, but need to see it as a standpoint. However, is not easy especially when it contradicts a highly regarded investor as Gorge Soros. According to this article, in 1992, he risked $10 billion on a single currency speculation. He was right and in a single day’s trade got a profit of $ 1 billion.

Investopedia/Entrepreneur/The Greatest Investors: George Soros

According to, George Soros in an economic forum in Sri Lanka said the financial market had challenges that reminded him of the 2008 crisis. This does not mean he is correct. In 2011, Soros had said the Greece-born European debt was even bigger than the 2008 crisis.

Bloomberg/Business George Soros Sees Crisis in Global Markets That Echoes 2008

Is 2008, the right contrast? -5% decline in major U.S. stock market in just one week. Uncommon wisdom daily notes, it is a bit presumptuous to say it is 2008 all over again. The comparison is premature. The debt might be similar to 2008 ($225 trillion), but George Soros is wrong on the comparing the underlying global economy. Since the problem has been detected early. It will be easier to avert a crisis. The financial crisis will be used as a lesson and transparency will be factored when management efforts are put in place. This is according to this article

Uncommon wisdom daily/ George Soros is Right/2016

An economist article available at observes that even though Mr. Soros seems to be right. China having suspended their share trading twice in a week. Nonetheless, the 2008 comparison cannot be sustained by focusing on China alone. For it to parallel 2008 the debt bubble would first have to burst. Can the Chinese authority contain the bubble? Analysts appear to be conflicted. There is also the question whether the Chinese loans will pose a global risk. The global growth is slothful but without some trigger it is less likely there will be a recession. Also, it is in China and not Europe or the U.S.

The Economist/ is this really 2008 all over again? 2016

This crisis looks more likely to affect Asian banks, if China devalues, others will have to follow. Thus affecting those businesses that have borrowed in dollars. It is worrying and is important to be careful not to be in the crisis Soros warns about. It would however not be surprising if the market reacts positively. If there would be a crisis, however, it would be more like 1998 when devaluation in Asia was caused by the realization that growth had been fueled by speculation. Western countries were able to overcome the crisis. The major worry, this time, should be that emerging countries are way more important in the global economy than they were in 1998.

The Makings of a Great Man and his Success

People wonder what makes a great man; is it the size of his wallet, the attitude that people regard him in, or is it the legacy he leaves behind once his time on Earth is done? Well, a great man can be all of those things, but a truly outstanding man is someone who takes what he is given, and is able to grow that into success and opportunities that other people can join in on – this is something that Jon Urbana has gone above and beyond in achieving. Jon Urbana has done this through a variety of venues and hobbies, and if you take all of that away, at the end of the day he is still an individual who loves Twitter.

Hitting the ground running, Jon has groomed his interest in business and economics into a passionate career. He went to school at Villanova University, and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Arts in Economics – where he soaked up as much information as he could to become successful with his dreams. He then went on to becoming the Director of Ellipse USA, which is a thriving manufacturing company of IPL and laser dermatological solutions within the medical field, as well as the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp – a venture that is meant to give back to the community by involving the kids in a dedicated sport, one that Jon holds very close to his heart.

When he isn’t busy with his business or lacrosse camp, Jon Urbana can be found soaring through the skies. He has a successful aviation career, something that was born out of a curiosity and interest in aviation. Jon has soared, being recognized by the FAA with the prestigious honor of being added into the FAA Airmen Certification Database, earning an FAA Airmen Certification.

Lastly, Jon Urbana makes it well known through social media about his many passions – whether it’s photography on his blog, creating original and remixed electronic music at MTV, or making videos, Jon Urbana is nothing short of multi-talented, and this is why he is easily considered as a great man by many people at Yahoo Answers and beyond.

Learn more about Jon in this video below, which promotes one of his fundraisers.


CCMP Capital is a New York-based private equity investment company that deals with growth capital and leveraged buyout transactions in upper middle market companies. Since the inception of the firm, it has invested approximately $12 billion in growth capital and leveraged buyout transactions. The firm invests in retail, consumer, and services including healthcare, industrial, media, telecom, and financial services sector. Within the services, retail and consumer industry, the company focuses on direct marketing, specialty retail, services industry and consumer packaged goods. For its media and telecom investments, the company focuses on content and programming cable broadcasting, wireless and wireline communications and consumer and trade publishing sectors. Recently, the firm mourned the passing of their former CEO Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, who had previously resigned on health grounds.

Mr. Murray was a founding partner of the firm, which rolled out of JPMorgan Chase & Co in 2006. Stephen Murray grew up in New York City and attended Boston College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Business Administration later when he attended Columbia University, New York. He grew to be a terrific investor and spent most of his career in private equity and by 2005; Murray was the head of the buyout business at JP Morgan Partners. He co-founded CCMP Capital, which spun out of JPMorgan Chase, and in 2007, CCMP named him CEO of the firm. One month before he passed away, Steve Murray had left CCMP Capital on health-related issues. In January 2015, the firm had given Murray a 60-day medical leave of absence, but in February he succumbed to illness at the age of 52. Before he passed on, CCMP used the same term, (“health-related”), in deciding that separation with Murray would have to be permanent. Steve Murray was of positive contribution to CCMP, and his loss was tragic to both the firm and his family.

Strategic Business Leaders in chicago

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States and grows every single day. Businesses are opened; others are closed, and some expand by opening new branches so as they can reach their clients easily as well as reach more people. Through all these business operations, different people have risen to the top management levels while others have fallen. Focusing on those who have managed to rise in Chicago and stayed at the top of the game because they are playing their cards right include following:

Irene Rosenfeld
The 61 year old is the CEO and chairperson of Mondelez International Inc. She is a very powerful female figure in the Chicago business world as well as the entire United States. She is in charge of $35 bullion Mondelez International and any decision she makes affects over 110,000 employees in 80 countries around the world. Due to competitive challenges that were sinking food industry in Chicago, Rosenfeld navigated the split of Kraft Foods Inc. in 2012, and this has added to her reputation. She is also a former basketball star and the defensive skills she learnt while playing are applicable in management up to date. Any threats and challenges that face Mondelez are neutralized in such a manner that they might seem minute, but it is because of her wits and excellent problem solving skills make them look the latter.

Patricia Woertz
Another key business leader in Chicago is Patricia Woertz, who is aged 61 years and serves as the chairperson and CEO of Archer Daniels Midland Company. Midland is a giant agriculture company that focuses on grain processing and then exports the finished products to all markets in Europe and America, sometimes to Asian countries. Patricia has propelled the company the company to making a turnover of $90 billion, beating every other public company in the state of Illinois. The international company currently has over 31,000 employees in 74 countries across the world. Its latest acquisition is the building of a sweetener and soluble fibre manufacturing complex in China.She has grown from the ranks of a mere accountant to the vice president of Chevron Corporation managing branches in 180 countries across the world.

Majeed Ekbal
Majeed is the president of Expresso Inc., which is a company that deals with delivery of grocery and vegies that have been ordered online by clients. The recently American University graduate has great service to his clients to the extent that his employees can take up car keys from clients’ offices, then place the freshly ordered food in their car trunks ready to be shipped home.

Expresso currently operates in Lincoln Park but plans to extend its services to Wilmette and Evanston in the future. The company only accepts payments in cash or checks and not credit cards but Majeed Ekbal is working to improve on the availability of making payments via credit cards. Find him on Vimeo for more information.